Scott Shapiro, MD

Scott Shapiro, MD
Dr. Scott's Restorative Health Center 6640 Old Monroe Rd Ste G Charlotte, NC 28079
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Simply the best!
by CIndy M
November 25, 2022
Dr. Scott is patient, kind, compassionate and a perfectionist. He will not stop until you are 1,000% satisfied. His staff is equally service minded, so gentle, kind and easy to work with. I can't say enough about them. I've had many visits; PDO threads, fillers and botox. Easily the best results I've had and I know its because he listens and works with you to get the best results. I will be a life long patient.
by Cristy Lea
April 22, 2021
This place makes you feel so welcomed and at ease. I never feel rushed during my appointment and everyone is so professional, kind and easy to get along with. Hannah the Esthetician is the BEST! She is so knowledgeable and so fun to get treatments from. I love going to see them, it feels more like a fun spa treatment where I feel welcome.
by K. Allison
March 31, 2021
If you want a doctor that will just be a pill pusher and medicate you- go somewhere else. Dr. Scott and his staff truly care. They are going to work really hard to help you, but equally, you will have to put in the work too.

I’ve never been in an environment before where you get such attention as I have experienced here. Let me walk you through my journey. I had been working out for 9 months, seeing a personal trainer, eating right, balancing my macros and never gaining muscle. I was working out 5-6 days a week and getting so frustrated with getting no results and it was almost disheartening and starting to affect my emotional well-being.

After being told so much by Google, WebMD, seeing other doctors, and hearing a multitude of different opinions on “what was wrong with me” I was clueless on the next steps. I remember crying one night looking at the slew of google results and feeling hopeless.

Finally, I can’t across Dr. Scott. I made the call and talked with Richard. He was so kind to answer all my questions, give me an overview of the clinic and its operations and how everything worked.

I was really struggling and it was starting to affect my mental health. Richard was so great in answering questions and getting me scheduled. I went and did my bloodwork and then I met with Dr. Scott. It was a great experience. When you are with Dr. Scott, you feel like he has no other patient aside from you because you are his NUMBER ONE and only focus. He was so great in explaining everything to me and discussing my options with me before devising a treatment plan. He then explained next steps and made a few recommendations on how he thought he could help.

The clinic does sell and offer a lot of different supplements, but they aren’t by any means pushing you to them. They give you an overview of what your problem is and then what they think can help, but then it’s up to you to take your health care into your own hands.

My journey 6 months (and two days) later- I’ve now been able to gain 24 lbs while still maintaining a 20% body fat. Something I never saw before. I feel better, I feel better about myself. My mental heath is improving. I still work out, I still eat right, and nothing has changed, except my body working at its optimum condition, the way it’s supposed to. The level of care by the clinic hasn’t changed. They are still responsive, still care, and still focus on the patient. I’m so thankful to have found Dr. Scott and his team. If you’re feeling any kind of way, or unsure, just call. Trust the experts, they will put your mind at ease and truly help you, when Doctor Google will only confuse you- trust me, I know. :)
by James Simpson
June 15, 2020
In November 2019. I came to Dr. Scott 120lbs+ overweight!  I was at rock bottom depressed and miserable! Literally killing myself with no idea how to stop or fix it. Not only was I addicted to sugar and junk food . I thought they were the only things that gave me any type of happiness. “Temporary of course “

After meeting with the good doctor and his staff for the initial bloodwork. I’ll be honest. I still had no confidence I could really change my life the way I needed too. But here’s the thing ,,, Dr. Scott and his staff have a way of breaking it down at first where it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Adjusting the HCG shots until it curves your appetite somewhat. But let me be perfectly clear. It’s not some magic shot that does it for you.. it’s hard! You have to be accountable and do the work. It’s not always easy, especially at first. But if you follow the plan Dr. Scott lays out and are honest with him as well as yourself. It’ll WORK!! He gives you all the tools you need. Plus Dr. Scott genuinely cares!  He goes above and beyond to adjust any little detail, no matter how small. He takes the time to explain every aspect of the process. Even things like how your personal hormones along with your bloodwork levels all play a part in your overall success..
My bloodwork reveled my Testosterone levels were below normal for my age group. He gave me all the options and created a plan for me . After working with me for a couple months. I’m proud to say my testosterone levels are now perfect! I feel so much better in ways I didn’t even realize i could.

Ok so ,, I saved the best for last. As of today. March 27, 2020 . I’ve currently lost 100lbs!!!!! I maintained my weight lose after completing the HCG diet. By following Exactly the post plan Dr. Scott laid out for me. I’ve even continued to lose weight in prosecute of my one year over all weight loss goal.

Dr. Scott and his staff completely changed my life. I literally owe him for saving it. I consider the good Doctor a friend at this point.

If you’re really ready to do whatever it takes to get healthy and change your life. Then take it from me. Go see Dr. Scott! Listen to every word he says! Do exactly what he tells you to do no exceptions! Be accountable for yourself!!

And I Guarantee that  in three months you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished!!
Just remember, you can do anything for three months!!!

by Zackary M.
March 27, 2020
The most caring doctor and staff. Had a laser procedure here and couldnt be happier! They kept me comfortable with laughing gas and numbing cream. Now my face is glowing. I do have one more treatment. Thank you, Dr. Scott
by D Davis
February 06, 2020
I'll start by saying that I don't have much faith in doctors. When I decided to see Dr Scott I was at the point of desperation and knew I needed a fresh approach, not more prescriptions that didn't help or another doctor that wouldn't hear me. I am 40 years old and after my tubal things began to shift hormonally, then after a complicated surrogacy I had to have a hysterectomy which means immediate surgical menopause. I'll shorten this up by saying Dr Scott brought me back to life, to my old self. My first visit I knew I had found hope and help, finally!! He has helped me to lose 20 lbs and still counting. He diagnosed my low thyroid where no other MD would and he treated it. He realigned my hormones and I feel alive again and happy. No more headaches, no more hot flashes, no more fatigue and yes my libido is back too. He even allowed me to return supplements I didn't end up using (I'm hard headed)....What doctor does that? This man is absolutely positively for his patients 110%. I will conclude that after all that, I took the leap for a vampire breast lift and not only am I very pleased with his work afterwards, I will also add how very professional, kind and understanding he was. Even calling me while I was on vacation to check on me a couple days later. His entire staff is exceptional. Dr Scott runs a tight ship and knows his stuff. You can't put a price on actually feeling alive and understood. His care is worth penny. I literally can't say enough extraordinary things about Dr Scott, saying thank you just isn't enough.
by Kathy
August 30, 2018
This review is long overdue. I moved here from South Florida a few years ago and was being treated there with Bio-identical hormones so when I moved here I was in search of a doctor who had the same treatment philosophy that I was used to. I did a search and found Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott and his staff are all amazing! They are personable, friendly and more than helpful. Dr. Scott has even called me himself to make sure everything was okay with me. He is the most genuine doctor I've ever met. He is honest and straightforward. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Looking forward to going in for a consultation with Dawn soon for a Rezeneration facial. I trust Dr. Scott and his staff completely!
by Deborah McNulty
August 01, 2018
I have never been so excited, I feel so relieved that I found a doctor that can help me with weight loss. I have been on his HCG plan for 8 days and I have lost 9 lbs. I was so comfortable with Dr Scott and his staff. I was beginning to feel hopeless like I would never lose the weight I gained in my 40's and now I know he will help me get back to a healthy weight.
by Kriston
September 16, 2017
I rarely leave reviews for any businesses. This is an exception for me. The level of care, compassion and service from the whole staff was such a blessing to me in starting to make positive changes in my life. I had hormone issues that no one else seemed to figure out. Other doctors just told me I was crazy. Dr Scott was really patient in helping me get the right treatment. I have never felt better in my life. I know God sent me to him for a reason. Everyone sees such a big change in me. Thank you Dr Scott and all the girls
by Andrea
August 30, 2015
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