Alexander Iofin, MD

Alexander Iofin, MD
Advanced Psychiatric Care 2517 Highway 35 Bldg H Ste 201 Manasquan, NJ 08736
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I don't want to give Iofin one star, but have to, he talked down to me, he called the pediatrician to ask her stupid questions I could have answered. He met with my child for 10 minutes and decided she was suicidal. He called the police to come check on us to make sure we were okay because I called his office and said I don't want his report and I will find another psychiatrist.
by gregoryddrew
December 23, 2015
They either didn't read my information or didn't pay any attention to it. Even though they had my information right in front of them, I kept having to explain it to them and remind them why I was there. I was treated terribly. I'm absolutely positive that I would have gotten better service anywhere else. During my appointment, I never once felt listened to or understood. They didn't seem to care about anything I had to say. They left me completely alone for a long time and I became very nervous. It's shocking how little they seem to care about customer service. From my experience It appears as if customers are never put first here. The staff is incredibly rude and seem to care more about themselves.
They were contacted by DYFS to do an eval on my husband and myself and after a 3 hour wait we were each seen for 10 minutes, yet his report on us was very long and detailed (on the surface; when you actually read it it is nothing but him repeating what DYFS had to say about us pretty much verbatim) There are MANY reviews and complaints about this so-called doctor, that he is a hired gun for the Division, to say what they want him to say, in order to back up their cases against people, even when there is NO evidence; they CREATE evidence by using this doctor! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!
by filing complaint asap
October 15, 2013
His receptionist, Ruthann Darby, is rude, impatient and unprofessional. She claimed records were discarded instead of keeping them for 7 years per health record retention laws. Iofin is a prostitute for NJ DYFS. By law, patients are allowed to inspect and copy their medical records, but Iofin refuses patient record requests.
by dyfsreform
March 26, 2013
I am very much an adult and I am not, nor did I do anything involving DFYS but Dr. Iofin has done an awlful lot for me with a work related crush accident! When something in the mind has problems you can't fix it in one visit. I've never believed in Psychiatrists before my accident and see the reason for them now. I have seen him for 5 years and will see him for 5 more if needed.

I'm writing this on my own, no one asked me to write this, but who ever has to have DYFS involved in there life shouldn't take there legal issues or person problems out on a doctor. He did not make these laws and just as a judge has to, he has to abide by them. If you saw trouble or abused kids all day you would air on the side of there protection too!

No one could make me write I was sexually assaulted if I wasn't. You sound like you are using him for something you didn't do right in your life. Why did he even have to be called in the first place?

I would recommend doctor Iofin in a heartbeat!!!
by Anonymous
April 21, 2011
Is Iofin qualified to perform mental health assessments on Adults? Is this ethical? His specialty is child and adolescent psychiatry. Iofin performs mental health assessments on adults for NJDYFS which uses his assessments in court where parents are deprived of their children. If you are a parent sent to Iofin by DYFS, get evaluated or start treatment with your own psychiatrist. Do not come to Iofin! Research legal means to protect your right to choose your own healthcare provider. NJ is a one party state, so look this up if you don't know what it means and bring a voice recorder to the evaluation with Iofin. He made me write that I was sexually assaulted, failed to cite statements he obtained from DYFS records, identified me as a abuse victim then failed to recommend DYFS stop or control the abusive behaviors of the person, used research from Hong Kong and Canada but not one article from American sources such as APA, amended reports without viewing patient, made child removal recommendations without viewing the child nor viewing parent and child together, and last but not least, Iofin insisted that the Judge view an article Iofin brought to court one day. Iofin insisted that no one else view the article. Thank God the Judge told Iofin this is completely unethical and the Judge absolutely cannot view something without the attorneys viewing the article first.
by Anonymous
January 30, 2009
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