Barry Marks, D.C.

Barry Marks, D.C.
Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor 1745 W Orangewood Ave #114 ORANGE, CA 92868
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5 star average for Service
5 star average for Expertise
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5 star average for Environment
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Great experienced chiropractor, pleasant office environment, staff is professional and very friendly. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Marks to all of my family and friends!
Where do I begin? My dad starting seeing Dr. Marks in 2007 and always came home incredibly happy with his care and his pain went away pretty rapidly. About 3 years ago I was beginning to experience a lot of pain in my upper back and neck. The pain was getting to the point where I was feeling incredibly uncomfortable and could barely sit in my desk all day at school (at the time I was in graduate school).

My dad suggested that I schedule an appointment to see Dr. Marks for chiropractic care. I set up an appointment with him and went in for my consultation. Setting up an appointment to see Dr. Marks was the easiest appointment I ever made! I called and was able to get an appointment for the same week! That was impressive!!

When I went in to see Dr. Marks I was incredibly nervous; I was not exactly sure what to expect! I had not been to the chiropractor in YEARS and was nervous that he would find something wrong with me! Well I went into his office, he did a brief consult with me, took some x-rays, adjusted my back, and away I went! That same day I began feeling 10 times better and my pain was starting to go away!

Within the next couple of days Dr. Marks called me as he had the films back from my x-rays. I went in to see him and he sat me down, explained what he saw (which was Scoliosis), and then worked with me on a treatment plan. That day I was nervous and scared because I wasn’t sure what to expect next. Dr. Marks told me that I would need to see him three times a week and that I needed to take different vitamins everyday while seeing him. Some of the vitamins he recommended were: Vitamin D, a Probiotic, Vitamin C, and a daily vitamin. Dr. Marks assured me that he was going to help me and that within a month I would notice a difference in my pain levels.

Now, let me take a step back… At the time of all of this I was in graduate school and was not working; there was no way I could afford seeing Dr. Marks THREE TIMES A WEEK! I shared this with Dr. Marks and he was able to work with me on the cost so that I could afford to see him three times a week and take care of my health! Which was AMAZING!! I have NEVER had a Dr. Work with me the way Dr. Marks did!

After about a month of seeing Dr. Marks three times a week and taking my vitamins I began to feel 100 times better! Every time I went into his office his receptionist was FANTASTIC! I always felt like I was going to a friend’s house. They always made me feel welcomed and right at home! The receptionist learned my name right away and always welcomed me with a warm “hello.” Every time I call all I have to say is “Hi it’s Ashley” and they know exactly who I am and the best part is that I am able to schedule a SAME DAY appointment.. When does that EVER happen at a doctor’s office???

If you are looking for a great chiropractor that is centrally located, affordable, knowledgeable in all areas of chiropractic care and the best ways to help treat a variety of different problems, and has a great staff and personality then look no further because Dr. Marks is the best! He is the absolute best chiropractor and I never want to go anywhere else!
I refer all of my family and friends to Dr. Marks and every time they see him they thank me for the referral! Call and schedule an appt today =]
Dr. Marks is knowledgable and very friendly.He genuinely seemed interested in helping me to heal my neck and get to a better more balanced state of self. Love how quickly I'm in and out so I can go on about my day. Gives great chiropractic advice. The staff is so positive and friendly. Highly recommend!
I had searing pain in my neck and was unable to move my neck following an unfortunate roller coaster incident. I was terrified of getting treatment, but Dr. Marks was highly recommended for his competency and gentleness. After only a few treatment sessions (which weren't nearly as painful as I imagined they would be) my range of motion in my neck returned and pain was gone. Dr. Marks made me a believer in the benefits of chiropractic care- I trust him 100%.
Dr. Marks has always treated me well and done a great job. I have been visiting his office almost my entire life and will continue to in the future!
I went to see Dr. Marks because I injured my lower back and was unable to walk without pain. When I went to see him he was very knowledgeable on what to do and very caring. After adjusting me he gave me suggestions as to what to do in order to avoid the same thing to happen again. I highly recommend Dr. Marks to anyone!
Dr. Marks is the best chiropractor I've ever been to. He is professional, and cares a lot about each individual patient. I will recommend him to friends and family.
Was this provider willing to stay open late to accomodate your needs?
Definitely! They would never turn away anyone in need
Was it easy to make an appointment with this provider?
Yes! It was effortless!
Does the chiropractor customize their treatment to meet the needs of your specific condition?
Definitely! They customized their treatment for my condition, and it was very effective
Was this provider sympathetic to your situation?
Yes! They went above and beyond to make me feel special and respected
Did you experience unnecessary pain during your visit?
Not one bit! I felt much better when I left!
Did you feel like your pain was lessened after your chiropractic treatment?
Yes, I felt better than I've felt in years when I left!
Did this provider answer all of your questions?
Every question I had was answered thoroughly
Was this provider's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
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