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Clinical Social Worker Los Angeles, CA


Clinical Social Workers

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Clinical Social Worker Los Angeles, CA

Find a Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA for help with a variety of issues.

Results for Los Angeles, CA

  • Sabah Akmal, LCSW 350 Points

    Sabah Akmal, LCSW

    10780 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Richard Ryan, PhD LCSW 320 Points

    Richard Ryan, PhD LCSW

    1736 Westwood Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Erin Lotz, LCSW 300 Points

    Erin Lotz, LCSW

    Mindfulness Psychotherapy
    11340 W. Olympic Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
  • SC Nameth
    190 Points

    SC Nameth

    Nameth, Stacy-Colleen (SC), M.S.W., LCSW, C.C.D.C.
    850 Colorado Blvd. Suite 203
    Los Angeles, CA 90041
  • Tania Benacerraf, LCSW
    100 Points

    Tania Benacerraf, LCSW

    1321 Westerly Terrace
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
  • Ashish Jain, doctor 100 Points

    Ashish Jain, doctor

    fitness world
    11947 W Washington Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90002
  • Michelle Cauley, LCSW 10 Points

    Michelle Cauley, LCSW

    Cauley & Associates
    5757 Wilshire Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Tamar Springer 10 Points

    Tamar Springer

    11911 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 240
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • About Face Dome

    3407 West 6th Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
  • Advanced Family Counseling Center

    650 South Grand Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • Advanced Family Counseling Center - OFC

    650 South Grand Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • Baca Sandra PhD

    3407 West 6th Street Suite 700
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
  • Eleanore Baidoo

    Eleanore Baidoo

    914 S. Robertson Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
  • Darlene Basch

    Darlene Basch

    6310 San Vicente Boulevard, Suite 350
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Cosette D. Case

    Cosette D. Case

    12304 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 300
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Sally Cassidy

    Sally Cassidy

    1416 Westwood Blvd., #203
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Cohen Edmund Phd Licnse Therapist

    2812 Effie Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
  • Commonwealth Counseling

    537 South Commonwealth Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
  • Ronit Davidyan

    Ronit Davidyan

    10921 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 613
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Robert Diaz

    Robert Diaz

    134 West Avenue, #42
    Los Angeles, CA 90065
  • East LA Women's Center

    1255 S Atlantic Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90022
  • Elstad Robert J Md

    2080 Century Park
    Los Angeles, CA 90022
  • Evangelical Temple-tabernacle

    1182 E 35th St
    Los Angeles, CA 90011
  • Frankel Anita MFT

    1741 Silver Lake Boulevard Suite 2a
    Los Angeles, CA 90026
  • Lillian Freeman

    Lillian Freeman

    520 S. Sepulveda Blvd, #306
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Peter R Getoff

    Peter R Getoff

    11850 Wilshire Blvd., Suite # 201
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Wanda Jewell

    Wanda Jewell

    4001 1/2 Sunset Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
  • Judy Kann

    Judy Kann

    1849 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 540
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Nanette Karapetian

    Nanette Karapetian

    7466 Beverly Blvd., Suite 203
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Sherri Klosterman

    Sherri Klosterman

    420 1/2 Larchmont Blvd, Suite 1
    Los Angeles, CA 90004
  • Lasswell Marcia

    800 West 1st Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • Dorene Lehavi

    Dorene Lehavi

    900 Rimpau Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90019
  • Mirage Marriage Counselor

    936 Crenshaw Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90019
  • Moine Fashion

    1100 South San Pedro Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
  • Thomas Oldenburger -10 Points

    Thomas Oldenburger

    3171 Los Feliz Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • John Anthony Pappas

    John Anthony Pappas

    3171 Los Feliz Blvd., Suite 307
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Juliet A. Pappas

    Juliet A. Pappas

    3171 Los Feliz Blvd., Suite 307
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Pathfinders

    1055 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1670
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • People in Progress Inc

    1636 West 8th Street Suite 103
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
  • Linda M. Poverny

    Linda M. Poverny

    3015 Maxwell Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Roberta Rinaldi

    Roberta Rinaldi

    10636 Wilshire Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90024
  • Michael Roback

    Michael Roback

    1850 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 490
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Jason Sackett

    Jason Sackett

    10350 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 310
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Frank Salamone

    Frank Salamone

    South of Beverly Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Erik Schott

    Erik Schott

    2939 Rowena Avenue, Silver Lake
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Renee Sperling

    Renee Sperling

    11022 Santa Monica Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
  • Christoher Ann Vallier

    Christoher Ann Vallier

    12011 San Vicente Boulevard, #402
    Los Angeles, CA 90049
  • Robert Weiss

    Robert Weiss

    822 S. Robertson Boulevard, Suite 303
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
  • West Angeles Singles Ministry

    3045 South Crenshaw Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90016
  • Havi M. Wolfson

    Havi M. Wolfson

    12401 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 300
    Los Angeles, CA 90025

Clinical Social Worker Info

Clinical Social Worker Summary:
A Clinical Social Worker helps with problems that affect people, families and groups. Clinical Social Workers assess their client’s needs and offer assistance to improve their situation.

Clinical Social Workers often see people dealing with disability, life-threatening disease, social problems, such as inadequate housing, unemployment, or substance abuse, and domestic conflicts, sometimes sometimes involving child or spousal abuse. They usually specialize in working with a particular problem, population or setting, such as child protective services, adoption, homelessness, domestic violence, or foster care. Clinical Social Workers work in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, military, hospices and health agencies.

Education and Training: Clinical Social Workers are required to obtain a state mandated license or order to be considered a licensed Clinical Social Worker. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for entry into the occupation, but some positions require an advanced degree.

Clinical Social Worker FAQs:
What is a

Clinical Social Worker

A Clinical Social Worker is concerned with financial, health, psychological, and social problems that affect people. Clinical Social Worker seek to improve the quality of life and well-being of an individual, group, or community. A Clinical Social Worker works with people of all ages and backgrounds, helping them cope with and solve issues in their everyday lives, such as family, personal problems, and dealing with relationships.

In what fields might a Clinical Social Worker work?
A Clinical Social Worker can do medical social work, welfare, teaching, counseling and criminal justice.

Where does a Clinical Social Worker work?
A Clinical Social Worker can work in hospitals, hospices and health agencies. A Clinical Social Worker can also work in organizations, schools, and the military.

What are some signs I should seek the help of a Clinical Social Worker?
If you are dealing with any stressful situation in your life that you are not sure how to handle you should seek a Clinical Social Worker. Some common issues a Clinical Social Worker can help with are: disability, life-threatening disease, social problem, such as inadequate housing, unemployment, or substance abuse, and domestic conflicts, sometimes involving child or spousal abuse.

How do I find a Clinical Social Worker in my city and state?
The directory will help you locate a Clinical Social Worker in your state. Select Clinical Social Worker from the professionals menu and select the state that you are looking to locate a Clinical Social Worker in. After you have located your state, find the city that you will need a Clinical Social Worker in. Select the state and city and you will see a list of Clinical Social Workers in your city and state.

Clinical Social Worker Related Terms:
therapist, counselor, social worker, help, community, welfare, teaching, counseling, hospice, family therapy