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Dermatologist Chesterland, OH



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Dermatologist Chesterland, OH

Find a dermatologist in Chesterland, OH for dermatology treatments of the skin, hair and nails.

Results for Chesterland, OH

  • Rita Hauler, MD

    Rita Hauler, MD

    13419 County Line Rd
    Chesterland, OH 44026
  • Sara Lohser 100 Points

    Sara Lohser

    Sara Lohser, MD
    Distance: 6.21 mi
    5800 Landerbrook Drive
    Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
  • Carol Slover, MD 10 Points

    Carol Slover, MD

    Associates In Dermatology Inc
    Distance: 6.46 mi
    551 E Washington St
    Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
  • Joe Walker, MD

    Joe Walker, MD

    Distance: 6.46 mi
    50 Kenton Rd
    Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
  • Janet Wieselthier, MD 550 Points

    Janet Wieselthier, MD

    Premier Dermatology
    Distance: 7.8 mi
    29001 Cedar Road
    Lyndhurst, OH 44124
  • Jaye Benjamin, MD 160 Points

    Jaye Benjamin, MD

    Distance: 8.86 mi
    36001 Euclid Ave Ste C12
    Willoughby, OH 44094
  • Samir George, MD 100 Points

    Samir George, MD

    S M George Inc
    Distance: 8.86 mi
    36001 Euclid Ave
    Willoughby, OH 44094
  • Nina Petroff,  MD
    540 Points

    Nina Petroff, MD

    Diagnostic & Cosmetic Dermatology Center
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    23200 Chagrin Blvd
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Robert Haber, MD
    350 Points

    Robert Haber, MD

    Haber Dermatology, Inc.
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    26949 Chagrin Blvd.
    Suite 300
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Lisa Gelles, MD 300 Points

    Lisa Gelles, MD

    Metro Health Beachwood
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    29125 Chagrin Boulevard
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Harold Blumenthal, MD 180 Points

    Harold Blumenthal, MD

    J Z Litt & Hl Blumenthal Inc
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    3619 Park East Dr
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Robert Brody, MD 160 Points

    Robert Brody, MD

    Distance: 9.7 mi
    3461 Warrensville Center Rd
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Lydia Parker, MD 140 Points

    Lydia Parker, MD

    Dermatology Specialists Inc.
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    Laser Skincare Center, 3733 Park East Drive Suite 104
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Beno Michel, MD 100 Points

    Beno Michel, MD

    Beno Michel Inc
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    23200 Chagrin Blvd Ste 350, Commerce Park 5
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Frances Ballo, MD 100 Points

    Frances Ballo, MD

    Frances Ballo Inc
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    29525 Chagrin Blvd
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Kimberly Hollandsworth, MD 100 Points

    Kimberly Hollandsworth, MD

    Distance: 9.7 mi
    UH Chagrin Highlands Health Center; 3309 Orange Place #4200
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Anita Gilliam, MD 100 Points

    Anita Gilliam, MD

    University Dermatology Assoc
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    29125 Chagrin Blvd
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Carol Burg, MD 10 Points

    Carol Burg, MD

    Kaiser Pemanente
    Distance: 9.7 mi
    24175 Woodside Ln
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • Olga Demidova, DO

    Olga Demidova, DO

    Distance: 9.7 mi
    3690 Orange Place
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • MetroHealth Beachwood Health Center - Dermatology

    Distance: 9.7 mi
    3609 Park East Drive
    North Building - Floor 2
    Beachwood, OH 44122
  • William Krug, MD 170 Points

    William Krug, MD

    Distance: 9.94 mi
    9000 Mentor Ave
    Mentor, OH 44060
  • Anthony Castrovinci, DO, MD 100 Points

    Anthony Castrovinci, DO, MD

    Distance: 9.94 mi
    7923 Munson Rd
    Mentor, OH 44060
  • Michael Mancuso, MD
    300 Points

    Michael Mancuso, MD

    Distance: 10.6 mi
    34055 Solon Road
    Suite 108
    Solon, OH 44139
  • Philip Bernard, MD 200 Points

    Philip Bernard, MD

    Solon Family Health Center
    Distance: 10.6 mi
    29800 Bainbridge Rd
    Solon, OH 44139
  • Michael Mancuso, MD 160 Points

    Michael Mancuso, MD

    Michael G Mancuso Inc
    Distance: 10.6 mi
    34055 Solon Road, Suite 108
    Solon, OH 44139
  • Mark Le Vine, MD 100 Points

    Mark Le Vine, MD

    Distance: 10.92 mi
    26300 Euclid Ave Ste 736
    Euclid, OH 44132
  • Vernon Sackman, MD 100 Points

    Vernon Sackman, MD

    Distance: 11.29 mi
    10 Severance Cir
    Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
  • Milford Gottlob, MD 90 Points

    Milford Gottlob, MD

    Milford E Gottlob Inc
    Distance: 11.64 mi
    13221 Ravenna Rd Ste 3
    Chardon, OH 44024
  • Faith Durden, DO, MD 10 Points

    Faith Durden, DO, MD

    University MedNet - Bedford
    Distance: 13.61 mi
    22750 Rockside Road
    Bedford, OH 44146
  • Monique Cohn, DO 80 Points

    Monique Cohn, DO

    Advanced Dermatology
    Distance: 15.42 mi
    8940 Darrow Rd
    Twinsburg, OH 44087
  • Pamela Davis, MD 430 Points

    Pamela Davis, MD

    Metrohealth Medical Ctr
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    2500 Metrohealth Dr Ste H540
    Cleveland, OH 44109
  • Steven Taub, MD 410 Points

    Steven Taub, MD

    Distance: 18.56 mi
    6803 Mayfield Rd Ste 510
    Cleveland, OH 44124
  • Kirsten Trotter, MD 400 Points

    Kirsten Trotter, MD

    University Dermatologists Inc
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    1611 S Green Rd Ste 56
    Cleveland, OH 44121
  • Esti Gumpertz, MD
    260 Points

    Esti Gumpertz, MD

    Distance: 18.56 mi
    6801 Mayfield Rd # 224
    Cleveland, OH 44124
  • Leonard Katz, MD 230 Points

    Leonard Katz, MD

    Skin Care Specialists - Dermatology
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    5 Severance Circle,
    Cleveland, OH 44118
  • Amy Kassouf, MD 180 Points

    Amy Kassouf, MD

    University Dermatologists Inc
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    1611 S Green Rd Ste 146
    Cleveland, OH 44121
  • Cecelia Hamilton, MD 160 Points

    Cecelia Hamilton, MD

    Euclid Clinic Foundation
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    1611 S Green Rd Ste 146, University Derm Inc
    Cleveland, OH 44121
  • Faith Durden, MD 160 Points

    Faith Durden, MD

    Univ Orthopaedic Assoc Inc Univ Suburban Hlth Ctr
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    1611 S Green Rd Ste 200, Univ Hosp Derm Assoc
    Cleveland, OH 44121
  • Prakash Khandekar, MD, IMG 140 Points

    Prakash Khandekar, MD, IMG

    Mayfield Hts
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    6803 Mayfield Rd
    Cleveland, OH 44124
  • William Lynch, MD 130 Points

    William Lynch, MD

    University Dermatologists Inc
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    1611 S Green Rd Ste 14, University Dermotolagists,
    Cleveland, OH 44121
  • Alex Hirsh, MD 120 Points

    Alex Hirsh, MD

    Distance: 18.56 mi
    6770 Mayfield Rd Ste 323
    Cleveland, OH 44124
  • Edward Maytin, MD 110 Points

    Edward Maytin, MD

    Cleveland Clinic Foundation
    Distance: 18.56 mi
    Cleveland Clinic Fndt Nd20, 9500 Euclid Ave
    Cleveland, OH 44195

Dermatologist Info

Dermatologist Summary:
A Dermatologist specializes in skin care, hair and nail treatments. A dermatologist is concerned with maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair as well as diagnosing and treating skin conditions and diseases that can be treated with dermatology. They also correct disfigurements, blemishes and scars. You might see a dermatologist for acne, or see a dermatologist for dermatitis.

Education and training: To become a dermatologist, 4 years of medical school is required as well as a 1 year residency in dermatology training. If the student wishes to specialize in a certain area, another 3 years of training is required. You might see a dermatologist for acne, or see a dermatologist for dermatitis.

Dermatologist FAQs:
What is a


A Dermatologist is a physician that specializes in skin, hair and nail care.

When should I see a Dermatologist?
You can see a Dermatologist for acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, scars, warts or skin cancer. You can see a cosmetic Dermatologist for cosmetic surgery.

What is a Dermatopathologist?
A Dermatopathologist is a specialized Dermatologist who focuses in skin diseases. You can also see a regular Dermatologist for treatment of skin diseases.

What are some sub specialties of dermatology?
Dermatologists may choose to specialize in treating children, treating degenerative diseases, cancer or cosmetic dermatology.

What are some common skin diseases?
Some common skin diseases are cancer, lesions, herpes, warts and various infections.

What are some common skin conditions?
Some common skin conditions are acne, rosacea, psoriasis, blisters, sunburn, eczema, hives, wrinkles and birthmarks.

When is skin surgery needed?
Skin surgery is performed to prevent or control diseases of the skin such as melanoma and other skin cancers, to diagnose diseases and conditions through biopsies, and to improve skin appearance.

How do I find a Dermatologist in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Dermatologist in your state. Select Dermatologist from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Dermatologist in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need an Dermatologist in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Dermatologists in your city and state.

Dermatologist Related Terms:
skin care, nail care, hair care, acne, dermatitis, cosmetic surgery, psoriasis, scars, skin cancer, skin diseases, warts, dermatologist