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Azi Ahmadi, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN
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Best nutritionist gave me through meal plan on first visit
AZI is great. She practices what she preaches. Follow the plan and you will have results.
Azi is a hidden gem. I have been looking for a dietician for several years and having tried a couple before - did not get any results. I have been working out intensely and yet my weight did not change, that was odd and I thought it had to do with the food I am eating but did not know what was wrong as I seemed to have been eating healthy. On day 1, Azi advised to drop my numerous supplements I have been taking which, she suggested, may prevent me from losing weight. This, together with the adjusted nutrition schedule focusing on order and timing of eating has now resulted in 8 pounds lost in 2 months and more energy during my workouts. Azi also dispelled many misconceptions about various foods, among them protein shakes. I think everyone should go through her consultations - there is so much "common knowledge" that is incorrect and is preventing you from living a truly healthy life.
I met with Azi Less than a week ago for my first appt. In less than a week I already feel better and find the program very easy to follow and sensible. I was able to easily switch out favorite foods for great substitutes. My cravings are gone and I am not hungry between meals. I am very optimistic that Azi will continue to advise me correctly. Looking forward to my next appt. thanks Azi!
I have been seeing Azi for 6 month and she has completely transformed my outlook on food and nutrition. Prior to visiting Azi, I thought I was eating a healthy well balanced diet. My vitamin B and vitamin D were dangerously low even with prescription vitamin D supplements and weekly vitamin B injections for the past 2 years. I could not concentrate at work or read a sentence in a book and understand what I had read and was sleeping 12 hours a night. I was gaining week every week, and visited just about every doctor for help or answers as to why my nutrition was so out of sorts. I am a pharmacist, so I knew that with prescription strength vitamin supplementation my levels should have leveled fairly quickly. I was also suffering from debilitating migraines that could not be answered scientifically by a physician. Upon meeting Azi, I have been keeping a food journal that we walk through at every visit and she provides simple, easy to manage, adaptations to diet and exercise that are not time consuming to work into your daily routine. She is also available for those post visit questions you may have (because we all have them as soon as we leave a doctor’s office). Azi is very realistic and does not enforce diets and large amounts of exercise- she focuses on the bigger picture which is nutrition and how we are fueling our bodies for energy. After 6 months of visiting Azi, my vitamin B/D levels are within normal limits, I sleep 8 hours a night, have lost the excess weight I have gained through malnutrition and the migraine headaches have since dissipated. I cannot thank Azi enough for how she has changed by view on nutrition and the importance in fueling our bodies correctly.
Azi is amazing! I’ve struggled with weight management, cholesterol, acid reflux, and fatigue for years and tried a host of exercise programs and diets that were ineffective and exhausting. After just one visit, Azi gave me a new perspective on food and exercise. Her suggestions were easy to adapt and her approach was non threatening. After only 2.5 months, I’ve regained my energy, lowered my cholesterol, managed my acid reflux, and dropped considerably in inches. Azi is the only dietician I would recommend. She works wonders!
Azi is the best! If you have Diabetes, go to her! She is personable, easy to work with and communicates effectively. Azi embraced me and my whole family making us feel comfortable and making the lifestyle changes easy. Don't even think about going to someone else.
Azi has been a God send! Have lost 15 pounds in about 21/2 months and what's better is that my blood glucose numbers are down! Have been able to reduce my basal levels and increase my meal ratios - she gives me wonderful advise on what and how to eat, advise I never got even after 45 years of being an insulin dependent diabetic! ❤️ Thank you, Azi!
Azi is an absolute miracle worker. She makes sense and makes you want to do better, be better and get better. I feel very lucky her practice came up during my internet search. I thought...looks smart...great credentials..kind eyes. I was not wrong. She helped me reverse some very dangerous health conditions.
I learned more from Azi in 90 minutes than every other " dietitian / nutritionist / Doctor combined / Real Nutrition Education and Treatment. Assessment / Plan From a Down to Earth REAL CERTIFIED Professional . We are exited did our next session and appreciate facts vs the plethora that we were exposed to !

Mike & kas
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17 Years In Practice
Primary Specialty

Dietitian - Nutritionist

Practice Nutritionist/ Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist & Certified Diabetes Educator
Gender Female
Education New York University, MS Clinical Nutrition
Training Mount Sinai Medical Center; RD ( Registered Dietitian)
CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator)
Certification Certified Diabetes Eduator
Weight Management Expert
Nutrition for Autism
Payment Options Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Most Insurance plans (needs to be checked by each patient)
Business Hours
Monday:10 am - 8 pm
Wednesday:11 am - 7 pm
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