Dr. Isabell Springer, LMFT

Dr. Isabell Springer, LMFT
10845 Lindbrook Drive 201 Los Angeles, CA 90024
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With Isabell’s help, I experienced profound healing and growth beyond my wildest imagination. In every session, I received absolute presence and compassion—no note taking, no distractions, no judgment, pure being in the Now. I sought out her help when I was going through an awfully painful breakup after a 10-year relationship (the second one, by the way). What would have taken traditional therapists several years, Isabell helped me dissolve in just 10 weeks. We discovered and lovingly released my childhood survival strategies that were no longer useful to me as an adult. What an amazingly liberating experience. I came out of this counseling as a strong, independent woman bursting with a love for life. Now—a year later—whenever I tend to fall back into old strategies, I see this diagram of repeated patterns in front of me and choose to feel, think, and act differently. My heart, which most of my life felt trapped behind a brick wall, has grown so big that the whole world has a warm and fuzzy place in it. I am forever grateful for Isabell’s unconditional love and support.
by Verena xxx.xxx.205.23
January 16, 2017
They say, when one door closes another opens. When my marriage ended three years ago, it felt like my life exploded. There were dark moments where I thought about quitting; checking out. For the first time in my life I couldn't see myself. I couldn't find myself. I so desperately wanted to get back to some semblance of the girl I used to be; someone I could recognize. What I didn't realize at the time was there was no going back to my 'old self'. My only choice was creating a 'new SELF'. I cavalierly say now that Isabell brought me back to life, but that's not the whole truth. What she did through our therapy sessions was so much bigger. She didn't just open a door for me; she showed me a door I didn't know existed. By walking through it, I saw there's a different way of being. She helped me create a SELF that can be present and not stand in judgment of others. A SELF that can objectively look at her actions and own her experiences and consequences. A SELF who can be more accepting and empathetic of others and learn what it is to hold space for someone. A SELF that practices self-care and self-love and knows her value. What I learned in our sessions was this new SELF was waiting for me all along. Through the pain and heartbreak of my divorce I was given a gift. Yes, I had a ton of personal growth work to do in terms of identifying the components of my relationship, 'owning' my part in it and what that really meant, and finally getting real about the victim role I had played all my life - she helped me with all of that too. Isabell taught me the difference between admission and ownership - which was huge. That there didn't have to be guilt and devaluation with my decisions. She gave me the gift of 'unchoosing'; I could simply unchoose my husband and decide what I would make that mean. It was a simple concept, but whoa. She gave me a new language to use when speaking with the people I loved in my life. In our sessions I learned it's not about giving what I think people should need or want, or selfishly the least I'm willing to give, but instead asking how I can support people and how they need to be loved. I found have the capacity to give and love the people close to me, but it doesn't have to be on my terms, nor should it be. It's a simple question that I never asked in my marriage or in any of my close relationships - how would you like to be supported and loved? In short, Isabell blew my mind. The way I view myself and experience the world now, is forever changed because of her. Every situation, no matter how tragic has a silver lining, and Isabell is that for me. She is my touchstone. She's someone that will give it to you straight, no matter how tough the words are to hear. Isabell sees me. And she sees others. And she sees herself in her clients and offers her humanity and personal experience and failures in her sessions. She isn't a therapist that's unapproachable or cold. Someone that jots down notes and makes vague suggestions. She digs in, leans in and shares space with the person in front of her that's baring their soul. She's not afraid of being vulnerable, real and present - even when the content is close to her personal experience. And to me, that's why she is so special and so effective. That's why she is a treasure.I'm not much for God or divinities but someone somewhere aligned the cosmos to make Isabell special. And I'm so happy my life took a nosedive into her. I'm a better person for knowing her and learning from her. For the first time, perhaps in my entire life, I like who I am and what I have to offer the world.
by Anon xxx.xxx.200.140
January 13, 2017
I did not have a good experience
I was experiencing tremendous stress and Dr Springer mocked me and laughed at the way I was handling my situation
She told me there wasn't anyone she hadn't helped
I cannot recommend her
by Alice Land xxx.xxx.64.107
August 14, 2016
When I walked into Isabell's office, I had no idea how my life would turn around. At the time I had found my marriage was ending and was completely stagnated in my career. I felt like each day was something to get through. Since working with Isabell, I've learned what it means to connect with people. To take responsibility and own each moment because they are my own. I've learned to treat myself with kindness and respect and to extend that kindness and respect to others in all directions. And through it all, Isabell's insight, energy and enthusiasm have been invaluable, and her practical, patient approach to care was like fresh breath to me. With Isabell's help I'm realizing anew my true self, and the world is a brighter, bolder more beautiful place because of it. I can't thank her enough.
by anonymous xxx.xxx.232.245
January 13, 2014
I met Isabell during the demise of my marriage. I came to her completely broken. I would say over my time with Isabell she put me back together, but she did more than that. Isabell helped rebuild me into the person I always wanted to be. Through her no-nonsense and thoughtful approach she help me re-define my worth, gain self-esteem and self-love, and forgive myself for how poorly I had treated myself over the years. Through this process I have emerged from her care more self-aware and confident than I ever knew I could be. I am now very clear about the love I want and deserve, who I am as a person, and I believe my future is very bright. All things I didn't know and couldn't name just a few short months ago. Isabell has given me the greatest gift - the best version of myself - and I will be forever grateful.
by anonymous xxx.xxx.123.204
December 11, 2013
Did the staff make you feel uncomfortable when you called with questions or concerns?
Not at all! They were happy to address every concern I had
Did you notice a foul odor when you arrived at this provider's office?
Not at all, their office smelled fantastic!
Was this provider's office clean?
Yes! I was amazed at how clean it was!
Does this provider remember you and your circumstances at every appointment?
Definitely! They always remember me and make me feel important!
Did this marriage and family therapist answer all of your questions?
by Anonymous xxx.xxx.104.162
July 27, 2013
I just completed my 3rd session with Isabell, and I feel like she's just given me the keys to my life. I'm pretty sure I've been hitchhiking all along, and I'm pretty sure most of us do... I am so excited about what I've learned, and what I know I will learn! I feel I'm just on the cusp of what I've always dreamed of for my life. Can't thank her enough!!!!!!
by Elecia Crumpton xxx.xxx.104.149
November 20, 2012
Did you spend a lot of time in the waiting room at this provider's office?
Absolutely not! I was seen right away!
Does this provider adhere to the customer is always right policy?
Absolutely, the customer is always right here
How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited?
There is no comparison!
Did this therapist help you better understand your partners point of view?
Absolutely, They helped us to better understand the other person's point of view
by Anonymous
October 10, 2011
Isabell is an absolutely fantastic therapist. I have learned so much from her and she is always there to work some more with me. I feel really rejuvenated after each session and the positive effects of the work with her, is long lasting too. Isabell can help me with every “problem” that I am facing and she is great in guiding me though my decision making. I have been able to "let go" so many things from my past: I feel so much lighter now! I have become so much stronger and authentic with so much more real self confidence. She made me realize that I can dream big, that I can succeed big and that I can realize my big dreams. Thanks to her, I am being empowered in any moment in my life and I know who I am.
by Nanny
April 12, 2011
Isabell Springer has been a very positive influence on my life. She has provided a candid safe place to discuss some of my life's most difficult times and important issues. Her no-nonsense approach has been a blessing for me and I would recommend her with a full endorsement to anyone I care about.
by Alan Molton
April 04, 2011
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