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Urgent Care Hospital Billings, MT 59101


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Urgent Care Hospital Billings, MT 59101

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  • Raymond Wright 150 Points

    Raymond Wright

    Raymond Wright, MD
    2800 10th Avenue N
    Billings, MT 59101

Urgent Care Hospital Info

Urgent Care Hospital Summary: An Urgent Care Hospital offers unscheduled, walk-in, emergency care and is typically used to treat illnesses, conditions, and injuries that require immediate attention but are not life-threatening.

Urgent Care Hospital FAQs:
What is an

Urgent Care Hospital

An Urgent Care hospital provides ambulatory, walk-in care for patients suffering from conditions, illnesses, or injuries that need immediate medical attention but are not life-threatening.

Would I visit an Urgent Care Hospital if I had a medical emergency?
No, for medical emergencies, visit the emergency room. For all other injuries or illnesses that cannot wait for your usual physician's availability, visit an Urgent Care Hospital.

Are Urgent Care Hospitals open 24 hours?
An Urgent Care Hospital is typically not open for 24 hours, and usually has hours of availability.

Urgent Care Hospital Related Terms: urgent care, emergency care, ambulatory care, medical emergency, illness, injuries