Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates

Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates
Cornerstone Physical Therapy Associates 1 Woodhaven Mall Ste 203 Bensalem, PA 19020
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Extremely beneficial in educating the proper exercises. Personnel is very encouraging and welcoming. Cornerstone brings you through pain to living life to the fullest. Recommendation is a AAA.
by F.H
April 20, 2017
The experience was great from the first call I made to the my last day. The staff is great. Everyone treated me great and the staff really gave me their all. I highly recommend this place.
by Luis A Ramos
April 14, 2017
I came to Cornerstone for a torn calf muscle. It was incredibly painful to walk, and I had limited range of motion in my ankle as a result. It was also very difficult emotionally to have this sudden limitation on my ability to care for my young children and disabled wife at home.Jim and the rest of the staff really recreated an excellent therapeutic environment. One of the first things I noticed was that everyone called me by first name, and treated me as though they had known me for years. I felt right at home from the very start. They were also very attentive to my progress, and struck a balance between making sure I challenged myself enough, without overdoing it. Thanks to all of their hard work, I was able to return to work in less than a month, and I am back to caring for my family as though I had never had an injury at all.
by M.L
April 13, 2017
This is my third time returning as I have reoccurring joint/muscle issues. Each time has benefited me. I learn something new each time to help manage my pain. The staff is very friendly.
by T.G
April 13, 2017
Was referred here from my wife ,on my first appointment was totally evaluated not just for my injury but for what else may have been involved.starting out slowly they were able to get my balance and my walking stride back in order by always challenging me stay focused.kathy was always telling me what she was doing and why ,she's a very caring person and fully into your recovery ,as well as her staff .I will be recommending them to everybody I know who will need physical therapy and I will return for my therapy after my knee replacement that's coming in the future.thahk you Kathy and thank you to Cornerstone.
by S.Spencer
March 09, 2017
I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at Cornerstone, Kathy is amazing as is all of the staff! Everyone is very encouraging, friendly and knowledgeable. They take the time with you to make sure that you are performing the exercises correctly. My time here at Cornerstone has come to an end unfortunately but I feel the friendships I made will last a lifetime. Thank you to everyone! I will be sure to recommend Cornerstone to anyone who need a wonderful physical therapist.
by C.G
March 06, 2017
When I came to Cornerstone, I didn't believe that physical therapy doesn't work. I let them know that right from the start so we started off slowly to build my back strength. With each visit new stretches were added along with the hand bike and foot bike and last thing added was weights. Upon returning to my back surgeon for a follow up, it was decided that I was able to postpone back surgery and I owe it all to the staff here at Cornerstone. Thanks for everything. Keep doing what you do best.
by Vicki Berman
December 22, 2016
Upon coming to Cornerstone I had little use of my left arm. And the usage I had was painful. We continued with moderate exercise and increased according to my recovery. The program that was outlined for me worked beautifully and we made continual progress. At this time my use and range of motion has improved significantly.
by J.O.
December 19, 2016
From the first day to the day they discharge you you are treated professionally. Everyone at Cornerstone listen to your pain complaints and help you, treat you, so you can deal with it throughout your day. Cornerstone Physical Therapy is a place were they can help and they do listen. Give them a try you won't be sorry.
by H.W
December 14, 2016
The staff at cornerstone is amazing. They are very patient with you and make sure to focus on you and show real care in treating you. They want to help you and make sure you get better, and are laid back and it was a great experience. They are also great at working with your schedule. If I were to get injured, I would choose cornerstone every time.
by B.B.
November 30, 2016
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