Lisa Blake, Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach

Lisa Blake, Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach
Holistic Nutrition by Lisa 3150 El Camino Real Suite F Carlsbad, CA 92008
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Lisa is worth the time and price. She really listens and cares about people. Her office is so nice and welcoming. She has all kinds of cool wellness products that work. Her supplements have made a big difference in my health. I love the organic chocolate and raw protein bars that have been a great substitute for my junk food cravings. I still cheat once in a while, but Lisa motivates me to be healthy and balanced.
Lisa is a great health coach because she took my whole lifestyle, which was a disaster, and showed me how to live a calm, healthy, and rewarding lifestyle. I feel much more balanced and in control of my food and my life. You will be happy with your results if you go see Lisa. I have seen others and she is by far the best.
Lisa is great! My wife started seeing her and when she starting losing weight and feeling so happy I knew that I had to do something too. Well Lisa created baby steps for me to get healthy and its working. I have lost more weight than my wife and my energy level is terrific. I learned how to cope with stress and this was key for me.
I’m so fortunate to have found Lisa. There are so many holistic health professionals in this area but Lisa has exceptional knowledge of healthy living and nutrition. I love her warm hospitality, compassionate personality and all the great products she carries. I have found bliss.
Lisa is a true professional. She knows so much about nutrition and how it relates to healing the body. My stomach issues were horrible and painful too. I didn’t know what to eat. She helped me heal my stomach and did a test for food sensitivities. My stomach is healed and I’m eating healthy too. I’m so glad I went to Lisa.
Life is good and Lisa is awesome. I could not stop my cravings and hated to cook. Lisa made me a fabulous health plan that has changed everything for the better. I am losing weight, my blood pressure is great and I can still eat some of my favorite foods. I just make better choices and Lisa checks up on me to keep me on track.
If you want to get healthy fast, hire Lisa. She knows what she’s doing and makes it easy. I now see her instead of my doctor who just gave me medicine. Now I take my supplements and got rid of all the medication. I’m doing great.
Lisa is kind, caring and patient. I eat junk and crave carbs. Lisa showed me easy ways to change my diet for the better. I actually really like the food she recommended for my lifestyle, which is, eating on the run and too busy to cook. I now prep my meals on Sunday and love the list of healthy snacks and I still have 1 glass of wine and chocolate too. The best part of all… I have lost weight!!
Great Find!! Holistic nutrition is the way to go. I felt like Lisa listened to all my concerns and she created a wellness plan that I like and can easily follow. She went over my whole health history, looked over my lab work and made the best suggestions for necessary supplements for my vitamin deficiencies. I am feeling so much better and I have lost 8 ½ pounds already. Thank you Lisa.
Holistic Nutrition has opened my eyes to a new lifestyle of being fit and eating the right foods for me. Lisa’s consultations covered everything. She somehow makes it easy and doable. I now know what to eat when I’m traveling and how to grocery shop too. The vitamins are giving me energy and have improved my skin and hair. I think Lisa is great.
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