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Fertility Doctor Fremont, CA


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Fertility Doctor Fremont, CA

Results for Fremont, CA

  • Jon Proctor, MD

    Jon Proctor, MD

    39141 Civic Center Dr
    Suite 350
    Fremont, CA 94538
  • Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine

    Distance: 10.05 mi
    5720 Stoneridge Mall Rd
    Suite 300
    Pleasanton, CA 94588
  • East Bay Fertility Center Inc

    Distance: 11.02 mi
    7567 Amador Valley Blvd
    Suite 308
    Dublin, CA 94568
  • Mary Abusief, M.D.

    Mary Abusief, M.D.

    Distance: 11.21 mi
    540 University Ave
    Suite 200
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
  • Richard Burney, MD

    Richard Burney, MD

    Distance: 11.21 mi
    900 Welch Rd
    Palo Alto, CA 94304
  • Julia Fridland, M.D. -10 Points

    Julia Fridland, M.D.

    Distance: 12.37 mi
    701 E El Camino Real
    Mountain View, CA 94040
  • Atul s.sheth, MD Med Corporation

    Distance: 12.67 mi
    755 S Bernardo Ave
    Suite 101
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087
  • Amin Milki, M.D.

    Amin Milki, M.D.

    Distance: 12.97 mi
    300 Pasteur Dr
    Ob Gyn
    Stanford, CA 94305
  • Deborah Metzger, PHD, MD

    Deborah Metzger, PHD, MD

    Distance: 13.2 mi
    851 Fremont Ave Ste 104
    Los Altos, CA 94024
  • Neda Saleh, Acupuncturist 310 Points

    Neda Saleh, Acupuncturist

    Evoke Acupuncture
    Distance: 15.32 mi
    1101 S Winchester Blvd.
    San Jose, CA 95128
  • Alexis Kim, M.D.

    Alexis Kim, M.D.

    Distance: 15.32 mi
    2581 Samaritan Dr
    Suite 302
    San Jose, CA 95124
  • Karen Purcell, M.D., PHD

    Karen Purcell, M.D., PHD

    Distance: 15.32 mi
    4906 Tilden Dr
    San Jose, CA 95124
  • Deborah Wachs, M.D.

    Deborah Wachs, M.D.

    Distance: 15.32 mi
    1101 S Winchester Blvd
    Suite O-282
    San Jose, CA 95128
  • Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD

    Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD

    Distance: 16.01 mi
    5401 Norris Canyon Rd
    Suite 106
    San Ramon, CA 94583
  • Donald Galen, MD

    Donald Galen, MD

    Distance: 18.89 mi
    13 Homestead Court
    Danville, CA 94506
  • Arnold Jacobson, M.D.

    Arnold Jacobson, M.D.

    Distance: 21 mi
    2476 Alamo Glen Dr
    Alamo, CA 94507
  • Andrew Cook, M.D., FACOG

    Andrew Cook, M.D., FACOG

    Distance: 22.24 mi
    15055 Los Gatos Blvd
    Suite 250
    Los Gatos, CA 95032
  • Evan Rosenbluth, M.D.

    Evan Rosenbluth, M.D.

    Distance: 25.01 mi
    89 Davis Rd
    Suite 280
    Orinda, CA 94563
  • Susan Willman, MD

    Susan Willman, MD

    Distance: 25.01 mi
    89 Davis Road
    Suite 280
    Orinda, CA 94538
  • Clemens Grosskinsky, PHD, MD

    Clemens Grosskinsky, PHD, MD

    Distance: 25.09 mi
    320 Lennon Ln
    Lassen Building, 2nd Floor, Suite 5b
    Walnut Creek, CA 94598
  • Ryszard Chetkowski, M.D. 60 Points

    Ryszard Chetkowski, M.D.

    Distance: 27.21 mi
    2999 Regent St Ste 101-A
    Berkeley, CA 94705
  • Eldon Schriock, M.D.
    550 Points

    Eldon Schriock, M.D.

    Pacific Fertility Center
    Distance: 28.29 mi
    55 Francisco Street
    Suite 500
    San Francisco, CA 94133
  • Liyun Li, MD
    530 Points

    Liyun Li, MD

    Pacific Fertility Center
    Distance: 28.29 mi
    55 Francisco Street
    Suite 500
    San Francisco, CA 94133
  • Victor Fujimoto, M.D.

    Victor Fujimoto, M.D.

    Distance: 28.29 mi
    2356 Sutter St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Robert Jaffe, M.D.

    Robert Jaffe, M.D.

    Distance: 28.29 mi
    2356 Sutter St
    San Francisco, CA 94115
  • University of California San Francisco Medical Center

    Distance: 28.29 mi
    1600 Divisadero St
    San Francisco, CA 94143

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Dublin (11.02 mi)
Palo Alto (11.21 mi)
Mountain View (12.37 mi)
Sunnyvale (12.67 mi)
Stanford (12.97 mi)
Los Altos (13.2 mi)
San Jose (15.32 mi)
San Ramon (16.02 mi)
Danville (18.9 mi)
Alamo (21 mi)
Los Gatos (22.24 mi)

Fertility Doctor Info

Fertility Doctor Summary:

A Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN is a physician who specializes in women's health and reproductive organs, specifically in regards to causes and treatment of infertility. A Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN is also qualified to diagnose and treat hormonal dysfucntions in both men and women whether or not they are related to infertility.

Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN Conditions Treated:

- Biological infertility issues in women and men
- Reproductive endocrine disorder
- Recurrent miscarriage
- Menstrual problems
- Fibroids
- Endometriosis
- Delayed puberty
- Hypogonadism
- Menopause
- Early menopause
- Hormone disorders
- Unexplained infertility

Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN Related Specialty:

Reproductive surgery is a specialty within the OBGYN field that is closely related to a Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN that offers surgical intervention for reproductive abnormalities that interfere with conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN Procedures and Treatments:

A reproductive endocrinology OBGYN uses patient interviews, physical examinations, tests, and other diagnostic procedures to create a treatment plan for women and men affected by infertility. Treatment options take into account the patient's lifestyle and emotional needs. A Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN may deal with medications, genetic issues, artificial insemination, IVF, donor eggs, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. These specialists work closely with patients offering education and treatment to improve fertility and chance of conception.

Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN Profession Details:

A Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN will complete a medical doctor degree and necessary hands on experience required. An additional residency is required to gain education and experience in the OBGYN field of practice that may take 4 to 7 more years to complete. A 3 year fellowship program is also required in the specialty of reproductive endocrinology. In order to finally become a Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN, candidates must pass board examinations for OBGYN and then additional board examinations from reproductive endocrinology.

Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN Associations:

The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology recognizes and provides standards for specialties within the OBGYN field including Reproductive Endocrinology. Once board certified, a Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN can join the American Society for Reproductive Medicine or several other associated societies.

Fertility Doctor FAQs:

Why would I see a Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN?
Patients would see this type of specialist if they are having trouble getting pregnant or if they have repeated experience with miscarriage.

If I see a Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN, does that mean I will need IVF?
IVF is just one form of treatment available to help with infertility issues but it is not one of the most commonly used treatments for successful fertility.

Where can I find a Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN?
You can search through's list of providers to find this specialist closest to you. You may also receive recommendations from your family doctor or your current OBGYN.

Can a Reproductive Endocrinology OBGYN treat male infertility?
These specialists treat biological infertility issues that affect both women and men to increase fertility.

Fertility Doctor Related Terms:
OBGYN, reproductive, reproduce, fertility, infertility, fertility treatments, IVF, ovarian, ovaries, sperm, implant, uterus, endocrine, hormone