Stephanie D Hawthorne, MD

Stephanie D Hawthorne, MD

Stephanie D Hawthorne, MD

Stephanie D Hawthorne, MD practices as a Gastroenterologist in FLAGSTAFF, AZ.
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Services Stephanie D Hawthorne, MD provides gastroenterology services in FLAGSTAFF, AZ. A Gastroenterologist is a physician of internal medicine who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases of the digestive system. A gastroenterologist is concerned with the normal function of the digestive system; making sure that it is working properly to dispose of bodily waste.

Please call Stephanie D Hawthorne, MD at (928) 773-2547 to schedule an appointment in FLAGSTAFF, AZ or to get more information.
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If I could give this doctor a 0, I would! First, I asked her how long I would have the condition known as IBS for at my last appointment. She said, "Well, did you use hold going to the bathroom when your were a child?" I paused for a moment in shock & I thought to myself well, what child hasn't held going potty or poop? Then, I replied, "yes" & she said, "well, that is the reason your going to have IBS for the rest of your life!!! This lady said I was uncomplaint patient in her certified letter she wrote to me, my pcp, & the new gastroenterologist I was trying to obtain since she up & dropped me leaving me with a condition known as h.plyori. Why? For, everytime I tried to get a hold of her MA, it constantly went to "voicemail". My messages took days to weeks to get a response back. I was working at a busy place full-time & trying to get back into see her but, I ended up playing phone tag with her office. Then, when I received a letter in the mail right after my last appointment with her where she was "extremely rude & unprofessional", it stated on that letter that they had tried to get in touch with me several times. Now, mind you, I had recently changed my home # in-person in their system as even though, I put down & had given them my "new" number awhile back prior to this, they still had my "old" number. Anyways, I had asked others who had lived in my household if other than the one time they got back to me on my cellphone, had their office ever tried to get a hold of me or left a message on the home phone while at work & the answer was, "NO"!!! Only got back to me once or twice so, this office, "lied about their several times." I finally had it, and complained about this to the office manager & that is when she kicked me out of seeing anyone in this office completely after she kept interrupting me & being rude when I complained about having to leave multiple messages with the MA & getting no responses and about my lack of care for my h.pylori. Note: this doctor put me on 2 antibiotics & a reflux medicine but, when the two sets of antibiotics don't work to get rid of the h.pylori, it means the treatment is not working for you and one or both of the antibiotics need to be switched out until the h.plyori is gone. Dr. Hawthorne never once changed my regiment and I suffered with this condition that can come back anytime for 1year with this doctor before I saw a new gastroenterlogist and he got rid of this and it was only temporarily as it came back and went through 2 more antibiotic w/ acid reflux medication treatments before it went away for a good period of time (as I haven't gotten it since). My "new" gastroenterlogist said that h.plyori could lie dormant for years before realizing its' existence in a human. Point is, Dr. Hawthorne kept me sicker longer and as a result, I had doctors afraid to prescribe antibiotics for illnesses I was getting that required antibiotics because I had been on them for too long, I had to replenish my good bacteria with probiotics, I had to quit drinking even socially, during the almost 2 years I was on these antibiotics, I suffered worse constipation than I already had, I almost had my tonsils removed by my PCP as I kept getting Streep throat, I had severe allergies/sinus infections as a result of the h. pylori, my immunity got much lower so, I would get sick easily from others I came in contact who were ill, & I suffered 1 1/2 yrs from yeast infections I'd get at least twice in a month and I suffered from bladder infections (FYI, prior to getting this h. Pylori, I had only had one yeast & one bladder in my whole lifetime)!!! I have spoken with other adults who have been mistreated here & even scolded like a child by this office for simply requesting another set of paperwork after accidentally losing their paperwork at the job site. I know someone who is currently seeing this lady & it has been over a month wait to get a referral & the calling off the hook from both the patient & their significant other are still going unheard. Btw, this patient has some "very serious" gastrointestinal issues that require surgery. I plead to look in Phoenix or elsewhere before going to this doctor and warn you, if you stand up for good patient care, you may get the boot and not just from your gastroenterologist but, from the "ENTIRE" gastroenterologist office AND their is only ONE office in this town! So, do yourself a favor, if you want the latest techniques & non-invasive procedures & the best gastroenterologist who care about their patients, go see Gastrointestinal & Liver Disease, a Gastroenterlogist at Barrow's at St. Joseph Hospital, or there are good gastroenterlogist in Mesa/Chandler & surrounding areas. I guarantee your appointments won't be over a month out wait and their staff will be on the ball and prompt in their responses because they care about their patients unlike "HERE"!!! Unprofessional & the worse bedside manner/treatment of patients old or young!!! This Dr. Hawthorne should not be a doctor, after not doing further testing and basically saying another patient that she was a liar in front of her staff as nothing was wrong with her for it was just basically all in her head. Thank goodness, her PCP found a massive growing tumor in her stomach area and saved her. For all the further suffering due to her lack of properly treating my illness (yes, she even stated my insurance would NOT approve of the latest IBS medication but, when I saw my "new" gastroenterologist for the very 1st time, I got the medication I had been requesting approved that same day as the medicine Dr. Hawthorne placed me on was having a lot of side effects that started to interfere with my sleep and daily activities & she only went from giving me Amitza to Amitza light with pain medication (very bad for anyone's system, btw) for my frequent stomach pain), for ALL the humiliation (a.k.a. sending her certified letter she wrote after I talked to the office manager ONLY, not to her, to 3 other doctors), and for ALL the other patients who she provided inadequate care, I urge you to stop seeing her and come forth to share your experience with her & this office!!! I plan on going to the "medical review board" as I want justice for all who have been harmed by this doctor.
excellent doctor, excellent person, non greedy, goal oriented
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