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22 Years In Practice
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Payment Options Cash, check and major credit cards. Dr. Feit will also complete out of network paperwork for reimbursement

Eran Feit, MD

Dr. Eran Feit is a highly qualified psychiatrist located in 10528 zip code in Harrison, NY, with more than 10 years experience offering both psychotherapy and medication management. Dr. Feit's main goal in therapy is to help patients relieve the painful symptoms of depression, anxiety or irritability in dealing with relationships or loss. Dr. Feit provides psychiatric and counseling services to adults, adolescents, couples, and families. As a psychiatrist located in 10528 zip code in Harrison, NY, Dr. Eran Feit strives to approach each client with the highest level of empathy, respect, and confidentiality in order to foster a welcoming and open atmosphere. His supportive and non-judgmental counseling helps clients open the door for exploration, healing, and growth.

If seeking a psychiatrist located in 10528 zip code in Harrison, NY call Dr. Eran Feit at (914) 925-5118 today. Day and Evening appointments available, please call for scheduling. Also serving patients in the Westchester, NY area.


Dr. Eran Feit uses his expertise as a psychiatrist located in 10528 zip code in Harrison, NY to diagnose and treat a variety of psychiatric conditions and life difficulties. Dr. Feit is skilled in engaging and effectively treating his patients via a variety of therapeutic techniques. He offers a balanced approach in his counseling and works with each client, trying to arrive at a deeper understanding of what their needs are which have brought them into therapy. Dr. Hamilton uses his clinical training and experience in psychotherapy and psychiatry to evaluate and treat a wide array of emotional and behavioral issues such as anxiety, stress, difficult life transitions, depression, and relationship struggles.