Grey Rappe, D.C.

Grey Rappe, D.C.
82013 Dr Carreon #A Indio, CA 92201
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3 star average for Service
4 star average for Environment
5 star average for Expertise
4 star average for Staff
5 star average for Recommended
After suffering for 3 years with consistent back pain and after seeing several doctors and physical therapists, I went to see Dr. Rappe. After 10 sessions of his laser treatment, I am pain free. I was told by a physical therapists that due to the condition I was in, I would never be able to lift weights again or work out very hard. I am able, thanks to Dr. Rappe, to lift weights, do Crossfit and have all my mobility back. This has been for 5 years now and I am a loyal patient. All of my immediate family have come to him for various reasons and all of us have had the same great experience. He is personable and attentitive and his staff treats me as if we are old friends. Just an all around good experience in which I would highly recommend.
Would you refer this provider to a family or friend?
Yes, I'm going tell everyone about them. I absolutely love this place!
Was this chiropractor's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
After your appointment with this chiropractor, were you still skeptical that the treatment would be effective?
Not at all! I was very confident when I left!
Did this provider answer all of your questions?
Every question I had was answered thoroughly
Does this provider treat their staff well?
Very! I've never seen an employer treat their staff better
Dr Rappe spent a total of 8 minutes with me to initially access me for the diet plan they administer. His wife administers the financial side of the business and administers the followup sessions 6 out of 8 visits, In all cases she gave oute ither incomplete or erroneous information. She presents herself as a sweet, thoughtful, kind person but behind the facade is an unqualified, conscienceless, insecure and hurtful person who has no quaims about being very "flexible" with the rates for "treatments". Flexible means she is OK with charging whatever she thinks she can get out of you. I was quoted a price for drops which was doubled when I needed more in a pinch due to a death in the family. A bottle of drops was quoted at $100 a bottle and when I needed them at the last minute before catching a flight to attend the funeral, called to arrange to pick up two bottles and determine a time to pick them up which worked into her schedule. I drove from Palm Springs to Indio thinking everything was good and how nice it was of them to help me out when I was in a terrible situation. When I got there she said she had reconsidered the price and it was now $200 a bottle. I asked why and she said that due to my leaving the program before finishing it which I had not planned on doing the price changed. This assumption and miscommunication is consistent with the quality I experienced with her during my visit that she administered. When the other lady in the office administered my visits everything was clearly laid out and I had no problem understanding the instructions and the diet was effective. Simple statements like - You can eat anything you want to reintroduce after you complete the initial use of the drops became a challenge to communicate correctly. The correct statement would be - You can reintroduce anything foods on the list. There were several very simple statements made which were stated in conflict with each other and when I tried to clarify them the answers became even shorter and more incorrect. I was appalled by the lack of real empathy for the patient. The only concern there was seemed to be how much she could get out of my wallet. I wouldn't mind paying the going rate for quality service but I feel the service were weak and provided by someone who was way over there head giving care medical patients. For a lack of a better term - rip off artist is the closest I can come to a polite term to use to describe my experience with this organization. I would be very careful having people like this as part of your organization.
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