Fingers, Forks and Feet

The 3 Things That Determine 80% of Health

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By Karl Lawrence on Friday, March 4, 2016
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In this week’s episode of Your Best Life, Karl interviews Michael DeSanti, who is a certified health and mindset coach specializing in helping people improve their relationship with food and themselves. Michael was inspired through his mother’s natural reversal of breast cancer through diet and lifestyle change. He is a graduate of the Institute of Nutrition and co-author of the Renegade Recipe Guide and The Happiest Day. During the show, Karl and Michael discuss bio-individuality, lineage, and the earth, food as medicine, personalizing and optimizing nutrition, and how we are what we consume.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What were the ah-ha moments you had studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition?
  • Is it possible to get back to food that is legitimately farmed and not part of an industrialized food process?
  • Where do you fall on the spectrum that says 90% of disease today can be linked to diet?
  • How do you connect an individual who is ready to the process?
  • Is there ever a time where supplementation is required for optimal health?


Key Lessons Learned:


Lifestyle Choices

  • The body is designed to do a little and get a lot. We are living a lifestyle that is the opposite.
  • People are working more and producing less. Our efficacy and effectiveness is going down.
  • When we are healthy and operate at peak states, we get a lot more done with less effort.


  • Bio-individuality means that what works for one person may not work for everyone.
  • Nutrition can often be about adopting intuition into eating real foods that come from the earth.
  • Use the knowledge you gain and combine with your intuition.

Lineage & the Earth

  • Our guts are programmed to metabolize the food source native to where we are from.
  • There is an undeniable connection to your lineage and the earth.

Food and Medicine

  • Michael says that about 80% of our chronic disease in the USA is attributed to three things:
    1. What is on your fork (what you eat)
    2. How you move your feet (how you exercise)
    3. What's between your fingers (if you smoke)
  • Coaching on food and lifestyle awareness can save and better the lives of most of America.

Personalizing and Optimizing Nutrition

  • The average doctor spends 9 minutes with their patients.
  • There is no single diet that fits 7.2 billion people.


  • Food, first, is the best option and should be the main information that goes into the body.
  • Food is information, but we are in a time where organic isn’t always available. The soil has often been compromised, and the integrity of our food has reduced.
  • The foundation should be food and then fill in the cracks with supplementation.

We Are What We Consume

  • We are what we consume, and this includes information in what we hear, feel, and see.
  • Our bodies run on the information we give it consistently.
  • There are only a few ways we can get information into our bodies without a side effect:
    1. Air
    2. Water
    3. Food
    4. Love
  • Getting healthy is an overwhelming mountain to climb for a lot of people.
  • Break down the getting healthy journey into sleeping better, drinking more water, and shifting the nutritional information and quality.
  • This is a matter of respect, priority, and honoring yourself enough to learn what will optimize how to live your life in your body.


Thank you for listening!


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Links to Resources Mentioned

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Healthy Diet Michael DeSanti
I'm SO glad that bioindividuality is finally being 'officially' addressed. I've known for years that there had to be more to my gradual weight gain over decades than the amount of food I eat, since I eat significantly less than many if not most people I know who are normal weight. ('Normal' meaning what was considered normal weight in the US in 1960!)
Posted 5 years ago by NoniB

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