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Foot Surgeon Long Beach, CA


Foot Surgeon

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Foot Surgeon Long Beach, CA

Find a Foot Surgeon in Long Beach, CA to diagnose and surgically treat individuals with injuries or disorders of the foot.

Results for Long Beach, CA

  • Richard Bell, D.P.M.

    Richard Bell, D.P.M.

    1760 Termino Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90804
  • Eric R. Hubbard, DPM, Pc

    2333 Pacific Ave
    Long Beach, CA 90806
  • Kim Foot and Ankle Centers, Inc

    701 E 28th St
    Suite 111
    Long Beach, CA 90806
  • Tanya Panichpakdee, DPM

    Tanya Panichpakdee, DPM

    357 Calle Marseille
    Long Beach, CA 90814
  • Philip Schauweker, D.P.M.

    Philip Schauweker, D.P.M.

    1040 Elm Ave
    Suite 310
    Long Beach, CA 90813
  • Gregg Makovic, D.P.M.

    Gregg Makovic, D.P.M.

    Distance: 6.3 mi
    717 S Averill Ave
    San Pedro, CA 90732
  • Richard M. Cooper, d.p.m., Inc.

    Distance: 6.48 mi
    7325 Medical Center Dr
    Suite #304
    West Hills, CA 91307
  • Frank Caruana, DPM

    Frank Caruana, DPM

    Distance: 7.15 mi
    5122 Katella Ave
    Suite 102
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720
  • Frank C Caruana-Cypress Foot Clinic

    Distance: 7.15 mi
    5122 Katella Ave
    Suite 102
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720
  • Kimberly Garrido

    Kimberly Garrido

    Distance: 8.95 mi
    9400 Rosecrans Ave
    Bellflower, CA 90706
  • Martin Marks, DPM

    Martin Marks, DPM

    Distance: 9.08 mi
    1609 E Compton Blvd
    Compton, CA 90221
  • Lawrence K Abend, DPM

    Distance: 9.81 mi
    927 Deep Valley Dr Ste 250
    Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
  • Stephen Wan, DPM 160 Points

    Stephen Wan, DPM

    Distance: 9.91 mi
    3400 Lomita Blvd Ste 403
    Torrance, CA 90505
  • All South Bay Footcare Podiatry Group, Inc.

    Distance: 9.91 mi
    25316 Crenshaw Blvd
    Torrance, CA 90505
  • David Berstein, DPM

    David Berstein, DPM

    Distance: 9.91 mi
    19000 Hawthorne Blvd
    Suite 204
    Torrance, CA 90503
  • Helen Kuo, D.P.M.

    Helen Kuo, D.P.M.

    Distance: 9.91 mi
    25316 Crenshaw Blvd
    Torrance, CA 90505
  • Gregory Teles, D.P.M.

    Gregory Teles, D.P.M.

    Distance: 9.91 mi
    25316 Crenshaw Blvd
    Torrance, CA 90505
  • Kim Foot and Ankle Medical Center of Torrance, Inc

    Distance: 10.84 mi
    15506 S Normandie Ave
    Gardena, CA 90247
  • Roger Crawford, D.P.M.

    Roger Crawford, D.P.M.

    Distance: 11.53 mi
    7133 Katella Ave
    Stanton, CA 90680
  • Downey Podiatry Center, Inc.

    Distance: 12.39 mi
    11003 Lakewood Blvd
    Suite 102
    Downey, CA 90241
  • Phillip Darragh, DPM
    990 Points

    Phillip Darragh, DPM

    Distance: 12.77 mi
    2850 Artesia Blvd.
    Suite 204
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
  • Perry Ishibashi, DPM

    Perry Ishibashi, DPM

    Distance: 12.77 mi
    502 Torrance Blvd
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277
  • Redondo Beach Podiatry Group, Inc.

    Distance: 12.77 mi
    2850 Artesia Blvd
    Suite 204
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
  • William McNair, D.P.M

    William McNair, D.P.M

    Distance: 13.18 mi
    19582 Beach Blvd
    Huntington Beach, CA 92648
  • Steven L. Swartz

    Distance: 13.18 mi
    16122 Santa Barbara Ln
    Huntington Beach, CA 92649
  • Karen Wrubel

    Distance: 13.95 mi
    13624 Hawthorne Blvd
    Suite 206
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
  • Eugene Krank, D.P.M.

    Eugene Krank, D.P.M.

    Distance: 13.95 mi
    4358 W 136th St
    Hawthorne, CA 90250
  • Benedict Ching, DPM

    Benedict Ching, DPM

    Distance: 14.11 mi
    18111 Brookhurst St
    Suite 3400
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
  • David Levin, DPM

    David Levin, DPM

    Distance: 14.11 mi
    18055 Bushard St
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
  • Steve S. Yoon, d.p.m

    Distance: 14.24 mi
    12555 Garden Grove Blvd Ste 303
    Garden Grove, CA 92843
  • Steve Yoon, D.P.M.

    Steve Yoon, D.P.M.

    Distance: 14.24 mi
    12555 Garden Grove Blvd Ste 303
    Garden Grove, CA 92843
  • Craig Roberts, DPM

    Craig Roberts, DPM

    Distance: 14.98 mi
    2678 E Florence Ave
    Huntington Park, CA 90255
  • Mark Costopoulos, D.P.M.

    Distance: 15.1 mi
    608 N Sepulveda Blvd
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
  • Nicholas Grumbine, D.P.M.

    Nicholas Grumbine, D.P.M.

    Distance: 16.47 mi
    1781 W Romneya Dr
    Anaheim, CA 92801
  • Paul C. Yoon, DPM, Inc.

    Distance: 16.47 mi
    1781 W Romneya Dr
    Suite I
    Anaheim, CA 92801
  • Alvin Ung, D.P.M.

    Alvin Ung, D.P.M.

    Distance: 17.43 mi
    1601 W Beverly Blvd
    Montebello, CA 90640
  • Domenic Signorelli, DPM 390 Points

    Domenic Signorelli, DPM

    Platinum Health Center
    Distance: 18.52 mi
    1125 E 17th Street
    sUITE e101
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
  • Neil Mansdorf, D.P.M.

    Neil Mansdorf, D.P.M.

    Distance: 19.36 mi
    555 N Tustin St
    Orange, CA 92867
  • Natasha D. Marshall, DPM, Podiatry Corporation

    Distance: 19.56 mi
    410 W Central Ave
    Suite 204
    Brea, CA 92821
  • Paul S. Vallejo, DPM, Inc.

    Distance: 19.56 mi
    410 W Central Ave
    Brea, CA 92821
  • Paul Vallejo, D.P.M.

    Paul Vallejo, D.P.M.

    Distance: 19.56 mi
    410 W Central Ave
    Brea, CA 92821
  • Alan Snyder, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.
    760 Points

    Alan Snyder, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    1909 Hillhurst Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Carolyn Chun, DPM 110 Points

    Carolyn Chun, DPM

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    1990 Westwood Blvd Ste 220
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Rachel Freedland, DPM 20 Points

    Rachel Freedland, DPM

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    8215 Beverly Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Donald P Feigelson DPM,Inc

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    8631 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Foot and Ankle Wellness Clinic

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    585 S Fairfax Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Leonard B. Asin, d.p.m, f.a.c.f.o. A Podiatric Corporation

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    6200 Wilshire Blvd #1712
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Suzanne L. Mancherian

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    585 S Fairfax Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Kazuo Suzuki, DPM, CWS

    Kazuo Suzuki, DPM, CWS

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    8635 W 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Tannaz Talebi, D.P.M.

    Tannaz Talebi, D.P.M.

    Distance: 19.96 mi
    10884 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 301
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

Foot Surgeon Info

Foot Surgeon Summary:

Locate a reputable foot surgeon in your area for the examination, diagnosis, treatment and of ankle and foot disorders. Foot surgeons use non-surgical and surgical methods to improve or prevent a variety of disorders. Foot surgeons acquire an extensive education concerning the intricate connections involving the bone and soft tissue of the ankle, foot, knee, hip and spine. The sub-specialty of podiatry and surgery enables the practitioner the ability to care for congenital abnormalities, degenerative disorders or traumatic injury.

Foot Surgeon Treatment may include:

- Corrective Surgery
- Medication
- Nail Treatments
- Orthotics
- Physical Therapy
- Soft Tissue Injections

A foot surgeon practitioner examines and diagnoses conditions based on verbal interviews, visual and manual assessment and imaging studies. Using these techniques, the practitioner treat patients on an individual basis for a wide range of acute or chronic conditions. American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the professional medical organization that represents Doctors of Podiatric Medicine in the United States. Established in 1959, and based in Bethesda, Maryland, approximately 80% of the podiatrists in the country are active members.

Foot Surgeon FAQs:

What is a Foot Surgeon?
Foot surgeons diagnose and treat all disorders of the lower extremities, commonly known as the foot and ankle, by providing non-surgical or surgical care.

What is the difference between a Foot Surgeon and a Podiatrist?
Podiatrists complete a four-year pre-med program followed by a four-year podiatry program. They also complete at least one year of a surgical residency. Upon graduation, the physician must pass state and national examinations. A foot surgeon completes four years of pre-med, four years of medical school that involves general studies in addition to specializing in the orthopedics of the foot and ankle. The physician then completes a five to six year orthopedic surgical residency. Upon completion, the practitioner must pass orthopedic surgical boards.

How do I find the best nearby foot surgeon?
Patients typically located foot surgeons on or other practitioner review websites. Finding a reputable practitioner requires checking references, reading peer and patient reviews and performing an interview to make sure that you find a physician that suits your individual needs.

Where does a Foot Surgeon work?
An orthopedic foot surgeon may work in a clinic, hospital or private practice. Orthopedic foot surgeons might also gain employment at teaching hospitals, universities or become interested in research.

Why might I see a Foot Surgeon?
Patients commonly see foot surgeons for traumatic injuries that include fractures occurring anywhere on the foot or ankle. Surgeons may also treat individuals having a variety of acquired, congenital or degenerative deformities that include bunions, club foot or bone spurs.

Foot Surgeon Related Terms:
surgical, non-surgical, orthopedic, foot, ankle, musculoskeletal, tissues, bone, injuries, trauma, diabetes, arthritis, fractures, reconstruction, corrective surgery, pain, Achilles tendon rupture, blood clot, bunion, corns, calluses, cosmetic foot surgery, flat feet, heel spurs, hammertoes, shin splints