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Academy West Animal Hospital
Academy West Animal Hospital 6231 West Bell Road Glendale, AZ 85308
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My advice (Don't go there). I took my dog for a first time routine check and grooming, My dog is a chow and was scared and was making it difficult to muzzle for safety. He is a large dog but showed absolutely no aggression, he was just scared and pulled away from the muzzle. He is not vicious but we are in our 70's and not able to hold him. There was nothing professional about this vet. The vet and his assistant stood in the doorway and would not even come in the room. They wanted us to take him home and sedate him and bring him back, and they would treat him. I told them we would not be able to handle a 61 pound sedated dog, but we were willing to pay for a nights boarding if they would sedate him, care for him, and that way we would be sure we would not have to handle a sedated dog when he was ready to go home. That vet refused to even come near him just kept himself in the doorway and refused to let his assistant come in the room either. He would not listen to anything we said, he just continued to stand in the doorway. I have never seen a profession Vet act that way. Disgusted we left the Vet area an went to the grooming side. The girls were very nice were actually petting and calming my dog. They were ready to proceed with the grooming. The Vet refused to let the girls groom him. One of the girls said this was not the first time he has done this, he is just extremely afraid of liability. In my opinion this guy is no professional, and acted like a total jerk, and should limit his practice to rabbits if he is that afraid of dogs.
by Eva Adler
April 07, 2019
My first time here.My last time here.I wouldn't recommend this place if it was a cold day in -----.A month prior to my vacation.I called this place to make reservation for our Golden and Schaunezer in a large area.The lady on the phone was nice and pleasant.She told me they would be in a large suite with cots and classical music.She played me like a fiddle.Upon our day of check in. 6 hrs before my flight we show up to start paper work.My husband wanted to see the area they were staying in.So the very nice young lady showed my husband a 3 by 12 run with swap coolers for our two dogs.What was said on the phone changed to a place I would not recommend for any 104 pound dog and 24 pound Schaunezer.For lack of time I had no choice. So I was stuck to place them in this aweful place for 5 days.Every day I called to check in.They told me every thing a person wants to hear.The only problem was I knew my dogs better.Not once did they say he lossed weight,not eating or drinking,or was limping and could of sprain or pulled his back leg!So I called my sis to pick him up 5 days before his schedule time.Never again will I do business with them.Upon arrival she noticed he smelled like dog pee.And his back leg was tender.So she took him to her ANIMAL HOSPITAL only find he had injuried his back leg!Really.So they put him on some meds.And said give it a week if he not better then we will go further.This place is a joke.You can sugar coat customer service,but some people don't want to pay for (fake )service.And being a hospital you would think,they would like to know if your dog is on meds and med history.Not once did they ask,They were more worried about a feeding schedule!
by Jeff A
July 11, 2014
The lack of care and knowledge by Dr Kimmel at Academy West Animal Hospital contributed to the death of my 9 ½ year old pit bull, Che’. I had taken her here for vaccinations etc because he took United Pet Care and was the only one in my area.

On January 27th I took her here because she was not eating and was lethargic. They did a basic exam, heart, temp, weight and he said he could find nothing wrong with her. I explained that I had changed her diet in December to the raw diet because I had heard good things about it, friends who have done it for years and I had done a little research myself, turns out not enough. Anyway, he said he did not recommend it because there had been some bad things associated with it. He never asked me exactly what I was feeding her or mentioned it again. I specifically requested a senior blood panel on her, assuming it would catch any abnormalities in her blood. Unbeknownst to me, it does not catch e-coli. It came back normal.

Two days later she is having stomach spasms, lethargic and cold to the touch. I rush her back, they do another basic exam during which the tech, Freddy, comments “you are pretty cold today girl” No mention was ever made again of this crucial symptom which I only found out after she died is a sign of e-coli.(hypothermia) I also did not find out until after she died that her temp at this visit was under 100 degrees, also not a good sign in a dog. So they do an x-ray which took forever and he comes back in and says, “I can’t find anything wrong with your dog other than she has a lot of stool in her intestines. You should just take her home and put her in the yard for a while. She is healthy and should live several more years. I GOT ONE MORE WEEK.

No attempt was made to clean out her colon, and again I found out too late that constipation is very bad in a dog on a raw diet. No follow up blood work, no stool sample requested, which I would have gladly taken back to him, or a urine sample. Nothing. I was a little uncomfortable with the diagnosis, but figured he was the vet, he should know. Looking back I should have followed my gut instinct and gone somewhere else for another opinion.

She seemed fine for nine days, eating, pooping, playing, as far as I could tell. Then on February 8th, 2014, she woke up with the same symptoms as the second visit. I am stupidly thinking constipation again. I call the same dumb vet, whose office says to “keep an eye on her and if she isn’t better bring her in on Monday”. A couple of hours go by and she poops, so I know it’s not constipation. She has vomited a clear liquid and is just barely moving. Will not eat, but is drinking. I call a different vet finally, but it is Saturday and they are gone. I call my same stupid vet and they are also gone and the guy who answers says to take her to the ER vet if she is worse. I am spending my last hours with my baby googling her symptoms trying to figure out what’s wrong. About 2 pm I check her gums which are very pale and it seems she is going into shock. She tries to follow me in the house and can’t walk. I am crying hysterically now, sensing this is very bad. We quickly load her in the car and rush to the ER. After about an hour they come in and tell us the prognosis is very bad. There is fluid in her stomach which is septic and even surgery will probably not save her and would be extremely expensive.

By the time they bring her into a private room she is taking her last breaths, so at least I got that. Their diagnosis: septic peritonitis with possible GI perforation. Peritonitis is caused by e-coli.

But I am so angry at myself for putting her on that stupid raw diet, and more angry at this vet that he didn’t even attempt to really find out what was wrong. If he had done just a few simple tests at that second visit, she may have been saved. Now my baby is dead and I am on a mission to let people know the raw diet is not safe and do not go to Academy West Animal hospital.
by Diana
February 28, 2014
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