Jason Jumper, D.C.

Jason Jumper, D.C.
Renew Chiropractic 8015 West Alameda Ave., #270 270 Lakewood, CO 80226
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I found Dr. Jumper by chance when I looked for a walk-in chiropractic clinic to visit on a Saturday to take care of some lower back and hip pain. After a quick call I was set up for that afternoon. And as an added bonus, they offered a Groupon! At first I was nervous about the open space, but actually found it to be more relaxing than the cramped rooms in most chirpractic clinics. After a thorough exam and series of X-rays we developed a treatment plan together. I am thankful that I did, because I haven't felt this good in years. I have been so happy with my care at Renew Chiropractic, that my entire family (5 members), and a niece are now happy Dr. Jumper clients. Do yourself and your spine a favor and make Renew Chiropractic your clinic. You will not be dissapointed.
I was referred to Dr. Jumper from some close friends, who like myself and most everyone else in the world; were suffering from hip, neck and back pains. And while I began seeing Dr. Jumper for relief from the usual spinal related pains and strains, he has helped me with so much more!!! Along with drastically relieving my spinal related discomforts, he has addressed both my horrific sweet tooth and chronic neuropathy in my feet!!! Although he denies it, I believe he has a second license in Bio-Chemistry, he'll take a look at your most recent blood work and recommend supplements to address a myriad of common problems; i.e. high-cholesterol, hypertension, fatigue and systemic candida proliferation, just to name a few. My entire life I have never been able to walk passed the cookie jar or bowl of jellybeans without sampling a few, or more... And honestly, even though I'm medically trained, I'd never heard of candida infection throughout the entire body; after starting the supplements that Dr. Jumper supplied and making small diet changes for a short period of time, I no longer have a sweet-tooth and my energy level is improving. You'll have to ask Jumper about it!! I also suffer from horrific neuropathy in both my feet after a rare medical condition called Guillain-Barre' Syndrome, no worries it's not contagious, along with the vertebral adjustments, Jumper has the capability of customizing orthotics for you!! I've been working with doctors for over five years trying to find a way to reduce the pain in my feet only to increase my level of frustration with yet another physician offering me a new pill and lack luster results. I've been seeing Jumper for just shy of four months and I have to say the results have exceeded my highest expectations. I couldn't recommend Dr. Jumper more!
I have been seeing Dr. Jumper for about 8 months now for a fairly severe scoliosis problem which has caused numbness in my feet for about 6 years or so. The numbness had become worse in the year prior to starting treatment. I decided to ask Dr. Jumper about it after seeing how much success he was having in treating my wife for her TMJ jaw lock problem. X-Rays revealed abnormal spine curvature in two places in my back as well as twisting of the spine. Follow-up X-Rays after about 5-6 months of treatment showed significant improvement of about 60% by that time as well as a lessening of numbness in my feet. There is still a bit of 'spine-straightening' left to do, but considering that I had let this problem go for 6 years, I'm not expecting overnight results. I am ecstatic that we are working towards fixing the root cause of the problem as well as the fact that I will age much better with a straight spine and correct head and neck posture. I can honestly attest to the fact that not all chiropractors are the same. Dr. J. is by far the most thorough and confident chiropractor I have ever been to.

My wife's story is even more encouraging. She came in to his office with her jaw nearly locked close and only a minimal jaw opening. He worked with her to increase her jaw opening significantly, improve her forward head posture, and lessen her migraines from 2-3X/week to 'every once in a blue moon.' Prior to this, she wasn't sure how to proceed with her TMJ dysfunction, although she knew she didn't want to go down the road of very expensive and marginally successful surgery options. She was also taking various migraine medications, which are no longer necessary. On another note, he also worked with her on a nutritional basis to improve her thyroid function so that she was able to ditch her ever-changing thyroid medications and be able to function successfully without them. Dr. Jumper is a very competent chiropractor able to improve the function of the spine and its related components as well as being very knowledgeable in nutrition counseling.
I love going to see Dr Jumper and Vickie. I had a problem with sciatica and didnt know what to do. Dr J. Took some X-rays and showed me the problem. He explained what I had to do to help this. We started the plan and wallaaaaaaaa!!!!
Dr. Jason Jumper is awesome! I had extreme pain in my shoulder blade that radiated down my arm. I was hesitant about going to a chiropractor so I waited two weeks before scheduling an appointment. At that point the pain was almost intolerable and I had to take pain pills to sleep at night. After three appointments with Jason my pain was completely gone. I wish I would have listened to my husband and not waited to schedule an appointment! My posture is now 100 times better and I was able to take a road trip to AZ (13 hour drive) shortly thereafter and had no lower back pain. Previously I would almost always have lower back if driving more than two hours. I can't say enough good things about Jason, he is a fantastic chiropractor. Not to mention, Jason and his wife Vicky (Office Manager) are two of the nicest people you'll ever meet!
If you experience chronic low energy, lack of mobility, migraines, headaches, or other ailments as I was 8 months ago before I began treatment with Dr. Jumper and Renew Chiropractic, I strongly suggest you go see him for an initial consultation. I was starting to resign myself to the fact that I was just not meant to thrive in life, living with these and other bothersome issues in a chronic manner. I was hitting the gym, doing yoga, and eating right, but couldn't find any improvement. After my consultation and xrays, Dr. Jumper identified the root cause, relating to a childhood injury I had sustained to my upper spine. Thankfully, over time, he has been treating the root cause. In just about one month's time, I had some relief. Now, I don't remember any of the pain I carried with me each day. I am so grateful God led me to this clinic. Dr. Jumper and Vicky are kind, upbeat, and it has been a tremendous joy to spend the time I have there over this past year. I fervently recommend Dr. Jumper and Renew Chiropractic, and refer them with complete confidence.
Love Dr J He helped me with lower back pain. I didn't know what to do and suffered for a long time. He set me up with a series of appt. and what a difference

I was suffering from lower back pain and numbness in my left leg for a year. After three visits over a two week period I had no pain and the feeling was coming back to my left leg. Dr. Jumper got me pain free.

I also suffered had knee pain and after X-rays of my knees Dr. Jumper decided to get some custom foot beds for my shoes. My knees feels better and my feet are less tired at the end of the day. I have been using the same foot beds for 6 years and they are great I recommend them to everyone that has knee, hip or back pain.

Pain free

Dr. Jumper's chiropractic care is fantastic! I have been going to Dr. Jumper for chiropractic care since 2005 and am very happy with the results. I initially started going to Dr. Jumper because of significant neck pain associated with several injuries from gymnastics and acrobatics, and had what seemed like immediate relief from pain. It was exactly what I needed. Now I am a fighter pilot and experience unique stresses on my neck and spine on a daily basis that I've seen lead to debilitating injuries in other members of my squadron. After several years flying fighter jets now I've started to develop some concerns about my neck discomfort and occasional pain. Dr. Jumper and I have been able to relieve my neck pain once again, and have formulated a plan to ensure I don't experience any further neck or spine degeneration as I continue my flying career. I would recommend Dr. Jumper's services to anyone regardless of their occupation or path in life. Vickie is great too. She's a lot of fun to talk to during your short wait for the adventure of chiropractic care.
I sought the help of Dr. Jumper after i was rear ended with my 2 year old son in the car. I was in pain, my neck was stiff and my head was pounding. I knew that if i felt that horrible my son had to be feeling it too, after all his muscles weren't as developed as mine were. Contacting Renew Chiropractic was the best decision i ever made and i have recommended him to almost everyone i have come in contact with. He is extremely knowledgeable and you can tell that he loves what he does and he wants to not only relieve your symptoms, but fix the source of the problem. I wasn't sure what to expect with my son and his treatments, but Dr. Jumper has done so amazing and is so patient with my rowdy 2 year old who has even shown appreciation by now playing chiropractor at home. I couldn't imagine where i would be had i just gone to a regular doctor but i have a feeling it would have something to do with sitting at home on an assortment of pain relief pills and muscle relaxers. Instead, i put my care in Dr. Jumpers hands and i am pain free, drug free, i know that my injuries are being corrected, and best of all, my son is benefiting in the same way. Thank you Renew Chiropractic!!
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