Dmitry Arbuck, MD

Dmitry Arbuck, MD
Indiana Polyclinic 12772 Hamlton Crossing Blvrd Carmel, IN 46032
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4 star average for Service
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3.5 star average for Staff
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3 star average for Value
I really liked him as a physician, but he was willing to hang me out to dry when office politics got me discharged from his clinic, Indiana Polyclinic. this is my review of the clinic.

This is a great place if you have deep pockets or great insurance. I was a patient for 3 years and I was prescribed controlled substances since day 1. The first 18 months or so that I was a patient I had great insurance and we burned it up. When it ran out I went on Medicaid. They do not accept Medicaid, but it covered prescriptions. The doctor I was seeing was cool about it. He allowed me to come in every 90 days to get my prescriptions and any other prescription drugs he thought might help. I did receive calls/letters from the administration side that I wasn’t scheduling enough appointments, and failure to follow their treatment program could result in my being discharged from their care. This went on for over a year. At the end of May 2017 I went in for my appointment, but it wasn’t in the system, so I had to see this nasty little physician assistant. She was a piece of work. She would lose her mind if you disagreed with her in way, shape, or form. I compare it to little man syndrome. Some guys are so over sensitive about their height that they perceive every comment as an attack on them. I believe this PA is the same way about not being a doctor. If you disagree with her she takes it as a personal affront and becomes angry. She will slam her hand down on the desk, raise her voice, and threaten to “pummel” you if you don’t agree with her. She actually kicked me out of the clinic that day. She found out I was on Medicaid, and she decided all on her own that it is illegal for them to charge Medicaid patients, and since they couldn’t charge me, they wouldn’t treat me. She, of course, was wrong. I went back and saw my regular doctor and everything seemed fine. He kind of joked about me being kicked out. He gave me my 90 day prescriptions of controlled substances, a couple other medications, we talked about future treatment options and that was it. 2 months later I got a certified letter from their COO saying that I had refused to see a physiologist even though the nasty little PA made it very clear that I was REQUIRED to do this while receiving controlled substances. Apparently the nasty little PA had told me to see a phycologist while she was having one of her hissy fits. If she said it at all I don’t remember it. I do know that my REAL doctor never said a word about that being a requirement.
I truly believe that the nasty little PA started screaming bloody murder because I dared to defy her, and then some bean counter looked at my record and realized I had only spent like $1200 in the last 1.5 years, as opposed to the $50k they billed my insurance the first 1.5 years, and they decided that I wasn’t worth the risk of prescribing controlled substances to anymore.
I could be wrong about this, but no one at the clinic has been able to explain to me why it took them 3 YEARS to push the phycologist thing. It seems to me that if it is so critically important, then why not have the phycologist give me my prescriptions. It’s really simple; I see a shrink, I get my prescriptions. I wonder why no one thought of that.
I'm really surprised at all the negative reviews I've seen here! Dr. Arbuck and his staff, including the inpatient program, literally saved my life. I had undergone an almost deadly detox attempt at Fairbanks Hospital and spent a week in Community Hospital Critical Care Unit and another week at home in severe withdrawal (I've never been so sick) before I was referred to Polyclinic and I tell EVERYONE that this program saved me and gave me my life back. If you are in chronic pain, and especially if you are addicted to opiates and benzos like I was and TRULY want to change for the better, please give Dr. Arbuck and his program a chance. Please don't let the negative reviews put you off. I've always been treated well at this office and have never heard other patients complain either. Sometimes it is about your attitude going in, if you want help and are willing to do what's necessary to help yourself there should not be any problems.
Hope u like suboxone.
I clicked one star because zero Was not an option.
I've been disabled 20 years; seen over 500
Medical providers; and this was the worst experience I have ever had

They asked me to pay $65.00 just for scheduling an appointment

Run. Run fast.

It was worse once I got there
Please don't do this to yourself.
Was the office accommodating when booking an appointment?
Do you feel confident that this provider will work with you until a solution is reached?
Did your provider ask holistic type questions and comment about aspects of care that might affect you outside of their specialty?
This provider wasn't even competent in their own field let alone offering me guidance in any other area.
Was the provider's staff helpful and knowledgeable?
Did this provider give the impression that they cared about your concerns?
I would not take my cat to this quack! He has left me worse off than before and thinks all pain, no matter how well documented the condition is, needs physco drugs and lots of wasted appointments. He is in this for the money...period! STAY AWAY and go to a real pain clinic is my advice...
Was it clear that this provider takes pride in the appearance of his/her office?
Yes, the office was well organized and taken care of
Does the provider's staff try to be helpful?
Does this provider offer flexible appointment times?
Does this provider listen to your concerns and respond respectfully?
Was the provider's staff helpful and knowledgeable?
Did the staff help you feel comfortable when you called with questions or concerns?
Is this psychiatrist easy to reach in an emergency?
No. It took me several times to get through.
Did this psychiatrist give you undivided attention?
No, I felt ignored
Does this provider remember you by name?
Does the provider's staff maintain a professional appearance?
Mostly yes
Did this psychiatrist have reasonable prices?
No, it was expensive.
Does this psychiatrist remember you and your circumstances at every appointment?
Not really. I usually have to remind them.
Was this psychiatrist's staff friendly?
They were decent
Did this psychiatrist answer all your questions?
No, I left confused and frustrated
Were the waiting room chairs comfortable at this psychiatrist's office?
Was this psychiatrist's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
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