Jason Jumper, D.C.

Jason Jumper, D.C.
Renew Chiropractic 8015 West Alameda Ave., #270 270 Lakewood, CO 80226
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Dr. Jumper and his lovely staff have helped me and several of my clients recover from their accident related injuries. He is a talented and professional chiropractor.
Started working with Dr jumper about 6 weeks ago since then I have become pain free. Before I started I was experiencing a lot of neck pain because I had vertebrae that were to far forward from my c7 up. After we took x-rays we developed a plan and took action. So thankful to have meet him.
Dr. Jumper is a miracle worker! I made an appointment for a regular adjustment for some back and neck pain. After my appointment, Dr. Jumper had addressed and fixed much more than just regular neck and back pain. First of I'm a relatively healthy, 170 lbs, 28 yo male. For years I have been dealing with digestive issues. During my first visit, I was informed of the ileocecal valve (which I now know plays an important role in digestive health). Apparently, mine was broken; Dr. Jumper fixed it. Not only were my aches and pains relieved... My stomach problems: GONE! Great doctor. Very compassionate, understanding, and informative. Very thorough.
I can't say enough about the compassion and knowledge of Dr. Jumper. I had NEVER been to a chiropractor prior to seeing him, and was very skeptical going in. I had been having lower back pain for about a year, not to mention my feet had also been in ridiculous, horrible pain for just as long. I felt like an 80-yr old hobbling around when my feet were at their worst (and I'm only 43). I had been to 2 different podiatrists for my feet...to no avail. I honestly didn't really know what a "back guy" was going to do for my feet, but at this point I would do almost anything to make them feel better. I was so impressed with Dr. Jumper's holistic approach to his care. He takes the time to find out where ALL of your aches and pains are, AND he figures out WHY you hurt where you do. He isn't just going to manage your pain, he really wants to help you get better. I love that he took x-rays, so we know EXACTLY what we are dealing with. Turns out my neck doesn't have enough curve, and as for my feet, he talked about the "plantar vault" that my feet were lacking. He also noticed the start of a bunion at our very first consult appointment (neither of the podiatrists I had previously seen said anything about the bunion or plantar vault). We are on the path to a healthier spine and feet. I feel amazing; my lower back pain is mostly gone; my feet feel the best they have felt in years (I can actually walk around my house in bare feet; I can go for a run without being in horrible pain hours later - things I haven't done in well over a year). Seriously, Dr. Jumper knows his stuff; but better than that he truly cares! If you are on the fence at all, just make the appointment and see for yourself! You won't be disappointed!!
Dr. Jumper has been a blessing to have come across. My mother had wrenched her back pretty bad while under hospital care. The hospital didn't help her out and instead told her she didn't qualify for the type of care she needed, even though she could walk upright and was in an insurmountable amount of pain. I was searching for a good chiropractor in the area and I have to say that Dr. Jumper is phenomenal. He explained all that was wrong with her back in a way that I who don't have a strong grasp of medicine could understand and started a plan of action to get her quality of life back. After the first visit with Dr. Jumper she was walking upright without cringing in pain. She walked out with a huge smile as we thanked him and left. Vickie is also another gem. She was super courteous and helpful a true joy. Both my mother and myself would recommend Dr. Jumper to anyone having the slightest amount of pain in their back or neck. Thank you Dr. Jumper for helping my mother out when no one else would. God Bless you and Vickie both!
I'm lucky to be a patient of Dr. Jumper's ¿ I sought out chiropractic care as a last resort to treat a problem I was having with my leg for over a year. I had been to my family Doctor and a few rounds of physical therapy with no relief from the pain. Today, I recommend chiropractic care to everyone I know! Dr. Jumper is attentive, intelligent, down to earth and cares about each of his patients . I feel like he understands me and my body- I wish all doctors were like him! I'm on my way to becoming a healthier (and happier) person. The physical benefits of chiropractic care has been amazing.- Sue Murphy 2015-
I've been searching for the right chiropractor for well over 8 years. Finally, I found Dr. Jumper, who knows more about the human body that any chiropractor I've met. He's helped to straighten my scoliosis, put more curve in my lower back and neck. He has also helped to relieve anxiety I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life. I wake up happy instead of nervous! I can't recommend him enough. Thank you so much for helping me heal!
I started visiting Renew Chiropractic about a month ago. So far I love the results; my body was in bad shape in many areas due to 14 years of rugby. Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. I have inserts and it hurts on an off and was told there wasn't much that can be done except for ice, drugs, etc. I asked Dr Jumper if he could help, which he said yes. I was skeptical, but let him treat my feet. First session, felt great. Just to see if it worked, I took out my shoe inserts for the week, no foot pain!!! Crazy!!! On my third session. I've definitely noticed a huge difference where my feet don't hurt in the morning either and I don't feel crippled. Completely incredible!
came across Dr. Jumper through a co-worker. My lower back has been hurt for about 9 years with a lot of pain. I've been seeing him for about 1 week and i already feel 100%. No pain what so ever, but were working on fixing the problem so it doesn't come back. Jose Reyes
I had been having chronic health issues for so many years, I can't remember.

The first one was my ears. I had seen 3 different specialists over the years about the pain in my ears and the hearing loss. All of the doctors told me the same thing; you don't have an ear infection, we don't see anything wrong inside, it could be your Eustachian tubes, but we won't really know unless we go in and do some surgery and probably put tubes in your ears. I didn't want surgery and decided to endure the pain a while longer.

The second issue was the loss of feeling and pain in my hands and arms. It was awful when I slept and in the morning. But by mid-morning, I was semi functional so I just rolled with it. Recently the pain got so severe that I couldn't function, so I went to see my doctor. She said that I should get an EMG, and will probably need surgery to fix some nerve damage. Really? Another surgery? I asked for an alternative and she gave me wrist guards to wear and told me to stop practicing yoga for a month and come back.

In the meantime, I met Dr. Jumper and Vickie at an Employee Health Fair hosted by my work. I stopped into their booth to thank them for supporting my company's health fair, I had no idea I would walk out with an appointment to see Dr. Jumper the next day.

After getting X-rays and my initial consultation, Dr. Jumper diagnosed that I have scoliosis and forward head posture. He explained that the forward head posture is most likely the reason my ears have been hurting. He also showed me how severely curved my spine was and that is why my hands would go to sleep. Can you believe a woman in her 40s is just NOW finding out that she have scoliosis??? After my first treatment, I could feel my hands, and the next day I noticed no problems with my ears. I have been seeing Dr. Jumper for a couple months, and this has been life changing for me. My workouts have never been stronger and I don’t have the pain I had been living with daily. I couldn't recommend Renew Chiropractic and Dr. Jumper any more. I have never felt better.
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