Jeff Woolston, D.C.

Jeff Woolston, D.C.
Woolston Wellness Center, P.C. 9832 N Hayden Rd #207 Scottsdale, AZ 85258
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5 star average for Service
4.5 star average for Environment
5 star average for Expertise
4.5 star average for Staff
4 star average for Recommended
2 star average for Value
My daughter was in a car accident and she was nine at the time. When I filling out my insurance information the receptionist had me redo the paper work that they would bill the person responsible for the accident. I never saw any of my daughter's bills; finally I did through Geico a year and a half later and she was charged 2435.00 for 9 visits! When I spoke to Diana I was told that they do not take private health insurance! Yet when I had to redo the paper work I was NEVER EVER told they do not accept any health insurance. Which is the reason why they bill third party according to Diane. They do not show you any bills, until they place a lien or send you to collections. Reading Yelp reviews they apparently DO take health insurance and have scammed "Becky S." as they are trying to do to my 10 yr old daughter! Unbelievable, when I contested the bill they added a lien to the account. I was never given the opportunity to turn anything in to my health insurance carrier that would have negotiated a price. They are so deceptive, they charged for time that she didn't even spend there.They also charged for treatment and illness that she didn't even have! Bill stated an hour and a half for several visits, she was never there more than 40 minutes: that time included waiting for the Chiropractor. Then to top it off the receptionist tried to get you to sign up for his "create wealth program" I suppose on how to be deceptive to patients! Having gone to Woolston was worse than the accident my daughter was involved in......oh yes and did I mention that the bills I received were from ACCIDENT CHIROPRACTIC not Woolston Wellness Center (parent company); strange! The entire staff is rude including the quack who felt it was necessary to charge $270 a visit! If your in a accident do not go there, they will charge you more than any chiropractic office in the country. They bill for things that were never performed! Please also read BECKY S review it's very telling on what a disaster this place continues to be! BEWARE OF THIS PLACE!
by Alexia Vasilakis
October 24, 2017
Has this provider ever cancelled your appointment on you last minute?
Never, they are very reliable.
Did this provider wear an obnoxious cologne?
No, they didn't wear any cologne
Did you spend a lot of time in the waiting room at this provider's office?
Absolutely not! I was seen right away!
Did this provider promise services he/she couldn't provide?
No, they were able to provide everything they said they would
Did this provider seem well-trained and experienced?
Absolutely, they were an expert!
by Anonymous
July 25, 2013
Did the chiropractor offer on-site X-Rays?
Yes, I didn't have to drive anywhere!
Does this provider always put the customer first?
Absolutely! They have some of the best customer service I have ever seen
Was this chiropractor's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
Does this provider ever overbook appointments here?
Never! They have lots of business, but they do such a great job of never overbooking.
Does this provider remember you and your circumstances at every appointment?
Definitely! They always remember me and make me feel important!
by Emily Evans
October 09, 2012
I had my 2nd massage today and it was one of the best I have ever had. (I have had A LOT!) John was extremely competent, personable and was very concerned with my comfort during the entire massage. I was on the tail end of a 3 day headache and he was able to eradicate all of the pain by the end. I felt great when I left and can't wait to go back. Try out the office for a $19 initial massage and then consider joining the Rub Club and get an hour massage for just $40. The best money you will spend.
by A.B.
June 05, 2012
Did you feel like your pain was lessened after your chiropractic treatment?
Somewhat, but not too much
Did this provider answer all of your questions?
Was this provider's staff friendly?
by John
April 13, 2012
My pain was not lessened after my visit. I felt no difference at all and was still in pain when I left. When I made my appointment, I specifically told him that I wanted a MANUAL adjustment. I also asked him what he charged...he quoted me "$70.00." I made my appointment; went to see him; wasted about 1/2 hour of my time on computer paperwork. I had told him that I was visiting from out of state; that I have chronic neck pains and see my chiropractor at home frequently (every week) and offered him my chiro's phone #; and I told him that I wanted a simple "manual neck adjustment." After he collected my INSURANCE CARD info for billing; he then told me that he doesn't do ANY manual adjustments...that he only adjusted people with a computer! I thought "OH MY GOSH!" He already my insurance card; I had just wanted almost 45 minutes of my time now; and here I was...stuck with a computer adjustment. It did not do me ANY GOOD!!!! It is a QUACKERY MACHINE!!! I felt worse after I left, and I had to reschedule an appointment with another Chiropractor and pay for ANOTHER VISIT! To top it all I received in the mail, a statement from my insurance company...he DID NOT CHARGE $70.00...he CHARGED $310.00...and because he is not a "providing member of BCBS," which he failed to tell me, the insurance company did not pay ANYTHING! I am now reporting him to my Insurance Company and to the Arizona Board of Chiropractors, as this is FRAUD!
by mkilbrideadams
March 10, 2012
Was it easy to find parking at this provider's office?
Yes, it was convenient
Did you experience excessive stiffness after visiting this chiropractor?
Definitely not! I felt fantastic when I left!
Does this provider leave you on hold for a long time when you call?
No, they are really great about answering the phone right away
Did this provider ever take personal phone calls while in the appointment room with you?
He/she would never do that! Their full attention is always on me.
Did this provider show attention to detail?
Absolutely! They are always very careful and meticulous
by Anonymous
August 30, 2011
Does this provider promptly return your phone calls?
Definitely! They always call me back very quickly!
Did you notice a foul odor when you arrived at this provider's office?
Not at all, their office smelled fantastic!
Was this provider argumentative or easily angered?
Not at all, they were one of the kindest, most attentive individuals I've ever met
by Anonymous
May 02, 2011
Did you experience any numbness after your appointment with this chiropractor?
Were you able to relax during your appointment?
Does this provider treat every client equally?
Yes, they don't show favoritism
Was it easy to find parking at this provider's office?
Yes, it was convenient
by Anonymous
March 21, 2011
They make an extra effort to get to know their patients and find out what they need. They always remember me and make me feel very important. I am always so impressed with how quickly my calls are answered here. I am never put on hold for a long time and love knowing that if I have a quick question I won't have to wait a half hour through terrible music to get it answered. I didn't experience any unnecessary pain during my visit, and I was amazed at how much better I felt after I left. They went out of their way to make me feel special and respected, and were very sympathetic to my situation. I've never seen more kindness and empathy anywhere else. Jeff has a wonderful practice and genuinely cares about his patients!
by Stephen
March 15, 2011
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