John Maher, Dr.

John Maher, Dr.
Valley Center Chiropractic and Holistic Care 28714 Valley Center Rd. Valley Center, CA 92082
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Dr John has helped me tremendously since 2014. He helps me with chronic stress management and back issues. I trust him more with my health than I do any primary care physician I have ever seen. I refer everyone I know to him. He is simply put one of the most intuitive practioners I have and he takes great care of me!
My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Maher for years. We are now in our 70s still healthy and active thanks to his good treatment. Neither of us tare on any prescription medication with the exception of natural thyroid. John's skill in diagnosis and knowledge of natural supplement is extraordinary. He is a great blessing and our go to doctor anytime we have any health issues.
Fantastic!! He really knows what he is doing. Came in and could hardly walk, had fallen & bruised my hip. He found exactly what was wrong and worked on making it better. Love his holistic approach.
My name is Joe and I have been seeing Dr. Maher for many years now. He is a master of what he can do for you. I have had back problems - GONE. I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, with his help of natural ingredients and vitamins, I now have that under control. I am 63 years old and love life. I surf, spearfish/freedive, rock climb, ski and snowboard, hunt and hike. I feel I am very active and I am sure I would not be as active if I didn't meet and become a patient of Dr. Maher's. I go to him on a maintenance type schedule now just to keep tuned up. I always feel great when I leave his office after a treatment.
If your in need of any help with just about any physical condition or health issue, I would strongly advise a consultation with Dr. Maher.
Testimonial : Liver Disease and Strept Throat

Many years back we were referred to Dr. Maher by a trusted nutritionist at Henry's Market.

There have been many issues over the years that Dr. Maher has help us with. We have come to rely on him not only for chiropractic adjustments but almost more for general health and diagnosing the source of problems. His use of applied kinesiology (AK) to find the root cause of ailments is remarkable. Once my wife went in for a routine chiropractic tune up and after he did his AK he told her he was getting strep throat. She did not have a sore throat until the next day. She went to our medical doctor who did a throat culture and sure enough it came back strep.

I had an elevated liver enzyme show up on a life insurance blood test a few years back. The medical doctor told me it was not life threatening. It would be with me all my life and would need to be monitored. He said he had a similar liver issue. Dr. Maher provided some supplements and when I returned for a follow up blood test in 3 months the enzyme level was normal. The medical doctor was stunned.

We have more faith in Dr. Maher than any medical doctor. With his guidance we have been able to avoid the traditional and eventually harmful medical solutions for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Both my wife and I are in good health at age 68 and 69 thanks on a large part to his guidance.

I recommend Dr Maher because he is a very knowledgeable and talented doctor who is able to diagnose and provide guidance on virtually all health issues.

Jim and Teddy, Carlsbad
estimonial : Couldn't Sit Down!

I have been a patient of Dr. Maher since 1983. At that time I was unable to sit after injuring myself in an aerobics class. Dr. Maher discovered I have scoliosis which he has been treating with spinal adjustments since then. After my first adjustment I was able to sit without pain. I've had other issues over the years which Dr. Maher and I have managed successfully.

I am very healthy and live an active lifestyle due to the nutritional counseling and chiropractic care provided by Dr. Maher.

I would highly recommend Dr. Maher to anyone who wishes to maintain or reclaim their good health. He has an innate ability to understand the needs of the body and knows the appropriate remedy for the situation. I avoid entrusting my health to anyone else as I have had outstanding results using Dr. Maher's methods for wellness.

Becky , Pacific Beach
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