Golden Gate Health Care Center Inc

Golden Gate Health Care Center Inc
Golden Gate Health Care Center Inc 191 Bradley Ave Staten Island, NY 10314
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4 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
3.5 star average for Expertise
3.5 star average for Staff
3.5 star average for Recommended
4 star average for Value
I was wondering if there was any way to make this happen for me to get a new year and it was so nice to see that you are going to be in town for the holidays.
by AneeceBrooks
January 09, 2018
Good spot for my grandmother, She says she is happy with it. I visit her often and she doesn't complain about anything and she's a complainer lol. Staff is respectful and answer any questions I might have.
by Alexei Iskanov
January 25, 2016
Golden Gate provided exceptional care for my grandfather after his knee replacement surgery. They were extremely professional, and courteous.
by G. S. Patton
January 25, 2016
Golden Gate Rehab is an amazing facility. The have a friendly staff, professional health provides and a clean facility.
by John
January 25, 2016
February 5, 2015
Mr. Y. H.--Golden Gate Rehabilitation HCC
Dear Mr. Y. H.---Administrator
My Heartfelt gratitude & appreciation to you and the Entire staff at Golden Gate in seeing & knowing how happy my Mother in law, Emma, was, as a result of the professionalism, caring, compassion, kindness & cheerful interaction that was extended to her, as well as to me & my family during the many years that Emma was a resident at your facility.
I would be remiss if I did not state that All of the staff of various departments & services involved in Emma's coordinated care plan, did an outstanding job in addressing all of her needs, during her 5 year residency at Golden Gate.----
My thanks to all of them.
Regarding the Medical, Nursing & CNA staff, I will Never be able to adequately express in words the amount of gratitude I feel because of the Gentle & Dignified manner by which they cared for Emma.
Lastly, Mr. H., I want to say that, your personally reaching out to me on several occasions, was gracious beyond measure & I so very much appreciated your frequent visits to Emma’s room to check in on her, as was your custom to do with all of the other residents. Your walk-bys & close attention to detail, is what makes Golden Gate, the successful establishment that it is.
Sincerely, Tony P.
P.S.--Kudos to your employees, who man the front desk, for their very pleasant demeanor,-- since they represent the First line of encounter as one walks into the building.
by Tony P
February 20, 2015
I had a Total Knee replacement done at New York DownTown Hospital and then i needed to decide where to go for Physical therapy. I chose GOlden Gate Health Care Center and I have to say I was pleasantly satisfied with the care given to me.
Starting with the Nursing Staff and aides. I am a 59 year old male and Knew recovery is a 2 way street and worked very hard while i was in there. The staff nurses and aides were extremely supportive and helpful in my recovery process.
The physical Therapy Staff Was excellent. Nicole was my Pt Specialist and she was not only very conscientious but her enthusiasm is infectious. Cath and the other members of the team were very healthful along with their director named Danny.
The Occupational Therapy was also very professional and helpful.
I want to thank also the recreational therapy staff for allowing me the opportunity to keep me busy with a number of activities and they all were very encouraging. The Man in charge Mr Hoffman truly cares about his facility as he spent many long hours into the night to make sure issues were taken care of.
The social worker that took care of my needs was Amy Dicostenzo. She was both Helpful, Knowledgeable and professional throughout my stay.
I recommend this facility for anyone who wants to get better, who want to feel and succeed with the help of a very very professional staff.

Thanks You
Golden Gate
by Robert Ledoux
January 09, 2015
My Father was recently sent to Golden Gate as part of a ongoing rehabilitation program to build up his ability to continue living on his own after a brief illness. We were pleased with both the facility and the rehabilitation program. After a short three week stay and lots of attention from the PT department, Dad is again living independently. Thank you all,
The Lynch Family
by M. Lynch
November 29, 2014
My parent was recently transferred to Golden Gate at the recommendation of a Family friend who works there. The nurses aid who was assigned to my parent (stayed on the second floor) .

I understand one having a heavy work load. I could not do the job of a healthcare professional. However the key words Healthcare and Professional are necessary qualifications for one to work with people who are entrusting their lives in the hands of the "Professionals" . The Social worker and Director have been very cooperative in the process of trying to make my parent comfortable. However, the Aids who are attending to patients are telling one of my parents "I have 12 people I am taking care of, you need to be patient" and accusing my father of saying things he never said. His moral was diminishing and his spirit.

My parent is a reasonable and caring human being. The care he received from Golden Gate Nurses aids is without any doubt, UNPROFESSIONAL

Plus the beds they have are not the traditional Hospital beds. The remote control is not attached to the bed . The control is portable and hangs from the side of the bed. I could not find the control and discovered it was on the floor. The nurses aid was not at all nice about my needing assistance in raising my parent up. I did not have the control and when I asked "If the control fell on the floor, why would you not tell me it is on the floor, my parent is unable to walk or get out of bed without assistance".

I rate the Social worker: 3 out of 5 stars:

I rate the Director of the facility: half a star
I rate the Nurses aid and Nurses: 0

For a facility to drain people of their finances (either through personal funding or through health insurance) is a disgrace. My parents are on a fixed income and their primary income is social security. I am their caretaker and I take care of their financial needs. We are not a household of wealth. A person of wealth should not be drained of their finances either.

Both of my parents are not well. They are in advanced years and to be treated with rudness and yelling in their faces is UNACCEPTABLE!

I am sure this review will not mean anything to anyone. The bottom line, it takes a special person to care for others and help a patient feel comfort and safe. My parent did not feel at all conforted or safe.

My review does not stop here, I plan to report Golden Gate Nursing home and Rehabilitation facility to the Medical board.

This has to stop.
by Maria
October 24, 2014
When comparing them to others in their field, I would say they are by far the worst I have ever seen. On admission day they left us sitting outside in a freezing lobby for over 20 minutes. My mother was very upset about being admitted and they made it worse by making us sit there and wait. The staff is AWFUL. They each pass you onto to another staff member. They do not return calls. (Except for one staff member) The rest look like they would rather be anywhere except where they are. They are never at their station. They ignore patient needs, their social worker is awful. It is strictly a business to them. They have four residents sharing ONE BATHROOM!

They do not have a variety of activities for the residents. But the biggest issues I found is that the adminstration staff is AWFUL. DO NOT PUT YOUR PARENTS OR ANYONE YOU CARE ABOUT IN THIS FACILITY. The food is sickening. They serve the residents lukewarm coffee, they provide very little care and compassion. If your issue is with dementia they are clueless. they do not help the patient with anything. Your loved one will quickly deteriorate if you place them here. They are clueless... Ambivalent, Rude, etc. There is only one staff member there that I would say really cares about anything. The Nurses seemed nice, but once I saw my Mom's pills on the floor under the bed when I came for a visit. Another time I saw the nurse giving Mom the wrong pills... DO NOT PUT ANYONE YOU CARE ABOUT IN THIS FACILITY.
by siny
October 17, 2013
Did this nursing home answer all of your questions?
Did you notice a foul odor when you arrived at this provider's office?
Not at all, their office smelled fantastic!
Has this provider ever cancelled your appointment on you last minute?
Never, they are very reliable.
Was this provider's office clean?
Yes everything was neat and sterile
Did the staff make you feel uncomfortable when you called with questions or concerns?
Not at all! They were happy to address every concern I had
by Anonymous
July 19, 2013
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