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Foot Surgeon Paradise Valley, AZ


Foot Surgeon

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Foot Surgeon Paradise Valley, AZ

Find a Foot Surgeon in Paradise Valley, AZ to diagnose and surgically treat individuals with injuries or disorders of the foot.

Results for Paradise Valley, AZ

  • Barbara Campbell, D.P.M.

    Barbara Campbell, D.P.M.

    10575 N Tatum Blvd
    Ste c123
    Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
  • Albert Eulano, DPM

    Albert Eulano, DPM

    Distance: 2.93 mi
    9817 N 95th St
    Suite 115
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  • Eulano Foot and Ankle Pc

    Distance: 2.93 mi
    9817 N 95th St
    Suite 115
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  • David Jenkins, DPM

    David Jenkins, DPM

    Distance: 2.93 mi
    9377 E Bell Rd
    Suite 207
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  • Todd Lamster, DPM

    Todd Lamster, DPM

    Distance: 2.93 mi
    9755 N 90th St
    Suite c120
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  • Lee Richer, DPM

    Lee Richer, DPM

    Distance: 2.93 mi
    9767 N 91st St
    Suite 101
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
  • Barry Kaplan, DPM 80 Points

    Barry Kaplan, DPM

    Distance: 9.49 mi
    1530 W Glendale Ave
    Ste 102
    Phoenix, AZ 85021
  • Nathan Jeppesen, D.P.M

    Nathan Jeppesen, D.P.M

    Distance: 9.49 mi
    3010 W Agua Fria Fwy
    Suite 100
    Phoenix, AZ 85027
  • Samuel Mason, DPM

    Samuel Mason, DPM

    Distance: 9.49 mi
    502 E Kaler Dr
    Phoenix, AZ 85020
  • Charles Connell, DPM
    2090 Points

    Charles Connell, DPM

    Distance: 10.22 mi
    6104 E Brown Road
    Suite 102
    Mesa, AZ 85205
  • Susan Erredge, D.P.M. 10 Points

    Susan Erredge, D.P.M.

    Distance: 14.03 mi
    5620 W Thunderbird Rd
    Glendale, AZ 85306
  • Jeffrey Page, DPM

    Jeffrey Page, DPM

    Distance: 14.03 mi
    19389 N 59th Ave
    Glendale, AZ 85308
  • Kenneth Blocher, D.P.M.

    Kenneth Blocher, D.P.M.

    Distance: 15.18 mi
    7400 S Power Rd
    Gilbert, AZ 85297
  • Jabez-Blocher, Inc.

    Distance: 15.18 mi
    7400 S Power Rd
    Gilbert, AZ 85297
  • Jabez-Blocher, Inc.

    Distance: 15.18 mi
    7400 S Power Rd
    Gilbert, AZ 85297
  • Lorene Van Dam, DPM

    Lorene Van Dam, DPM

    Distance: 15.18 mi
    2450 E Sourwood Ct
    Gilbert, AZ 85298
  • Family Foot & Ankle Care Pc

    Distance: 16.61 mi
    600 S Dobson Rd
    Suite d35
    Chandler, AZ 85224
  • Mary Peters DPM, LLC

    Distance: 16.61 mi
    270 W Chandler Heights Rd
    Suite 5
    Chandler, AZ 85248
  • Hewitt Reese, DPM

    Hewitt Reese, DPM

    Distance: 17.31 mi
    13660 N 94th Dr
    Peoria, AZ 85381
  • Tanya Thoms, DPM

    Tanya Thoms, DPM

    Distance: 17.31 mi
    9045 W Athens St
    Peoria, AZ 85382
  • Scott Bleazey, D.P.M.

    Scott Bleazey, D.P.M.

    Distance: 19.5 mi
    10494 W Thunderbird Blvd
    Suite 102
    Sun City, AZ 85351
  • Lisa Pallini, D.P.M.

    Lisa Pallini, D.P.M.

    Distance: 20.89 mi
    33451 N. Symer Dr.
    Cave Creek, AZ 85331
  • Agave Podiatry, LLC

    Distance: 22.45 mi
    10440 E Riggs Rd
    Suite 160
    Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
  • Maricopa Podiatry Corporation

    Distance: 24.66 mi
    14418 W Meeker Blvd
    Suite 200
    Sun City West, AZ 85375
  • Jeffrey McAlister, D.P.M.

    Jeffrey McAlister, D.P.M.

    Distance: 24.66 mi
    14520 W Granite Valley Dr Ste 210
    The Core Institute
    Sun City West, AZ 85375
  • Terry Ranta, D.P.M.

    Terry Ranta, D.P.M.

    Distance: 24.66 mi
    14420 W Meeker Blvd
    Sun City West, AZ 85375
  • Tanya Thoms, DPM PLLC

    Distance: 24.66 mi
    13629 W Camino Del Sol
    Suite 150
    Sun City West, AZ 85375

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Mesa (10.22 mi)
Glendale (14.02 mi)
Gilbert (15.18 mi)
Chandler (16.61 mi)
Peoria (17.31 mi)
Sun City (19.5 mi)
Cave Creek (20.89 mi)
Sun Lakes (22.45 mi)
Sun City West (24.66 mi)

Foot Surgeon Info

Foot Surgeon Summary:

Locate a reputable foot surgeon in your area for the examination, diagnosis, treatment and of ankle and foot disorders. Foot surgeons use non-surgical and surgical methods to improve or prevent a variety of disorders. Foot surgeons acquire an extensive education concerning the intricate connections involving the bone and soft tissue of the ankle, foot, knee, hip and spine. The sub-specialty of podiatry and surgery enables the practitioner the ability to care for congenital abnormalities, degenerative disorders or traumatic injury.

Foot Surgeon Treatment may include:

- Corrective Surgery
- Medication
- Nail Treatments
- Orthotics
- Physical Therapy
- Soft Tissue Injections

A foot surgeon practitioner examines and diagnoses conditions based on verbal interviews, visual and manual assessment and imaging studies. Using these techniques, the practitioner treat patients on an individual basis for a wide range of acute or chronic conditions. American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the professional medical organization that represents Doctors of Podiatric Medicine in the United States. Established in 1959, and based in Bethesda, Maryland, approximately 80% of the podiatrists in the country are active members.

Foot Surgeon FAQs:

What is a Foot Surgeon?
Foot surgeons diagnose and treat all disorders of the lower extremities, commonly known as the foot and ankle, by providing non-surgical or surgical care.

What is the difference between a Foot Surgeon and a Podiatrist?
Podiatrists complete a four-year pre-med program followed by a four-year podiatry program. They also complete at least one year of a surgical residency. Upon graduation, the physician must pass state and national examinations. A foot surgeon completes four years of pre-med, four years of medical school that involves general studies in addition to specializing in the orthopedics of the foot and ankle. The physician then completes a five to six year orthopedic surgical residency. Upon completion, the practitioner must pass orthopedic surgical boards.

How do I find the best nearby foot surgeon?
Patients typically located foot surgeons on or other practitioner review websites. Finding a reputable practitioner requires checking references, reading peer and patient reviews and performing an interview to make sure that you find a physician that suits your individual needs.

Where does a Foot Surgeon work?
An orthopedic foot surgeon may work in a clinic, hospital or private practice. Orthopedic foot surgeons might also gain employment at teaching hospitals, universities or become interested in research.

Why might I see a Foot Surgeon?
Patients commonly see foot surgeons for traumatic injuries that include fractures occurring anywhere on the foot or ankle. Surgeons may also treat individuals having a variety of acquired, congenital or degenerative deformities that include bunions, club foot or bone spurs.

Foot Surgeon Related Terms:
surgical, non-surgical, orthopedic, foot, ankle, musculoskeletal, tissues, bone, injuries, trauma, diabetes, arthritis, fractures, reconstruction, corrective surgery, pain, Achilles tendon rupture, blood clot, bunion, corns, calluses, cosmetic foot surgery, flat feet, heel spurs, hammertoes, shin splints