Dr. Ivaylo Gueorguiev, DOM, DACM, AP, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Dr. Ivaylo  Gueorguiev, DOM, DACM, AP, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Alternative Medicine Acupuncture LLC 2605 W Swann Ave Suite 600 Tampa, FL 33609
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Fantastic doctor with amazing skills and knowledges.
by James xxx.xxx.72.129
September 06, 2022
Fantastic doctor I feel much better after my visiting. Dr Guorguiev definitely made my health condition back to shape.I'm so thankful for all of his help.
by Tom Jones xxx.xxx.51.94
July 27, 2021
I have been a patient of Dr. Ivo for about a year and a half and I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for alternative medicine treatment. came to him with many health issues. neck, bladder prolapse, continuous Uti's and lastly knee problems. I had gel injections that only helped temporarily. Dr. Ivo and his acupuncture method solved that problem and I can walk again without discomfort. Dr. also solved my Uti problem. After a year of antibiotics he sent me for a urinalysis to find out that I still had a traced of bacteria which my primary physician never noticed. His methods cured that to. that by January 1st of this year a was bacteria free. Also I have a neck problem from birth called torticollis which he also helped me with. Dr. Ivo gives 125% to each of h is many patients. He listens to all your needs and questions everytime. I recommend before seeing your primary I would strongly consider seeing him first. Thank You
by Mary Ann Garasz xxx.xxx.54.109
June 24, 2020
I’m 64 and have diabetes, chronic hives, inflammation, depression, anxiety, over weight and could barely walk because of extreme knee pain. On 12 medicines I was a mess and had given up. A friend mentioned she was seeing a new doctor of Chinese Medicine and he was working wonders for her.
So I took a leap of faith and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ivo. I have to say I was skeptical. However, he spent hours with me the first visit. Went through every issue I had. Then he went to work, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicines. After 4 times the results are simply amazing. Off all meds except one and will be off of that completely in a week. Insulin have reduced to a fraction of what I was taking my numbers going from 300 to 120. I hope to be insulin free within a month.
I could barely walk .. now I can walk 2 miles a day. Diabetes under control, no depression, inflammation not an issue anymore, hives to a minimum and we are working on that.I am a work in progress. I am a new person emotionally and physically. Dr. Ivo is my miracle worker.
by Glenda xxx.xxx.233.119
February 19, 2020
My father is 86 years old and was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure known as CHF in April 2019 when I took him to the hospital Emergency Room due to a major swelling edema on his body. The Cardiologist discharged him and prescribed him diuretics and heart blood pressure medicine to help him with the symptoms that his heart condition carries and advised to look for a Cardiovascular doctor to monitor his condition going forward.

Ever since then, my father has been seeing the Cardiovascular doctor but unfortunately he started increasing the medicine to reduce the Congestive Heart Failure symptoms.

Due to my father’s age, we start looking for Alternative Medicine and found Doctor Ivo who gave him Chinese herbal medicine and it has helped tremendously to reduce and eliminate my dad’s CHF symptoms: shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, swelling edema on the legs and feet, periodically rapid heartbeat and some cough.

The shortness of breath went away and my dad can lay down now in bed, he has more energy, gained his appetite and doesn’t have to deal with the side effects of the medicine the Cardiovascular prescribed him.

My family and I are very thankful with Doctor Ivo because he’s a very knowledgeable and compassionate; and he has been taken care of my father’s health like no other doctor.

Thank you very much Doctor Ivo!
by Carolina G. xxx.xxx.46.68
December 05, 2019
I have been going through a stressful period for past two years, and for me this period was extremely painful. I haven't had a good night's sleep in months plus being fatigue was heavy for me. I should note that I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and amenorrhea through my medical doctors. At the same time I also experienced weight loss. I also had my testosterone and prolactin hormones elevated. My endocrinologist put me on L.thyroxine 75mg for the past two years.

With only three acupuncture treatments, he brought me back into sweet dreams. Also, I now manage to maintain my composure in situations where I was nervous before.
Dr. Ivo's acupuncture brings me energy, balance cheerfulness and positive mood! So I got rid of any negativity that had arised from various traumas caused by relationships with friends and families. As a result, I can now make accurate decisions and demonstrate happy behavior in different circumstances. His therapy had a positive impact on my emotions without a doubt. The most amazing thing was the incredibly fast effect! After his prescribed treatments for a week, my body became active and my menstrual cycle appeared! I feel new now...
After few more of acupuncture treatments, I had checked my prolactin and testosterone and TSH and all with normal levels. I am no longer on any L. thyroxine and feel great. After two months I rechecked all my hormones and again all within normal levels.
Undoubtedly, Dr. Ivo applies his irreplaceable knowledge and experience in the best way. He works very carefully and devotedly. He thoroughly examines the patient's problem and does not only take into account the disease in question, but can also discover links between individual problems, suggesting the best treatment alternatives.
My heartfelt thanks to this wonderful man and sensitive doctor Dr. Ivo!
by Kadrie A. xxx.xxx.144.78
October 29, 2019
I have been suffering of chronic constipation, bloated stomach and severe menstrual cramps for about twenty years. I have seen different Gastro doctors but none of them helped me so I decided to try acupuncture. I went to Doctor’s Ivo office and started having acupuncture sessions and he gave me different supplements and Chinese herbal medicine. I started seeing the results immediately and now I am pain-free and gained my life back!

I highly recommend Dr. Ivo’s approaches and experience on both Western and Eastern fields of medicine.
by Carolina G. xxx.xxx.46.68
May 13, 2019
Amazing doctor and staff. I started seeing Dr. Ivo after I had surgery and the pain would not go away. He treated me with acupuncture and gave me some herbal medicine to take home. After 2 days my pain was gone. Now I am pain free. I only wish I saw him prior to my surgery. This doctor is full of knowledge.
by Linda P. xxx.xxx.23.17
December 19, 2018
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