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Urologist Clifton, NJ


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Urologist Clifton, NJ

Find a Urologist in Clifton, NJ to treat urinary tract issues in males and females and reproductive system issues in males.

Results for Clifton, NJ

  • Richard Campo, MD, MPH 350 Points
    Verified by

    Richard Campo, MD, MPH

    Distance: 8.7 mi
    190 Dayton St
    Ridgewood, NJ 07450
  • Burton Schlecker, MD 150 Points

    Burton Schlecker, MD

    Adult & Pediatric Urology Ctr
    1100 Clifton Ave
    Clifton, NJ 07013
  • Mendley Wulfsohn, MD 110 Points

    Mendley Wulfsohn, MD

    Adult & Pediatric Urology Ctr
    1033 Clifton Ave
    Clifton, NJ 07013
  • Daniel Rice, MD 100 Points

    Daniel Rice, MD

    Impotence & Sexual Dysfunction
    1001 Clifton Ave
    Clifton, NJ 07013
  • Joel Rosenberg, MD 100 Points

    Joel Rosenberg, MD

    721 Clifton Ave
    Clifton, NJ 07013
  • Mutahar Ahmed, MD 10 Points

    Mutahar Ahmed, MD

    CLIFTON, NJ 07011
  • Richard Fadil, DO, MD

    Richard Fadil, DO, MD

    975 Clifton Ave
    Clifton, NJ 07013
  • Vincent J Lanteri, MD

    Vincent J Lanteri, MD

    CLIFTON, NJ 07011
  • Philip Jasper, MD 100 Points

    Philip Jasper, MD

    Distance: 1.85 mi
    285 Aycrigg Ave
    Passaic, NJ 07055
  • Philip J Jasper, MD

    Philip J Jasper, MD

    Distance: 1.85 mi
    PASSAIC, NJ 07055
  • Mendley A Wulfsohn, MD

    Mendley A Wulfsohn, MD

    Distance: 1.85 mi
    PASSAIC, NJ 07055
  • John J Sanzone, MD 20 Points

    John J Sanzone, MD

    Distance: 2.43 mi
    1031 MCBRIDE AVE STE D108
    LITTLE FALLS, NJ 07424
  • Janusz Plawner, MD
    110 Points

    Janusz Plawner, MD

    Distance: 2.5 mi
    581 Prospect St
    Nutley, NJ 07110
  • Joseph Rozdeba, MD 100 Points

    Joseph Rozdeba, MD

    Distance: 2.64 mi
    42 Locust Ave
    Wallington, NJ 07057
  • John Hajjar, MD 100 Points

    John Hajjar, MD

    Urology Specialty Care
    Distance: 2.71 mi
    205 Browertown Rd Ste 101
    West Paterson, NJ 07424
  • Henry A Budd Jr, MD

    Henry A Budd Jr, MD

    Distance: 2.71 mi

Urologist Info

Urologist Summary:
A Urologist specializes in the urinary tract of males and females and the reproductive system of males. A Urologist is able to diagnose, treat and manage urological disorders such as urinary incontinence, prostatitis, kidney stones, infertility and sexual dysfunction.

Urologist FAQs:
What is a


A Urologist is a physician that treats conditions of the urinary tract and the male reproductive system.

What specialties can a Urologist practice?
Some of the specialties that a Urologist can practice include: a Urology Surgeon, which is a Urologist who can perform surgery, and a Pediatric Urologist, which is a Urologist who treats children. A Urologist can also specialize in: female urology, male infertility, pediatric urology, neurourology, or erectile dysfunction.

Urologist Related Terms:
urology, urinary tract, male reproductive system, urological disorders, urology care