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Geriatrician Burlington, VT



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Geriatrician Burlington, VT

Find a geriatrician in Burlington, VT to help care for the elderly.

Results for Burlington, VT

  • Carl Runge, MD 100 Points

    Carl Runge, MD

    43 Starr Farm Rd, Birchwood Terr Healthcare
    Burlington, VT 05401
  • Naomi Fukagawa, MD

    Naomi Fukagawa, MD

    Univ Of Vt
    Dept Of Medicine
    Burlington, VT 05401
  • Allan Ramsay, MD

    Allan Ramsay, MD

    Fanny Allen Hospital
    Distance: 5.66 mi
    PO Box 35
    Colchester, VT 05439
  • Michael LaMantia

    Michael LaMantia

    Memory Program
    Distance: 5.66 mi
    792 College Parkway
    Medical Office Building, Level 2, Suite 205
    Colchester, VT 05446

Nearby Cities

Colchester (5.67 mi)

Geriatrician Info

Geriatrician Summary:
A Geriatrician studies the aging process and helps care for elderly patients. A geriatrician is also concerned with treating and preventing dementia. A geriatrician aims to promote the health in older adults by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities. Geriatricians provide individualized care based on the unique needs of the patient and are able to distinguish between diseases and the effects of normal aging. Functional abilities, independence, and quality of life issues are of great concern to geriatricians and their patients.

Geriatrician FAQs:
What is a


A Geriatrician is a professional who studies the aging process. A Geriatrician also studies how to prevent diseases. One of the biggest issues for a Geriatrician is to prevent and treat dementia.

Who should visit a Geriatrician?
Older people who have an increase in health problems should seek help from a Geriatrician.

Where does a Geriatrician work?
A Geriatrician can work in an elderly facility, a hospital, a clinic, or in private practice.

What is the difference between a Geriatrician and a Gerontologist?
A Geriatrician treats and prevents the ill-effects of aging while a Gerontologist simply studies the aging process itself.

Geriatrician Related Terms:
aging, geriatrics, elderly, senility, dementia, Alzheimer's, geriatrician