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Podiatrist Indianapolis, IN



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Podiatrist Indianapolis, IN

Find a Podiatrist in Indianapolis, IN who can help with foot, ankle and lower leg disorders such as heel spurs, diabetic foot issues, ingrown toenails, deformities and bunions.

Results for Indianapolis, IN

  • 930 Points

    Baker Foot Solutions Corp

    161 Washington Pointe Dr Ste B
    Indianapolis, IN 46229
  • Jeffrie Leibovitz, D.P.M.
    790 Points

    Jeffrie Leibovitz, D.P.M.

    Fort Harrison Podiatry
    9505 E 59th St
    Suite A
    Indianapolis, IN 46216
  • Anthony Miller, DPM 540 Points

    Anthony Miller, DPM

    3731 Guion Rd
    Suite A
    Indianapolis, IN 46222
  • Jeffrey Stevens, D.P.M. 380 Points

    Jeffrey Stevens, D.P.M.

    7855 S Emerson Ave
    Suite S
    Indianapolis, IN 46237
  • Robert Mandresh, DPM 330 Points

    Robert Mandresh, DPM

    Mandresh Foot Clinic - Dr. Robert S. Mandresh DPM
    931 E. 86th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46240
  • Scott Schulman, DPM 320 Points

    Scott Schulman, DPM

    7430 N Shadeland Ave
    Ste. 290
    Indianapolis, IN 46250
  • Tabby Atkins, Clinician Director & COO
    300 Points

    Tabby Atkins, Clinician Director & COO

    Greenhouse Mental Healthcare
    740 East 52nd Street Suite #1
    Indianapolis, IN 46206
  • Michael Helms, DPM 300 Points

    Michael Helms, DPM

    9240 N Meridian Street
    Suite 260
    Indianapolis, IN 46260
  • 300 Points

    Hoosier Foot and Ankle

     (317) 821-7242
    7412 Rockville Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46176
  • Todd Mann, DPM
    290 Points

    Todd Mann, DPM

    9011 N. Meridian St.
    Suite 204
    Indianapolis, IN 46260
  • Richard Stanley, D.P.M. 220 Points

    Richard Stanley, D.P.M.

    5905 S Emerson Ave
    Suite 300
    Indianapolis, IN 46237
  • Robert Mandresh, D.P.M. 180 Points

    Robert Mandresh, D.P.M.

    3351 N Meridian St
    Suite 101
    Indianapolis, IN 46208
  • 160 Points

    Central Indiana Podiatry

    3731 Guion Rd
    Ste C
    Indianapolis, IN 46222
  • Mark Schlichter, D.P.M. 140 Points

    Mark Schlichter, D.P.M.

    7412 Rockville Rd
    Ste. A
    Indianapolis, IN 46214
  • Joseph Henderson, MD 100 Points

    Joseph Henderson, MD

    31 Associates - Ritter Avenue
    1400 North Ritter Avenue, Suite 370
    Indianapolis, IN 46219
  • James Hilaire, DPM 80 Points

    James Hilaire, DPM

    7962 Oaklandon Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46236
  • 60 Points
  • Kenneth Krueger, DPM 60 Points

    Kenneth Krueger, DPM

    1427 W 86th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46260
  • Robert Amazon, D.P.M. 20 Points

    Robert Amazon, D.P.M.

    10423 Ethel St
    Indianapolis, IN 46280
  • Kirk Holston, DPM 10 Points

    Kirk Holston, DPM

    Foot & Ankle Center West
    7425 West 10th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46214
  • Tarick Abdo, DPM

    Tarick Abdo, DPM

    3715 Kentucky Ave
    Suite C
    Indianapolis, IN 46221
  • Active Podiatry

    6820 Parkdale Pl
    Suite 209
    Indianapolis, IN 46254
  • Timothy Adams, DPM

    Timothy Adams, DPM

    8780 Purdue Rd
    Suite 7
    Indianapolis, IN 46268
  • Advanced Foot and Ankle Clinic (BeechGrove)

    5895 E Thompson Rd
  • Estelle Albright, D.P.M.

    Estelle Albright, D.P.M.

    1481 W 10th St
    Surgery Dept
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • Allied Health Services, Ltd

    7962 Oaklandon Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46236
  • Alona Foot and Ankle, P.C.

    3026 Tinkersfield Ln
    Indianapolis, IN 46214
  • American Health Network of Indiana, LLC

    8333 Naab Rd
    Entrance 7
    Indianapolis, IN 46260
  • Arnold Alpert, DPM

    Arnold Alpert, DPM

    Arnold L. Alpert, DPM
    6116 North College Avenue
    Indianapolis, IN 46220
  • Baker Foot Solutions Corp

    3520 Guion Rd Ste 102
    Indianapolis, IN 46222
  • Raymond Baumgartner, DPM

    Raymond Baumgartner, DPM

    8240 Naab Rd
    Suite 360
    Indianapolis, IN 46260
  • Beech Grove Foot Care

    7855 S. Emerson Ave
    Suite T
    Indianapolis, IN 46237
  • Alan Bier, DPM

    Alan Bier, DPM

    1001 W 10th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46202
  • Gregory Boake, D.P.M.

    Gregory Boake, D.P.M.

    3520 Guion Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46222
  • Brandon Borer, D.P.M.

    Brandon Borer, D.P.M.

    3630 Guion Rd
    Indianapolis, IN 46222
  • Shelly Bowers, D.P.M.

    Shelly Bowers, D.P.M.

    9240 N Meridian St
    Suite 260
    Indianapolis, IN 46260
  • Paul Cain, D.P.M.

    Paul Cain, D.P.M.

    8060 Madison Ave Ste A
    Indianapolis, IN 46227

Podiatrist Info

Podiatrist Summary:
A Podiatrist specializes in treating disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Some of the conditions treated by a Podiatrist include corns, calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails, heel spurs and infections. A Podiatrist is also able to offer orthotics as well as diabetic foot care. Podiatrists are able to perform surgery and set fractures, or for less serious conditions, can prescribe drugs and/or physical therapy.

Podiatrist FAQs:
What is a


A Podiatrist is a physician that treats the ankle, foot and lower leg. A Podiatrist is a licensed medical doctor, therefore a Podiatrist can prescribe medication.

What can a Podiatrist treat?
A Podiatrist treats bunions, warts, heel spurs, hammertoe as well as any fractures to the foot, ankle or lower leg. A Podiatrist is also able to provide diabetic foot care and can fit orthotics.

Where does a Podiatrist work?
A Podiatrist can work in a clinic, private practice or hospital. Find a Podiatrist near you by using our directory above.

Podiatrist Related Terms:
Achilles tendon problems, hammertoe, heel pain, ingrown toenails, masses of the foot and ankle, neuroma, orthotics and bio-mechanical problems, painful ambulation, sprains, foot pain, sweaty feet, corns, calluses, bunions, bone spurs, arthritis, podiatry, foot care