Joosung Park, D.C., M.D.

Joosung Park, D.C., M.D.
Centreville Family Chiropractic 5900 Fort Dr. Suite 205 Centreville, VA 20121
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I’ve been working as a pet groomer for over ten years and its required me to work long hours standing up and to use my arms a lot. This has caused quite a bit of back, arm, and shoulder pain for me over the years. The shoulder pains were especially intense and made it difficult for me to turn my head or even breathe properly. Even when someone called my name, I couldn’t look over quickly because of the pain.

I bought several massage machines that were rated highly, tried out sports massage, and even visited other physical therapists/chiropractors but saw no improvement. Thankfully I gave it one last try with Dr.Park. Unlike all of the other doctors I saw, he took an x-ray and explained what was happening to my body in a way I could easily understand. He gave me a lot of confidence in his treatment methods and he helped me become determined to get better. Over time, I started feeling improvements with every visit to Dr. Park. It felt like a miracle! It was amazing how smooth my shoulders/neck felt in comparison to the stiffness I was used to.

Those who have experienced dealing with pain on a day to day basis will understand me when I say that life was so uncomfortable and difficult when I had constant shoulder pain. I feel like I’ve found so much freedom and peace in my life being able to live my daily life without physical discomfort. I have nothing but praise to share about Dr. Park and will always be thankful that I stumbled into his office. I highly recommend him for anyone dealing with chronic back or shoulder pains.
by Juli
July 22, 2017
Around 10 years ago, I had some minor back pains and tried out several different chiropractors in the area but found no luck in getting the treatment I needed. Then, after getting into a car accident and having escalated back pains, I was referred to Dr. Park by a friend. He was extremely helpful from the beginning - He made sure to listen to my descriptions of where I was in pain, he gave me realistic expectations I should have of my progress, and most importantly, over time his treatment helped alleviate my back pains. I have been in a few more accidents over the last 10 years and every time, I have gone back to Dr. Park without hesitation. He consistently provides good treatment and service. I have referred many friends and family members to him over the years and have heard nothing but glowing reviews from them as well. Both Dr. Park and his receptionist are so welcoming and because it is a smaller family owned office, you definitely get the personal care you can't find in bigger practices. I highly recommend Dr.Park for anyone looking to find a chiropractor who will work with you to find the best treatment you need.
by SK
June 21, 2017
I would highly recommend Dr. Park to anyone who needs a Chiropractor.
I’ve had back problems for many years but had no luck in finding a doctor that worked for me. I have visited a few other chiropractors before, but none have the knowledge and skills that Dr.Park possesses. He takes time to explain the causes of my pain and how he will treat it in ways I can understand.
I’ll definitely come back here when I have back pains in the future. Thanks Dr.Park!
by Jeanne Yoon
June 21, 2017
If I could give 0 stars I would. This doctor was the absolute worst practitioner, not only was he rude, he was not able to properly diagnose the patient. Because my mother was in extreme pain, I had called beforehand letting the receptionist know the symptoms and asked if they could diagnose the pain, to which they answered yes.

When we went, Dr. Park did some simple tests, but when my mom cried out in pain he started to laugh. I understand that some people may try to ease someones pain by laughing it off, but as a doctor that is definitely not appropriate. Then he proceeded to do a maneuver on my mom I guess to align her spine, but as he pushed his whole body weight on her, she cried out in extreme pain. She is a person able to endure a lot of pain, but what he did really put her in unbearable pain. Afterwards, he put some patches on my moms back and then just went to his office. I had to go to him to ask what may be wrong with my mom. Then he told be from his "deductions" that it was a problem somewhere near her hip bones. He had not taken any X-rays or anything. At this point I was a bit upset because what I wanted was a clear diagnosis so that we can get the help that she needed.

I voiced my concern to the receptionist asking didn't they need to take an X-ray, what I need is a clear diagnosis to which the receptionist said that the words of the doctor are the diagnosis. She said, whatever the doctor said was the problem with my mom, the doctor didn't need to take X-rays because just by looking at my mom he could tell he had this certain problem (I apologize, but I do not even know what he diagnosed her with because if was something I have never heard of). I said I need written proof, to which the doctor then came out a bit upset and defensively saying what he thinks is the diagnosis and clearly correct and wrote whatever he thought it was on a post it note and handed it to me saying this is my mom's problem. He wrote what he "thought" the problem was on a POST IT NOTE as if to say take it and leave.

That day my mom went to the ER then went to get an MRI to find that she had 4 herniated disks in her lumbar region which were all pinching on her nerves to the point that almost half of her nerves were not visible. Even I could see that she had a serious problem, but the fact that this doctor was not even able to see it and dismissed the problem with his own guess saying there is no need to take any internal pictures to precisely diagnose the problem really scares me that he is a professional practitioner. I would be fine even if he admitted that he would not be able to help her and directed us elsewhere. Not only did we pay the full price for the useless visit, we were mentally and physically scarred by the experience here at this clinic.

I would definitely recommend not going to this place if you wish to be treated with proper care. He is the absolute worst doctor, and it was an outrageous experience.
by Ashley Lee
February 11, 2017
Very kind and knowledgeable. Helps a lot with the pain I have. Great chiropractor.
by LC
August 26, 2015
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