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Miami (20.27 mi)
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  • 50 Points

    Distance: 20.27 mi
    2115 US HIGHWAY 60 STE 200
    MIAMI, AZ 85539
  • 50 Points

    Distance: 20.4 mi
    100 S RAGUS RD
    CLAYPOOL, AZ 85532
  • 60 Points

    Distance: 23.32 mi
    100 N BROAD ST
    GLOBE, AZ 85501
  • 50 Points

    Distance: 30.65 mi
    GOLD CANYON, AZ 85218
  • 50 Points

    Distance: 30.65 mi
    GOLD CANYON, AZ 85218

Nearby Cities

Miami (20.27 mi)
Claypool (20.4 mi)
Globe (23.32 mi)

Pharmacy Info

Pharmacy Summary:
A Pharmacy is responsible for ensuring the safe and effective use and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. A pharmacy has traditional roles like compounding and dispensing medication. Pharmacies also have health care related roles like providing drug information, reviewing medication for safety and effectiveness.

Pharmacies dispense medication through pharmacists. Pharmacists are experts on drug therapy and the body’s reaction to medication.

Pharmacists practice in a variety of areas including retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, nursing home pharmacies, and military pharmacies. Pharmacists can specialize in various areas of practice at a pharmacy.

All pharmacies are required to have a pharmacist on-duty at all times when open. In many states, it is required that the owner of a pharmacy must be a registered pharmacist (R.Ph.).

Pharmacy FAQs:
Can pharmacists prescribe medication?
No. A doctor must prescribe medication and a pharmacist will fill the medication at a pharmacy.

How do I find a pharmacy in my city?
Search for a pharmacy in your city using Create and read reviews for pharmacies and pharmacist in your area.

Pharmacy Related Terms:
Pharmacist, pharmacy, medication, drugs, prescription, over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceutical, national pharmacopoeia, dosages, medicinal products.