Jason Jumper, D.C.

Jason Jumper, D.C.
Renew Chiropractic 8015 West Alameda Ave., #270 270 Lakewood, CO 80226
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my Name is Rosa Nunez de V.when i first came to Renew chiropractic almost a year ago i was feeling so bad with all kind of pain. my lower back my shoulders and legs i never thought that i would be feeling good again ever. thank God that i came to Dr. jumper and his magical hands.trust me sometime it fill's like he will break you.because he is very strong and knows what he is doing.but by the time he finish with the adjustment's i feel great and i feel the difference right away.trust me if you have pain and can sleep or walk good. do to my diabetes and all the medication that my doctor was giving me and he told me Rosa you are taking to much prescription drug that is not doing good for you started taking all natural medication that Dr. jumper recommended replies with all natural medication i feel and sleep wonderful he is also a great nutritionist. thank you Dr, jumper and vicky for being there for me and my family.
I came to know Dr. Jumper by the grace of Google after an auto accident. I had been stopped at a red light and another driver collided into the rear of my car. The other driver's car was nearly totaled, but mine suffered minimal damage so I figured it was no big deal. Modern estimates have the average person spending 4.3 years of their life in the car, traveling enough distance to go to the moon and back three times. So you're bound to bump into someone. The other driver was young and sweet, and this was her first wreck. So I didn't want to make a bigger deal out of the accident than necessary. Typically after an auto accident, people go to the Emergency Department. That wasn’t going to happen. From working in a hospital, I know that the system can get clogged quickly with trivial maladies; let alone the time spent waiting and enormous cost of an Emergency Department visit. Although, like many people, I do not have a primary care physician, so I didn't do anything. Until a couple days later when my back started hurt. I figured I should get some x-rays and called an urgent care for inexpensive images. They directed me to a different facility which was too far away so I Googled and found Dr. Jumper. Having never been to a chiropractor, I was wary of having someone twist and bend my spine. I called, spoke with Vicky and was sold. She was professional, kind, knowledgeable and even comforting. And the process was reassuring. Dr. Jumper’s equipment is state of the art and he was able to take very detailed images of my spine. We had two full appointments before my first adjustment, which made me confident in his personal and professional philosophy. He is treating me for injuries sustained from my auto accident, but also for forward head posture, foot pain, Raynaud’s, headaches, trapezius pain. All manner of my life are improving; I feel less stressed, my skin is clearer and I have a higher and steadier level of energy. At the end of the day, I put a lot of trust in Dr. Jumper and I’m so glad I do.
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Awesome doctors, very kind and informative on their specialties I would recommend these guys to anyone
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My first visit to Dr. Jumper was last April because of back pain. He relieved my pain. Then my left shoulder pained me so much that I could hardly put a shirt or coat on without wincing; Dr Jumper worked on my shoulder (one session) and since then my shoulder is free of pain and has more motion. In April. I was 277 pounds (a lot of weight on a 5 ft-7 inch frame), had no energy, fighting diabetes and cholesterol, I constantly felt bloated and gaseous. Dr Jumper saw what condition I was in even before I mentioned it, I'm sure. Surprisingly, he is a nutritionist too. He talked me into getting my blood work done, and the results were this side of nasty. Enlarged heart, high diabetes and cholesterol count, digestive issues, and low thyroid issues. He designed a supplement program/ nutrition plan for me and today I am at 225 pounds, my energy level is up which made my afternoon naps disappear. I'm off the diabetic and cholesterol medicine; my food digest without the bloating or gas. Dr. Jumper saved my life. I highly recommend him for not only his chiropractic magic but his nutrition and supplement know-how.
I've been seeing Dr. Jumper for several months for severe dizziness and vertigo that had lasted for over 2 years. Multiple other doctors, CAT scans and X-rays couldn't explain what could possibly be wrong. Long story short, WOW; complete 180 degree turnaround. Not only has my dizziness problem significantly diminished to the point where I hardly notice it anymore, my neck is getting aligned, I'm sleeping better, (GLORIOUS news for an insomniac of 10+ years) losing weight, and back pain that I thought was "normal" is quickly disappearing. Awesome, caring people; they make you feel like an actual person, not a folder or patient number or just another patient to be shuffled along. Nothing but praise for Dr. Jumper and Vicki! Thanks so much guys!
I was in a car accident a couple of months ago and woke up unable to turn my neck and in considerable pain. Thankfully i stumbled upon Dr. Jumper. He does Physical Therapy and Chiropractic work and after a few visits my pain is almost completely gone and i can finally sleep through the night! Dr Jumper and Vicki also take care of the insurance stuff so i can finally stop worrying.
I highly recommend this office!
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