Pamela L Daly, DPM

Pamela L Daly, DPM
Pamela L Daly, DPM 1 West Ave Suite 200 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
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Poor interactive skills with patients. Prescribed anti fungal medication that cost $423.00 at the pharmacy!! Totally ridiculous for a senior on Medicare!
Used over the counter medication which cleared up the problem. Will never go back.
by Toga 17
May 15, 2017
Office staff was professional but not particularly friendly. Dr. Daly spent next to no time with my son. I explained his issue (severe flat feet) to her nurse and then to her. She "looked" at his feet, had him stand and based on that alone decided he needed orthotics. We received approval from our insurance for the orthotics but the scan to have them made would cost us $100 out of pocket. We arrived early for our appointment for the scan, explained to the front desk staff that my son had his middle school orientation that day and was told that "I hope we can get him in soon" We sat and waited for half an hour at which point we asked how much longer and were told she was running just a little behind. I was told that the scan would only take 5 minutes though. We got into the exam room an HOUR past our appointment time, my son was already nervous about it taking so long. At this point we waited another 20 minutes in the exam room for the nurse to attempt to get the scan working. She kept re-starting the computer, unhooking the cords and rehooking them. Dr. Daly stuck her head in the door, the nurse explained the problem and exchanged a few words with the doctor about the scan. At no time did the doctor make eye contact with me or my son, apologize for our extreme wait, apologize for the scan not working. Nothing. She didn't acknowledge our presence in any way. After several more attempts to get the scan to work I was so frustrated that we decided to leave. The nurse apologized and seemed embarrassed. The front desk staff was apologetic at this point as well, recognizing the fact that we had waited over an hour for an appt for a scan that was supposed to take 5 minutes and ultimately we never received. I requested my $100 back, explained how deeply upset my son and I were, at this point he was practically in tears because we would be late for his orientation and still had not gotten the scan. I fully expected to receive a phone call from the office, offering to have my son come in at our earliest convenience and apologizing for our terrible experience. We received no such call or apology. Unfortunately our authorization from our insurance covers his orthotics through Dr. Daly and we will be forced to go back. I absolutely would not recommend this office or this doctor. I have never been treated with such lack of respect and disregard for our time.
by Disappointed
September 01, 2016
As an RN, I am always skeptical about visiting a new provider. After meeting with Dr Daly and her staff, I felt relieved and impressed with the level of care I received. Her assistant took a thorough look at my medical history and seemed knowledgeable even though she looked young. The staff clearly had good communication with Dr Daly because as soon as the assistant was done, the doctor came right in to further asses my problem. It was convenient to have my XRAYs done in office, instead of having to go to another facility, pay another copay, and wait for results. The overall presence of Dr Daly and her staff was welcoming. I greatly appreciated the "get things done" attitude. The wait was a little long for my initial visit, but for the second appointment they were able to get me right in. The office seemed busy at times, but have been focused on my care and helpful with any questions I ask. I definitely feel comfortable receiving care from this office.
by Debbie17
June 17, 2015
Thank you Dr. Daly!!. I had a bunionectomy, taylor bunion shaving and a neuroma removed. Dr. Daly took time and answered all my many questions before and after surgery. I'm recovering very well because of having such a good doctor The nurses are great, women at the desk are great. I highly recommend Dr. Daly, she and her staff are first class professionals!
by Teresa Grace
January 10, 2015
Very, very happy! Thank you Dr. Daly!
November 03, 2014
From day 1 they never did anything right at all, Dr. Daly is in the room with you maybe 2 min. if you are lucky, then she leaves and sends her nurses in, when she has a new nurse, they throw her into the room with you, and she doesn't have any clue on what to do, I actually had to put the dressing on my friend myself, nurse had no idea how to do it. After Dr. Daly amputated top part of toe, we went in the get a copy of ex rays so we could show our regular dr the results, they wanted 5 dollars for something our insurance already paid for, the nurse went in finally when told we would not pay for it, she gave us the disk, we brought it to our regular Dr. to find out they had copied some other mans ex rays and gave them to us, Good thing we were smart enough to take a copy before returning it to actually get our own. that is against the Hippa Law, Dr. Daly is not professional at all, when my friend went in for ex ray she actually came into the room and said to me, if he does not start doing what I say, I will refer him to another dr. Well he did everything she said to do, she just didn't like when he had something to say, She ordered him new shoes with 3 extra pair of liners, well they took impression of his foot, but no one there measured his foot, he told them 3 times what size shoe he wore, well they came in wrong size, they got size 13 and he only wears a 12, the liners were not going to even fit his other shoes at home, when he brought them back, they stuck him with the nurse that didn't know anything from day 1, she started getting snotty with him, when he said send the shoes back, and she said well they could cute the liners there, he said no way, he said send them all back, she had him so upset he was getting a tight chest, so this nurse goes out to talk to Dr. comes back and says , Dr Daly said if you don't order the shoes she told you too, then she is writing up a paper saying you refused to do what she told you to do, and she said she will not be responsible if they have to cute your foot off, Now tell me what kinds of Dr. Office says and does those things, he asked to see Dr. Daly and the nurse said, well you will have to call and make another appointment with her, today was just with the nurse, if she was any kind of Dr, she would have come in calmed him down and took care of this, well the new shoes came in he went back, but the 3 sets of liners they said was on back order, we have been waiting for like 3 weeks, I get a phone call the other day saying your new shoes came in, I called back and said what new shoes, he already has them, he is waiting for the extra inner soles, We have gone to another Dr, and we are contacting our Attorney, No one should got to this place .
by Not Happy
May 29, 2014
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Absolutely yes
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by gcam
May 27, 2014
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Fairly current
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by Jalen Luumia
March 17, 2014
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If I Had To
Did you feel that your visit with the provider was time well spent?
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Does this podiatrist use current and safe equipment?
by Anonymous
March 11, 2014
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
by Anonymous
February 12, 2014
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