5 Good Reasons for Finding Another Doctor

These days you cannot take a chance on just any doctor.  You need to find a doctor that is not only keeping up with the latest technologies and treatment options, but who is also caring and self-involved.  Beyond that, you need to get off the old adage that all doctors are equally-competent; in fact, run away from any physician that is guilty of one or more of the following infractions:


1.  Fails to give you a copy of every exam you undergo.  You need to keep copies of such documents for your own records.  Some doctors think that they have exclusive rights to these records--such doctors, though, might be stuck in the Middle Ages.

2.  Is difficult to get a hold of, especially during emergencies.  All doctors are busy but, if you are one of his/her patients, that physician needs to make a reasonable effort to attend to your needs.

3.  Isn't consistent on charges.  Some doctors think that they can change their prices the way Mother Nature changes the weather.  This is, to put it bluntly, unprofessional.

4.  Is not familiar with the latest treatment options.  Doctors, like other technical professionals, need on-going education.  If your doctor does not "prescribe" such sentiments, find another one who is more progressive.

5.  Expects you to always follow his/her advice without input, disagreement or criticism.  Doctors are not gods.  They are sometimes wrong; even if they are not wrong, you have the right to disagree, especially concerning risks you may not want to accept.  He/she may be the expert, but it's your health on the line.  Don't be a vegetable and, if your doctor expects you to be one, find another doctor.


Every doctor today needs to have some sense of humility. Their job is to take care of your health to the best of their ability.  Your job is to make sure that they keep up with technology, never violate your rights as a human being and consumer, and provide you with the best service possible.  Anything less than that is unacceptable!

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9/26/2014 7:00:00 AM
Fred Fletcher
Written by Fred Fletcher
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I'm so lucky my Dr that I have so in tune with his patience that he has . He always ask about
how their doing in their every day life an if theirs any thing wrong with then physically mentally any aches or pains any new changes in their bodies or any or anything so he's really in touch with them .He really cares for their well being as a patient I can put my trust in him as a patient with a doctor. I know I a bit about him an his family an most dr's don't open up about their own life to their patience . But we have built a bond an he'said a great Dr by far better then the ones that I have seen out in California I will say ! Before I leave from my appointment whatever time that might be he always print out my medical chart for that appointment and all my medications that I'm on I couldn't ask for a better doctor and his bedside manner is so excellent I'm fortunate to have a doctor like him.
Posted by Laura schucker
Appreciated! Raising the bar on medical business practices and communications can benefit both doctors and patients.
Posted by E
Excellent article.
Posted by Julie
How about adding the following: office staff who are arrogant ,rude and try to stick you with bills that
Aren't your responsibility
Posted by El Barto
Wow! Been a healthcare business consultant for more than 30 years and a patient for 58. I don't believe I've ever witnessed self-absorbed doctors who won't release medical records, have wishy-washy prices, or do any of the things you mentioned. Why not try writing one in the other direction: The positives out there.
Posted by AskMariaTodd
I am a physician practicing medicine in 2014. so let me correct your (mis)information.
Agee with humility and continuing education. Re fees charged- that is determined by insurance companies unless you are a cash only practice which is rare. Regarding computers, Docs are being forced to do this by Medicare's EMR and Meaningful use rules. Most insurers pattern after Medicare. If you are giving information to the public, you should inform them of the facts, and rules under Physicians work in 2014. Thank you.
Posted by szev
You're getting across the exact opposite message of what's intended . . . You do realize that "self-involved" means "egoistical, egomaniacal, narcissistic, self-absorbed, self-centered, self-concerned, self-infatuated, self-interested, selfish, self-loving, self-obsessed, self-oriented, self-preoccupied, self-regarding, self-seeking, and self-serving"? - All things I would NOT want in a doctor. The article should say, "You need to find a doctor who is . . . also caring and involved," NOT "caring and self-involved."
Posted by R. Miller
Good luck with that when you're on a HMO plan and have to use their doctors. You can also spend a lot of time with one doctor before these traits manifest themselves. I might also add: look out for the ones who have EVERYTHING computerized and are so busy trying the fill in all the blanks on that computer screen they're not giving you their undivided attention or making appropriate notes of what you are saying. I often find myself having to remind the doctor of what we talked about on the last visit. Changed docs once, now the new one (both older doctors) is displaying the same signs. I think it's time for both of them to retire.
Posted by Di
One of 4 points is well understood.
Posted by Dr PFK

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