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Surgeon Greenville, PA



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Surgeon Greenville, PA

Find a Surgeon in Greenville, PA to perform surgery that can address either injury or disease.

Results for Greenville, PA

  • Frank Mc Elree Jr, MD 100 Points

    Frank Mc Elree Jr, MD

    Diagnostic Imaging Consultants
    110 N Main St
    Greenville, PA 16125
  • Murray Towle, MD 100 Points

    Murray Towle, MD

    Greenville Medical Ctr Inc
    90 Shenango St
    Greenville, PA 16125
  • James Kolenich, MD 100 Points

    James Kolenich, MD

    Greenville Surgical Assoc
    111 N Main St
    Greenville, PA 16125
  • Frank Mc Elree, MD 100 Points

    Frank Mc Elree, MD

    110 N Main St
    Greenville, PA 16125
  • Robert Jama, DO 50 Points

    Robert Jama, DO

    428 S Main St
    Greenville, PA 16125
  • Gene Marcelli Jr, MD 100 Points

    Gene Marcelli Jr, MD

    Hermitage Surgical Assoc Inc
    Distance: 12.19 mi
    2151 Shenango Valley Fwy
    Hermitage, PA 16148
  • Ravindra Sachdeva, MD 100 Points

    Ravindra Sachdeva, MD

    Hermitage Surgical Assoc
    Distance: 12.19 mi
    2151 Shenango Valley Fwy
    Hermitage, PA 16148
  • Valeri Roth 100 Points

    Valeri Roth

    Valeri L Roth DO
    Distance: 12.19 mi
    2213 Shenango Valley Fwy.
    Ste. 1A
    Hermitage, PA 16148
  • James Gebhart, DO 50 Points

    James Gebhart, DO

    Vascular Svc Of Shenango Vally
    Distance: 12.19 mi
    2425 Garden Way Ste 100B
    Hermitage, PA 16148
  • Marc Gignac

    Marc Gignac

    Steward Specialty Care
    Distance: 12.19 mi
    2395 Garden Way
    Hermitage, PA 16148
  • G Lawrence Newhook, MD 100 Points

    G Lawrence Newhook, MD

    John O Taylor Inc
    Distance: 20.53 mi
    149 N Main St
    Meadville, PA 16335
  • David Rothman, MD 100 Points

    David Rothman, MD

    Rothman Rankin Assoc
    Distance: 23.17 mi
    PO Box 347
    Grove City, PA 16127
  • Anastasia Lapikas

    Anastasia Lapikas

    Specialty Orthopaedics, PC
    Distance: 23.17 mi
    Suite 201 647 N. Broad St Ext
    Grove City, PA 16127
  • Richard Michaels, MD 210 Points

    Richard Michaels, MD

    Vein Center
    Distance: 24.96 mi
    965 Windham Ct Ste 2
    Youngstown, OH 44512
  • Venkata Kollipara, MD 120 Points

    Venkata Kollipara, MD

    Chandler Kohli Inc
    Distance: 24.96 mi
    540 Parmalee Ave, #No410
    Youngstown, OH 44510
  • Nicholas Agnesi, MD 120 Points

    Nicholas Agnesi, MD

    Circulatory Center
    Distance: 24.96 mi
    755 Boardman Canfield Rd Ste D1
    Youngstown, OH 44512
  • Bee Lim, MD 110 Points

    Bee Lim, MD

    Colorectal Associates Inc
    Distance: 24.96 mi
    16 Colonial Dr
    Youngstown, OH 44505
  • Louis Lyras, MD 110 Points

    Louis Lyras, MD

    Louis S Lyras Mdfacs Inc
    Distance: 24.96 mi
    200 E California Ave Ste 3
    Youngstown, OH 44512
  • Lawrence Schmetterer, MD 110 Points

    Lawrence Schmetterer, MD

    Youngstown Heart Surgeons Inc
    Distance: 24.96 mi
    550 Parmalee Ave Ste 300
    Youngstown, OH 44510
  • Bicher Barmada, MD 100 Points

    Bicher Barmada, MD

    Distance: 24.96 mi
    500 Gypsy Ln Ste 101
    Youngstown, OH 44504
  • Gregg Bogen, MD 100 Points

    Gregg Bogen, MD

    Distance: 24.96 mi
    20 Ohltown Rd Ste 203
    Youngstown, OH 44515
  • Sophia Hom, MD 100 Points

    Sophia Hom, MD

    Cardiothoracic Surgeons
    Distance: 24.96 mi
    PO Box 3555
    Youngstown, OH 44513

Surgeon Info

Surgeon Summary:
The most common types of Surgeons are: General, Cardiovascular, Otolaryngology, Neurological, Reconstructive, Neonatal and Orthopedic. A Surgeon is able to perform invasive medical treatment that aims to remove diseased tissue or to repair damage.

Surgeon FAQs:
What is a

Critical Care Surgeon

A Critical Care Surgeon is a surgeon who cares for the critically ill and those affected by trauma.

What is an

Oncological Surgeon

An Oncological Surgeon is a physician who does surgery to cure and manage cancer.

What body parts does an Oncological Surgeon perform surgery on?
An Oncological Surgeon can perform surgery on the breasts, stomach, and rectum. A Surgeon can also perform surgery on internal organs.

Where does a Surgeon work?
A Surgeon can work in a clinic or hospital.

Surgeon Related Terms:
cancer, tumors, bypass, amputation, lesion, growth, transplant, operation, surgery, procedure, anesthesia