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Pathologist Rochester, NY



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Pathologist Rochester, NY

Find a pathologist in Rochester, NY to analyze blood and tissue for diseases.

Results for Rochester, NY

  • John Paul D'Souza, MD 100 Points

    John Paul D'Souza, MD

    160 Elmgrove Park
    Rochester, NY 14624
  • Paul Di Santagnese, MD 100 Points

    Paul Di Santagnese, MD

    Univ Of Rochester, Box 626
    Rochester, NY 14642
  • Raymond Felgar, MD 100 Points

    Raymond Felgar, MD

    601 Elmwood Ave, Box 626
    Rochester, NY 14642
  • Theodor Mayer, MD 100 Points

    Theodor Mayer, MD

    Genesee Hospital-Clinical Lab
    1425 Portland Ave
    Rochester, NY 14621
  • Ellen Giampoli, MD 100 Points

    Ellen Giampoli, MD

    210 Crittenden Blvd, 601 Elmwood Ave
    Rochester, NY 14642
  • Fady Hatem, MD 100 Points

    Fady Hatem, MD

    601 Elmwood Ave Dept Path Box 626
    Rochester, NY 14642
  • Leon Metlay, MD 100 Points

    Leon Metlay, MD

    U Rochester, Box 626
    Rochester, NY 14642
  • Lucy Sheils, MD 100 Points

    Lucy Sheils, MD

    1425 Portland Ave
    Rochester, NY 14621
  • Neil Blumberg, MD 100 Points

    Neil Blumberg, MD

    Strong Memorial Hospital
    601 Elmwood Ave # 608
    Rochester, NY 14642
  • Thomas Bonfiglio, MD 100 Points

    Thomas Bonfiglio, MD

    Univ Rochester Mem Hospital
    210 Crittenden Blvd, 601 Elmwood Ave Box 626
    Rochester, NY 14642
  • Mala Gupta

    Mala Gupta

    222 Alexander St Ste 3000
    Rochester, NY 14607
  • Mentesinot Woldeyohannes

    Mentesinot Woldeyohannes

    Mentesinot Woldeyohannes, MD, MPH
    220 Linden Oaks
    Ste 100
    Rochester, NY 14625
  • John Burch, MD 100 Points

    John Burch, MD

    Distance: 8.26 mi
    825 John St
    West Henrietta, NY 14586
  • Daniel Ryan, MD 100 Points

    Daniel Ryan, MD

    Distance: 15.82 mi
    PO Box 646
    Victor, NY 14564
  • Kirk Heriot, MD 100 Points

    Kirk Heriot, MD

    Distance: 25.47 mi
    350 Parrish St
    Canandaigua, NY 14424
  • Peter Lee, MD

    Peter Lee, MD

    Clifton Springs Hospital And C
    Distance: 27.45 mi
    2 Coulter Rd
    Clifton Springs, NY 14432

Nearby Cities

West Henri... (8.26 mi)
Victor (15.83 mi)

Pathologist Info

Pathologist Summary:
The job of a pathologist involves studying blood, urine, and fluid samples that have been collected from a living person. A pathologist also examines blood, bodily fluids, tissues, and organs during an autopsy to determine cause of death. Usually, a pathologist has no direct contact with the patient; they only work in labs, hospitals, morgues or private clinics.

Pathologist FAQs:
What is a


A Pathologist is a physician who analyzes diseases by examining blood, body fluids, cells and tissue. A Pathologist can determine if tissue or cells are cancerous. A Pathologist also performs autopsies.

What does a Pathologist do?
A Pathologist consults with physicians regarding the diagnostics and interpretation of tests and labs, and gives treatment options. A Pathologist practices preventive medicine by ruling out diseases or detecting them early.

Where does a Pathologist work?
A Pathologist can work in a hospital or outpatient laboratory, or in private practice. The directory will help you find a hospital and pathologist in your area.

What are some different fields of pathology?
Some of the most common fields that pathologists choose to practice are clinical, forensic, molecular, surgical, cellular and anatomical pathology. Use the directory to find and research a pathologist in your city and state.

What is forensic pathology?
Forensic pathology involves performing an autopsy to determine the manner and cause of death. This is usually done in the case of a suicide, homicide, accidental death, suspicious death, or sudden death. The forensic pathologist will examine bodily fluids, tissues, organs, and the entire body in order to come to a definite conclusion regarding a death.

How do pathologists make a diagnosis?
Pathologists usually study bodily fluids and tissue samples that have been put onto slides. These slides are examined under a microscope for abnormal patterns and abnormal cell growth.

Pathologist Related Terms:
pathology, disease, blood, body fluids, cells, tissue, autopsy, cancer, diagnostics, pathologist