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Gastroenterologist Dundalk, MD



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Gastroenterologist Dundalk, MD

Find a gastroenterologist in Dundalk, MD to treat the digestive tract and related diseases.

Results for Dundalk, MD

  • Valaparambil Sivan, MD 100 Points

    Valaparambil Sivan, MD

    1576 Merritt Blvd Ste 2
    Dundalk, MD 21222
  • Mark Diamond, MD 130 Points

    Mark Diamond, MD

    Distance: 4.8 mi
    9105 Franklin Square Dr
    Rosedale, MD 21237
  • Kenneth Margolis, MD 100 Points

    Kenneth Margolis, MD

    Distance: 4.8 mi
    9101 Franklin Square Dr # Dr-213
    Rosedale, MD 21237
  • Natarajan Ravendhran, MD 280 Points

    Natarajan Ravendhran, MD

    Digestive Disease Associates
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    4660 Wilkens Ave Ste 206
    Baltimore, MD 21229
  • Marc Posner, Medical Director 250 Points

    Marc Posner, Medical Director

    Downtown Baltimore Surgery Center
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    20 West West Street
    Baltimore, MD 21230
  • David Tuchman, MD 170 Points

    David Tuchman, MD

    Sinai Pediatric Gstrntrlgy
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    2411 W Belvedere Ave Ste 407
    Baltimore, MD 21215
  • Theodore Bayless, MD 120 Points

    Theodore Bayless, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1830 E Monument St
    Baltimore, MD 21287
  • James Corkum, MD 110 Points

    James Corkum, MD

    Clinical Associates
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    5601 Loch Raven Blvd, Russell Morgan Bldg 412
    Baltimore, MD 21239
  • Lila Tarmin, MD 110 Points

    Lila Tarmin, MD

    Endocentre Of Baltimore
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    1838 Greene Tree Rd Ste 400
    Baltimore, MD 21208
  • Richard Katz, MD 110 Points

    Richard Katz, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    600 N Wolfe St
    Baltimore, MD 21205
  • Nii Lamptey Mills, MD 110 Points

    Nii Lamptey Mills, MD

    Robert D Mathieson & Assoc
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    3333 N Calvert St Ste 680
    Baltimore, MD 21218
  • Alan Rosen, MD 110 Points

    Alan Rosen, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    2411 W Belvedere Ave Ste 306
    Baltimore, MD 21215
  • Muhammad Afzal, MD 100 Points

    Muhammad Afzal, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    405 FREDERICK RD STE 100
    BALTIMORE, MD 21228
  • Keiffer Mitchell, MD 100 Points

    Keiffer Mitchell, MD

    Clinical Associates
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    1230 Druid Hill Ave
    Baltimore, MD 21217
  • Vijay Narayen, MD 100 Points

    Vijay Narayen, MD

    Digestive Disease Assoc
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    4660 Wilkens Ave Ste 206
    Baltimore, MD 21229
  • Mesbah Dowla, MD 100 Points

    Mesbah Dowla, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    100 N Broadway Dept Gastro
    Baltimore, MD 21231
  • Mary Harris, MD 100 Points

    Mary Harris, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    600 N Wolfe St Ste 465
    Baltimore, MD 21205
  • Mohammad Inayatullah, MD 100 Points

    Mohammad Inayatullah, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    301 Saint Paul St Ste 620
    Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Parviz Nikoomanesh, MD 100 Points

    Parviz Nikoomanesh, MD

    Johns Hopkins Bayview Med Ctr
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    4940 Eastern Ave
    Baltimore, MD 21224
  • David Tilley, MD 100 Points

    David Tilley, MD

    Johns Hopkins Medical Svc
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    3100 Wyman Park Dr Ste 326
    Baltimore, MD 21211
  • Kyrsten Fairbanks, MD 100 Points

    Kyrsten Fairbanks, MD

    Johns Hopkins Univ Hospital
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    1830 E Monument St
    Baltimore, MD 21205
  • Lawrence Cheskin, MD 100 Points

    Lawrence Cheskin, MD

    Johns Hopkins Weight Mgmt Ctr
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    4940 Eastern Ave
    Baltimore, MD 21224
  • David Posner, MD 100 Points

    David Posner, MD

    Mercy Medical Center-Posner, Cox & Associates - 42 & 31
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    301 Saint Paul Street
    Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Lawrence Mills Jr, MD 100 Points

    Lawrence Mills Jr, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    5601 LOCH RAVEN BLVD STE 302
    BALTIMORE, MD 21278
  • Renan Dureza, MD 100 Points

    Renan Dureza, MD

    Payson Street Physicians
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    5506 Greenleaf Rd
    Baltimore, MD 21210
  • Maria Oliva, MD 100 Points

    Maria Oliva, MD

    Pediatric Gastroentrlgy/Nutrtn
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    600 N Wolfe St Ste Brady3
    Baltimore, MD 21205
  • Ann Scheimann, MD 100 Points

    Ann Scheimann, MD

    Pediatric Gastroentrlgy/Nutrtn
    Distance: 5.62 mi
    Brady 320, 600 N Wolfe St
    Baltimore, MD 21287
  • Rudrajit Rai, MD 100 Points

    Rudrajit Rai, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    Ross 918 Johns Hopkins, 720 Rutland Ave
    Baltimore, MD 21287
  • Jean-Pierre Raufmann, MD 100 Points

    Jean-Pierre Raufmann, MD

    Distance: 5.62 mi
    22 S Greene St # N3W62, Div Of Gastroenterology &
    Baltimore, MD 21201

Gastroenterologist Info

Gastroenterologist Summary:
A Gastroenterologist is a physician of internal medicine who specializes in diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases of the digestive system. A gastroenterologist is concerned with the normal function of the digestive system; making sure that it is working properly to dispose of bodily waste. Gastroenterologists are trained in performing tests (biopsies, x-rays) and interpreting the results.

Gastroenterologist FAQs:
What is a


A Gastroenterologist is a doctor that specializes in diseases of the digestive tract.

What does a Gastroenterologist treat?
A Gastroenterologist treats conditions of the digestive tract, including cancer, hemorrhoids, hepatitis, polyps and ulcers.

When should I seek help from a Gastroenterologist?
If you have any of these symptoms you should see a Gastroenterologist: Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea or vomiting.

What procedures does a Gastroenterologist perform?
A Gastroenterologist can perform colon screenings, intestinal dilation and polypectomies.

Where does a Gastroenterologist work?
A Gastroenterologist can work in a clinic, hospital or private practice.

What are an endoscopy and a colonoscopy?
Both of these procedures involve inserting a flexible tube with a light and camera on the end into the body. It is used to see if there is any evidence of disease or damage in the digestive tract. Endoscopy involves inserting the tube into the mouth and down the esophagus. A colonoscopy involves inserting the tube into the anus to examine the intestines. In many cased, a biopsy is taken and tests are performed on the removed tissue.

What are common ailments of the digestive system?
Some of the most common ailments include Crohn's disease, gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids, polyps, cancer, colitis, gallstones, heartburn and intestinal obstructions.

What are some symptoms of colon and rectal cancer?
Some of the most alarming symptoms are blood in the stools, unexplained abdominal pain, anemia and unexplained weight loss.

How do I find a Gastroenterologist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Gastroenterologist in your state. Select Gastroenterologist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Gastroenterologist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Gastroenterologist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Gastroenterologists in your city and state.

Gastroenterologist Related Terms:
gastroenterology, digestion, digestive tract, intestine, polyp, cancer, colon, polypectomies, diarrhea, constipation, gastroenterologist