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Surgeon Okmulgee, OK



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Surgeon Okmulgee, OK

Find a Surgeon in Okmulgee, OK to perform surgery that can address either injury or disease.

Results for Okmulgee, OK

  • Michael Sandlin, MD 100 Points

    Michael E Sandlin Inc
    1201 S BELMONT AVE STE 207
    OKMULGEE, OK 74447
  • Mohammad Yar, MD 100 Points

    Yar Medical Clinic
    Distance: 31.5 mi
    17 Hospital Dr
    Eufaula, OK 74432

Surgeon Info

Surgeon Summary:
The most common types of Surgeons are: General, Cardiovascular, Otolaryngology, Neurological, Reconstructive, Neonatal and Orthopedic. A Surgeon is able to perform invasive medical treatment that aims to remove diseased tissue or to repair damage.

Surgeon FAQs:
What is a

Critical Care Surgeon

A Critical Care Surgeon is a surgeon who cares for the critically ill and those affected by trauma.

What is an

Oncological Surgeon

An Oncological Surgeon is a physician who does surgery to cure and manage cancer.

What body parts does an Oncological Surgeon perform surgery on?
An Oncological Surgeon can perform surgery on the breasts, stomach, and rectum. A Surgeon can also perform surgery on internal organs.

Where does a Surgeon work?
A Surgeon can work in a clinic or hospital.

Surgeon Related Terms:
cancer, tumors, bypass, amputation, lesion, growth, transplant, operation, surgery, procedure, anesthesia