John Duke, D.C.

John Duke, D.C.
Duke Health & Wellness 1455 Bells Ferry Suite 200 Marietta, GA 30066
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Doctor Duke is the most AMAZING chiropractor i have ever had, he's very smart too! He helped me with everything! He helped me when i had a hurt everything which was just a little actually because im very healthy-ish! , but i suggest Dr.Duke for tou Dr.
by Maddi😁
January 02, 2016
We have been going to Dr. Duke for 14 years. He has treated our whole family from grand parents, to parents to children. He has treated our family from sports injuries to automobile accidents to simple everyday aches and pains. In one instance he went above and beyond by coming to our home and adjusting us when we could not come to the office for treatment. His extensive medical knowledge extends beyond Chiropractic care.
by Brian and Diana
October 21, 2015
I'm #9 for kell and Doctor duke has been treating me for a couple years now with many issues and is great at what he does.
by mikeallday1
September 30, 2015
Dr Duke is a fantastic Doctor for me and my family.
I transferred to his care 9 years ago.
My job is very hard on my neck and shoulders.
After a car collision- rearended at a yield turn i suffered terrible headaches, neck pain and tmj- it was awful! I am grateful for Dr. Duke's skill and expertise through that hardship. Moreso, his sincerity, his caring. His knowledge on body, wellness, supplements, weight loss, is a tremendous resource.
In short, Dr. Duke has been a Godsend for my health and well being.
by Tracy
September 11, 2015
Dr. Duke has has been seeing my father, brother and whole family for years and has become a great family friend. There is no one else we trust to give us the same experience every single time, keeping us smiling and in good health. A few years ago, I fell ill and the doctors at Northside Hospital misdiagnosed me and sent me home. After a visit with Dr. Duke, he could tell there was still something wrong, so I went back to the hospital to find out why my fever wouldn't dissolve and recovered three weeks later.

Overall, I would recommend him to any and everyone! Even my boyfriend, who plays Arena Football loves the treatments.
by Jade
September 11, 2015
When I first started going to see Dr. Duke I had severe shoulder pain. The orthopedist I had went to said that I would need surgery on my shoulder or I could take cortisone shots to see if it would reduce the pain but eventually I would need to have an operation to remove some debris from the area. I didn’t want to go under the knife so I decided to see if a chiropractor could do anything (I was not a fan of Chiropractors up to this point due to a bad experience in the past). I went to see Dr. Duke, we went through the exam and he said he could help so I gave it a shot. One of the things that I liked was that he gave me a treatment plan vs. a hard sell on a set number of adjustments. One thing I can’t stand is a blanket, this many adjustments for this amount. That doesn’t tell me anything other than you want my money. Give me a plan and let me know up front that it may take this amount of time but we will reevaluate as we move forward. I have to say it has been several years now and I have been pain free for the majority of that time. I am a convert, I now believe in Chiropractors, after working with Dr. Duke and getting my adjustments about every other week I feel great my shoulder is in great shape and he also gives me good advice on any supplements I may be thinking about taking. I not only have a Chiropractor but I consider Dr. Duke a friend.
by Steve B
August 18, 2015
Relief from chronic pain, that is what I was seeking. Creating pain and limiting the mobility of what had always been an active body, the aging process was taking its toll. Frustration had set in as I had visited a chiropractor, an orthopedic specialist , and a physical therapist. Seven months later, I visited Dr. Duke upon the recommendation of a friend who had found success with his program. I am delighted to say that in just six appointments, astounding progress has been made. Pain has decreased; steps are manageable again; balance is improving, and my overall demeanor has changed. Dr. Duke and his staff have given me my zest for life back!
by Marsha Mourdock
August 10, 2015
I have been a patient of Dr. Duke for several years and I can't say enough great things about him. I began experiencing lower back problems during pregnancy. I'm not sure how the idea of a chiropractor was brought up or even who suggested it, whatever the case, that started my journey of natural healing. Dr. Duke really takes the time to answer all of my questions. He readily shares information about eating healthy and exercise and I never feel rushed. Doc treats the whole person. During all adjustments he would communicate what the problem was and what he was about to do to rectify it. The benefits of chiropractic are understated and overlooked time and again. Through adjustments it helps the body to heal itself, what that means is this: You may go in for back pain but the adjustment to alleviate the pain results in a domino effect of healing the digestive system, as an example. It did for me. Thanks to Doc, I have made significant changes in many aspects of my life.
by Melvern
July 22, 2015
I recently started visiting Dr. Duke after dealing with neck aches and hip pain. The hip pain was preventing me from running, which is one of my favorite forms of exercise, and even made other forms of exercise, such as the elliptical, very painful. Prior to my first appointment I was nervous, not really sure what to expect and fearful of hearing a pop anywhere other than my knuckles! I was pleasantly surprised as I walked in to an extremely welcoming staff and Dr. Duke thoroughly explained everything and his reasoning behind it. After several visits already, the ache in my neck has vanished and my hip pain went from about an 8 to a 1. I've learned several helpful stretches that I do before and after my workouts and I continue to feel better with each visit.
by kristy zachensky
July 21, 2015
Dr. Duke treats me weekly and has helped me so much. He has helped improve the pain in my back and shoulders due to stress and other daily activities. He has great advice to maintain your body in shape & out of aches. Staying on a steady schedule has absolutely improved my health and the function of my mucles & even my posture.
by Stefania Ayon-Key
June 19, 2015
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