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David Rosenfeld, MD
Proctology and Colorectal Surgery 341 South Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks, CA 91361
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I apologize for not posting my review sooner. After 6 months of discomfort, my girlfriend convinced me to see Dr. Rosenfeld. I am so glad that I did. If you are in pain/discomfort, I highly recommend
Dr. Rosenfeld. You won’t regret it!! I even got a hug from him when leaving his office.
All the great reviews that were posted about Dr. Rosenfeld are absolutely true. He is compassionate, knowledgeable and took time to explain everything.
The examination was comfortable, you lay on your left side, unlike the old days where your bottom is up in the air. Dr. Rosenfeld diagnosed me with Levator Ani Tenderness (proctalgia fugax) and symptomatic internal hemorrhoid prolapse. Dr. Rosenfeld says Proctalgia fugax can be caused by stress. Some people hold their stress in their shoulders, neck or head causing muscle aches and headaches. I happen to hold my stress in my levator muscles (muscles wrap around the rectum). LOL
Dr. Rosenfeld performed hemorrhoid injections on me to help decrease the inflammation. The injection helped tremendously! I am still in the process of healing and following his recommendation. I am using Perfect poop (it can be purchased in his office or online www.proctologistpreferred.com) which is very helpful for my levator ani tenderness and hemorrhoid symptoms. Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld!
Cecilia in Newbury Park, CA
by Cecilia G xxx.xxx.55.31
April 22, 2019
I flew down from Vancouver to have Dr. Rosenfeld perform Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation and Rectoanal repair because this procedure is not available in Canada. He initially diagnosed the problem with photos I submitted through a secure website. We subsequently had a phone consultation during which he suggested flying down for the procedure. I had been suffering from internal hemorrhoids for over 40 years...had tried banding several times to no avail and was unwilling to undergo the pain of a hemorrhoidectomy. So I just suffered with the pain and embarrassment of having to push them back in time and again until I finally started doing research and learned about Dr. Rosenfeld.
The surgery was extremely successful and the pain was minimal. I remained in the LA area during a ten day recovery after which I flew home. I am playing tennis, skiing, swimming, boogie-boarding, cycling, hiking and enjoying life again. I should have had this done 20 years ago. Dr. Rosenfeld, his staff and the Aspen Surgery Center are fantastic. And the cost was very reasonable. If you are suffering from internal hemorrhoids, have Dr. Rosenfeld take care of you. It will change your life back to normal.
by David Stephens xxx.xxx.155.219
February 05, 2019
Dr. Rosenfeld gave me the GIFT of a great tasting colonoscopy prep. I will never take the salty stuff again. It was actually tasty (it's Miralax mixed with Crystal Light). He gave me the red carpet treatment and answered all my many anxious questions and calls during my prep. I can't recommend him highly enough. He is a personable and caring person.

My husband and I have also been taking his Perfect Poop mixture on a daily basis and that has made a great improvement in our ability to the bathroom regularly and easily. It's doesn't have a taste, so you just add it to your drink.
by Irma S. xxx.xxx.242.28
October 19, 2018
I have been suffering from severe discomfort and pain for the past month which paralyzed my daily activities. While I was diagnosed with internal/external hemorrhoids and recommended to have a surgery (abroad) which would have resulted in a long term recovery, I didn't give in and after a long research, I came across Dr. Rosenfeld and his website and called for an appointment. Tanya did everything she could to accommodate my visit in between patients. I visited the office yesterday, Dr. Rosenfeld, unlike many other doctors took his time to explain my issue which was a fissure and not a hemorrhoid. I am a cash patient and he could have charged for a procedure and colonoscopy, but instead, he was truthful and prescribed a special made ointment which I used TWICE since yesterday and already notice a 90 percent relief. I can't believe I put up with such an excruciating pain for over a month and now the pain disappeared over night. Dr. Rosenfeld.. YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WEST..... thanks a million.

Hilgri (Woodland Hills).
by hilgri xxx.xxx.157.118
May 19, 2017
Dr.Rosenfeld and Tanya were awesome and put me completely at ease. I wasn't embarrassed or stressed at all. He has a great sense of humor to ease the situation. My surgery went very well. I was told to expect pain. I had absolutely NO pain. None. I'm so glad I had this taken care of.
by Mindy xxx.xxx.24.184
May 23, 2016
I did it !! .. and now I'm REALLY GLAD I did ... seeking help for this big hemorrhoid problem I've had for approx. 6 yrs. And then "it" was smaller... and it's gotten bigger in last 2yrs., and maybe wouldn't have gotten that big if I'd sought help earlier, but (sure many understand) it's just such a "private problem" that you put the issue off.
Last Friday I googled "Stage 3 prolapsing hemorrhoid" and among various other places, I came upon Dr. David Rosenfeld's website, and after thoroughly reading thru all the tabs, and watching some videos which he made with a humor-aspect (to ease patients' unease and anxiety) and where he was on "The Doctors"-show, which I've watched before, where Doctors talk about all kinds of medical issues, I decided to contact him thru email & tell him about my issue/problem.
I feel I was directed to him, as I ask God foremost for help to all my problems, and God knows that I needed to feel mentally comfortable first before seeking & finding help for this "private problem".

I promptly received a call from Tanya, friendly professional assistant, and made an appt. for 4days later, today. After clearing some questions about payment, as I have no health insurance, other than the County Medi-Cal I just got a month ago, and I intended to "do this" on cash basis, if affordable ... if it was, I figured I'd just make this a "weird Christmas present" to myself and take it out of my savings.

Well, the consult, office visit & possible procedure costs seemed reasonable & doable to me, so I drove to Simi Valley from the Antelope Valley, an hour away ..(even thou I almost backed out... human thing, doubts..)
Office was found easy, and felt comfortable there as on Dr.David's website, as in: comfortable, as far as you can feel DIGNITY all around.

Dr.David truly was a star, and that's not because he was on the TV show "The Doctors", but because he is so natural, UNPRETENTIOUS, professional & personal at the same time.
He answered every question I had (and I had alot), I felt comfortable mentally & physically being examined by him, not embarrassed, ashamed or tensed, I felt DIGNITY, that's why I feel God led me to him,
who wants me whole, healed & helped for all parts of my body.

Dr. David explained condition, options, and that 3.Stg. hemorrhoid could be excised/cut out in an in-office procedure, if I choose, and then I'd no longer have that half-thumb-size balloon to deal with, which is bothersome (not so much painful) as it makes bathroom visit routines lengthy due to being careful with that sensitive tender tissue, cleaning (I've recently switched from tp-tissue to moist baby-wipes), then using hemorrhoid cream to push the balloon back inside.
(Tthis may be TMI to some people, but hey.. ever considered how important & vital these private areas are, that they stay healthy & functioning ?!! ... we can't do without any of these God-given organs.)

And that reminds me, it wasn't just the bothersome balloon problem, ..
there was underlying worry, whether it was hemorrhoid, or possibly something way worse... And Dr.David gave me PEACE OF MIND about that too, said it was not cancerous, in my case ... and Thank God, because I had an ovarian cancer removed & healed in 1996.

So, if anyone has to have an exam in that private area, don't wait, do it ASAP, and if you're close enough, go to Dr.David, you'll feel at ease there and with him, he'll help as: Main-thing ... HE CARES !!!

maybe more later, as 99.9% I will go there next week to have him do the excise-removal of that large 3.Stg.hemorrhoid, as a "weird" but helpful healthier Christmas-present to myself.
Love+Peace to All of you out there, and God bless US-All.
by Vera xxx.xxx.16.11
December 10, 2014
I had been having a problem with hemorrhoids for 6 plus months and did not seek medical help for fear of the unknown. My hesitation in seeking help made one problem turn into two and I was then extremely uncomfortable and miserable. Then I saw Dr. Rosenfeld’s ad in Welcome to the Neighborhood. As I stated to his assistant, I believe it was God sent. I called his office and made an appointment.
When approaching the door of his office for my appointment, I had so much anxiety I felt I was going to be sick. Once inside the comfortable space, I found his staff to be very attentive. I waited not more than 5 minutes and was shown to a room by his assistant. She asked me a few questions and eased my anxiety. Dr. Rosenfeld entered the room and introduced himself and asked how I was. I remember stating “I would rather be anywhere than here.” In hindsight that was not very polite on my part but he took it in stride. In just a few moments, I knew I was in the right place.
Dr. Rosenfeld is simply the best. He is extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough. He gives you his undivided attention and spends as much time with you as needed. He’s passionate in educating you as well as treating/healing you.
Revisiting his office, validated my feelings … he is the real deal! I came away with interesting bits of knowledge and no more problems “down there.”
Quit with your suffering …go see Dr. Rosenfeld! You will be happy you did!
by C. Fair xxx.xxx.68.33
August 03, 2014
Let's face it, no one actually wants to see a Proctologist. However, if you do need to see one, Dr. David Rosenfeld should be your physician of choice. He is caring, makes you feel completely comfortable, and is professional and knowledgeable. His office staff stayed with me the whole time after the procedure, to make sure I was ok. I went into the office feeling terrible (constipated), and left the office literally 3 pounds lighter and comfortable. I could not have done "it" without his services. I have a PPO insurance, and he is non-plan, so I had to pay for the visit up-front (and then they will submit to my insurance, so the insurance will pay me back a portion of the charges). If you like little goodies when you leave an office, you'll like that he gives you a bag, a little flashlight...all promo items....Bottom line is that I will go back to his office for my colonoscopy in a year or so when I turn 50. I have already recommended him to several friends. Don't wait for things to get worse - see this doctor! He actually cares.
by Simi Resident xxx.xxx.124.144
July 12, 2014
I met Dr. Rosenfeld after suffering from a chronic draining wound on my left buttock, which had been troubling me since 2005. I had been seen by a gastroenterologist, a general surgeon and two colon-rectal surgeons, including visits to USC and Cedars-Sinai Medical Centers, without resolution.

When I developed a new, very painful abcess on the opposite buttock I asked around and eventually decided to see Dr. Rosenfeld. He was able ti diagnose the source of the problem quickly, then proceeded to drain the abcess. After a few weeks of healing, he performed surgery to correct the defect that had caused me so much misery, a small bowel perforation. Within three weeks the drains were removed, and I was able to return to travelling, which I do frequently in my work. Within four weeks I was hiking and exercising with weights.

I am currently two months post-op and am beginning to ride my bicycle again, which I have not been able to do at all for over 2 ½ years.

Dr. Rosenfeld has a great team working in his office – I’ve been treated like a member of the family by Tania, La Tonya and Karen and of course by Dr. Rosenfeld. I recommend him without reservation to anyone needing proctological or colon-rectal treatment.
by Mike H. xxx.xxx.198.18
June 12, 2014
I am 45 years old with a family history of colon cancer. During my first visit to Dr. Rosenfeld’s office, he conducted a thorough examination. I did not feel any pain and I never felt embarrassed. He and his office staff provided me with valuable information about healthy living as well as the upcoming colonoscopy he determined I needed. Just like the staff at his office, the team Dr. Rosenfeld works with at the surgical center is top notch. Everyone involved was sensitive to the nature of the procedure I was going to have and made me as comfortable as possible. After the procedure, the results and follow-up needed were clearly outlined and I was told to call anytime with questions or concerns I had before I saw Dr. Rosenfeld in the office for another check-up. When choosing your proctologist, choose Dr. David Rosenfeld MD in Simi Valley, CA. You’ll be happy you did.
by Sean O. xxx.xxx.156.22
January 25, 2014
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