Emergency Dentists Group, Dr. JDDS

Emergency Dentists Group, Dr. JDDS
Emergency Dentists Group, Dr. JDDS 9728 3rd ave, 2 Brooklyn, NY 11209
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Awesome service
I smoke 2 packs a day and have terrible teeth. This service is good for taking care of emergency without annoying waiting rooms. I also got my MEDS. I will definitely come again if i get an emergency.
I have been waiting for a dentist this good for years. The crown looks amazing and I love the unique shine they put on top.. The texture is smooth. The finish is amazing and blends in with my other teeth.
I went there based on how much my mom loved her gums treatment and it did not disappoint. It's different from other treatments as in this really just gives your gums a good deep clean rather than some superficial polish clean
Let me preface my story by stating that I am sixty years old, and therefore cannot/won't see as intensive results as someone with younger gums and less worn down teeth.
I recently used emergency services (along with periodontal service from a different office that I plan to review and the hygienist at Gentle Dental) and I have fallen in love. I never thought of painless treatments because I had a share of horrific experiences in my life, although I noticed little bit of redness in the front because I sleep with my mouth open without realizing it. Mouth breathers always have some discomfort from air when they wake up in the morning. One of my co-workers told me that people should start using specialized appliances for sleep apnea as soon as possible so I figured I'd give it a shot. I selected this because I saw a great review for it on a blog and it's non toxic and BPA free which I love.
I've been using it for almost six months now and WOW! I didn't expect to see results so quickly and was unsure if I would see them at all but I do! My gums literally FEEL tightened and plumper, as well as healthier. The swelling and redness have completely disappeared!!!! I use chlorhexidine mouth wash every day and see my hygienist every 2 months. The puffiness next to my front teeth have also significantly reduced and the area in general looks and feels firmer. although not as much as on the bottom jaw in the front (probably because I still breath with my mouth open when I take a nap in the middle of the day when I work night shifts.)
there is a slight tingling sensation right after I use chlorhexidine wash but i actually love it because it feels like the medicine is really working. the wash is not bitter at all (I was told it was so bitter it could cause a GAG reflex), and does not make my terth feel like it is coated in product. It doesn't leave behind any residue either, and i didn't have to hold it in my mouth for very long because it absorbs into my gums very fast. I did notice it took longer when I skipped the schedule dental cleaning so I absolutely recommend not forgetting to go and see your hygienist. Not sure if this is an intended effect, but I also noticed that my lips got softer with no dry scabby skin -and as of this morning look full and plumpy which I did not expect but am so happy to see!
it is somewhat pricey but so worth it and I DO plan to use their recommendation and see a general dentist they recommended since they dont do regular dentistry but personally I really like their services and, though, do not want to have another emergency, will keep their number handy just in case.
Simply amazing dentists. 2 words
This is an awesome service for emergencies. I love my new crowns which look fantastic
Wow. This is an amazing service. JDDS does what it says. My temporary lasted so much longer. My filling looks just like a bright pearl but not too overly white. AMAZING.
Only used there service once so far, but I'm pleased! New caps feel and look great on my teeth. However, if you're very sensitive to smells, be prepared to smell a lot of medication materials - the smell does not dissipate quickly!

I have been using them for years every time my family had a dental problem. It is such a help to be able to come in and get the service when you need it. I also used it for my teen daughter who doesn't want to go to her orthodontist dentist to tighten her braces. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE< these dentists, special thanks to Dr Joseph!!

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