Tufts New England Veterinary Medical Center

Tufts New England Veterinary Medical Center
Tufts New England Veterinary Medical Center 200 Westboro Road Grafton, MA 01519
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3 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
3 star average for Expertise
5 star average for Staff
3.5 star average for Recommended
2.5 star average for Value
Please Please don’t bring your pet here if you love them. My dog was there for five hours they ended up doing almost nothing saying that there were alot sicker dogs in there and my dog was ok enough to follow up with regular vet in a few days. my dog died 12 hours later !!! I am pretty sure if they had just given here a iv and antibiotic we would still have my sweet girl here. at one point the vet was like if i was even to do a work up it be close to a $1000 , and we were like what ever it takes!!! He decided my dog was not priority.
by Snowball xxx.xxx.19.42
July 21, 2021
ive been to Tufts many times over the years, They WERE a good hospital. I always went there when my vet couldn't find out what was wrong with my cats, I will NEVER go there again. 3 years ago i rushed one of my cats there. Its 2 hours away from my home, He kept throwing up and the vet up here didn't know why, when i got there they immediately took him from me and went out back to check him out, When i got to see my cat again he was literary screaming, Never heard a cat scream before. and he was in sever pain and couldn't walk, he wasn't like that when i brought him in, I said my god what did you do to him. They said he had fluid in his abdomen, they didnt know what it was , they were going to have to keep him to do more test. I got a call 3 hours later saying he was bleeding internally and wouldn't last the night, we rushed back just as they were going to put him down, They were very cold about it.
I said i would never go back again, i think i should of listened to my self, but i have another cat that is in kidney failure and the vets here dont know why. Its not a typical case, so they suggested i go to tufts. Wrong, very wrong thing to do. when i got there, I explained to the vet, my cat is old she has a very bad spine, she doesn't like people or needles and you have to treat her in a special way or she will struggle and hurt her self, and i wasnt going to let her out of my sight, They wanted to do an ultrasound which i had already had at my vet a week ago, they said they needed another one to have a base line, in fact all the test i had done up here they wanted to redo, like all the test weren't good enough for them, but in reality all they want is the MONEY. So i agreed like any loving pet owner would do because they want there pet healed. Also they wouldn't let me stay with my cat for the ultrasound, So i said NO ultrasound if i cant stay with her. They did a blood pressure test. which she did ok, but when it came to take her blood, which i told them is very difficult to do and has to be taken in a certain way so she dont hurt her self, immediately i got an attitude from the head tech, i think she was the teacher. Saying this is not the way we do things around here, attitude #1, then i asked can you test her for Lyme, In a snotty attitude "we'll have to take more blood for that , ok thats attitude #2. with out NO concern for my cat, head technician grabs her by the leg starts squeezing her foot VERY hard Immediately my cat starts crying to get away, She jabs the needle in tries to get blood all the time my cat is crying and struggling to get away, with her bad back, I yelled at the technician to let go she was hurting her, her comment Mam let me do my job, and kept squeezing her foot. She had no regard for my cat, that she was hurting her, I informed her to stop immediately, I want going to let anyone hurt my cat. Her comment "I dont have to take this" and stormed out Attitude #3. I guess she figured my cat was going to take her abuse. I dont think so. When i Dr returned , i told her no more tests. They had put my cats threw enough,
all i have to say is if you bring your animal there, dont let them out of your sight, and watch your pocket book, they will guilt you out of a fortune. I WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN!
by LINDA xxx.xxx.124.9
July 24, 2017
It was many years ago that our cat started coughing and was foaming at his mouth. We took him and threw him in the car and headed here to Grafton. Quite a ride from Brimfield, MA. We arrived in time. The young man took him right in. This was 1:30 am. Within 45 mins he brought him back. Whatever caused this fit had been resolved and his blood was just fine. I only had PART of the $$$ to pay. That was fine. We paid our balance asap!
by Jane Gaumond xxx.xxx.243.14
April 19, 2017
Our Golden had a vasectomy by Dr. McCarthy. Very good doctor and our boy Duncan received excellent care.
We will be returning with our new girl, another Golden for spayed sparing reproduction laparoscopy soon.
This is the best way to keep the natural hormones that the dogs need to keep them in balance in my opinion.
by Brian xxx.xxx.145.85
November 04, 2016
How can you put a cat down because it's convenient for the owner that she no longer wanted this healthy cat. not once but you did it twice within a month for the same person. Shame on you . I would had thought in vet school you would have learned compassion and caring. this review is for north Grafton hospital . and as far as the owner Shame on you . You should never have another animal you are selfish person. Knowing how your practice runs I would never refer a soul to you.
by jannie xxx.xxx.126.244
September 19, 2015
My dog had a really large hernia and my previous surgical provider had quoted an astronomical price. I took him to Tufts for a second opinion and to see what it would cost there. They were over $1000 less than the other provider. While they were considerably further away for me, it was worth it. During the consult they drew pictures and explained all options and treatments to me thoroughly. During the surgical procedure the head surgeon called me at least three times to keep me notified of what was going on, and then called when it was over to let me know how everything went and what the final prognosis was. When I went to pick him up they had his medications ready to go, provided me with a special diet to feed him, and all of the follow information in detail I needed to ensure the best possible outcome. When I called for follow up appointments and medication refills, they were very helpful and quick. Glad I went the extra distance.
by Fur baby mama xxx.xxx.29.180
September 17, 2014
Was this veterinarian friendly to your pet?
Extremely friendly, I could really tell his/her love for animals.
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.87.0
March 16, 2014
Was it easy to find parking at this provider's office?
Yes, it was convenient
Does this provider offer any coupons, discounts or promotions?
Never. I don't think they care about helping their clients save money
Does this provider give unbiased advice?
No. I didn't trust their motives.
Did this veterinarian fully explain your pet's condition?
No, I left frustrated and confused
Did this provider seem well-trained and experienced?
No, they weren't very knowledgeable
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.110.75
July 09, 2013
Did this provider answer all of your questions?
Every question I had was answered thoroughly
Was this provider's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
Was this provider's office easy to locate?
Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier!
by kelly gradowski xxx.xxx.53.17
July 29, 2012
Is this provider's business conveniently located?
Yes, it is very conveniently located
Was this provider late to your appointments?
No, they were on time
Are you confident that this provider will continue working with you until a solution is reached?
Yes, I know I can count on them to find a solution
Did this veterinarian have a large selection of medication available for your pet?
Yes, they offer a huge selection of medication
by Anonymous
February 27, 2012
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