James McLelland, D.C.

James  McLelland, D.C.
Chiropractic Centers of Short Pump 3037 Lauderdale Drive Richmond, VA 23233
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I just had a terrible experience at Dr. McLelland's office today. When I got there, among the forms was one stating that I had a co-pay with my insurance and I would need to pay that today. I told the receptionist that I knew that I didn't have a co-pay, that I had been to 4 appointments in the past week at another chiropractor and that I did not have a co-pay. She got out a sheet and showed it to me saying they called my insurance yesterday and that they said I have a $60.00 co-pay. I said I'd have to call my insurance cause I was certain that was not the case. I called my insurance and put them on speaker, and the agent told me there was no co-pay, but there was a $60.00 maximum for the visit. I asked her if she heard that, and suddenly the Dr. himself came out and took the phone from me. He told the agent that they spoke to Susan yesterday and she said I had the $60.00 co-pay. The woman on the phone then said that my insurance did not even work with co-pays. Finally when he finished with the insurance company he said, I think you would be better off with another chiropractor and offered me a list of other names. He obviously did not want to treat me without my co-pay, was a terrible jerk who wasted my time, was only interested in money and was quite rude.
by jeannie friedmann xxx.xxx.172.187
August 28, 2019
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