DeShan Gross

DeShan Gross
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He is very Professional with an awesome bedside manner. He listens to your problems and tries to fix you in the best way he can. He’s a great doctor and I referred him to many many patients!
by Chrissi
April 29, 2020
I love the drs. and the staff! They're friendly and they get results. I would have, no doubt, been disabled years ago without their help! I can't say enough good things about how wonderful they are!

In addition to helping and treating me, they also treat my daughter and keep her pain levels to a minimal. As if that isn't enough, Dr. Gross consulted with my daughter (at my request) about her dietary/nutritional needs for celiac disease and stressed the importance of strict adherence to the diet. Mom can talk til her face is blue, but when she listened to Dr. Gross, she really finally listened.

He and Dr. Gray are both life-savers! I have no doubt that you will never find anyone is fantastic as this group!
by AmyLei
March 11, 2019
I went to another chiropractor before finding Dr. Gross. I always felt ok after adjustments but never felt well. Since starting with Dr. Gross I am 100%. He is great at what he does and I have recommended him to several friends and they all say they same things.
by Josh
December 08, 2016
Excellent doctor....I have been looking for "him" ever since I moved to Lacey's Spring..Al
by Marguerite Crain
June 02, 2016
Dr. Gross is great!
by JM
April 11, 2016
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