Oakland Veterinary Referral Services

Oakland Veterinary Referral Services
Oakland Veterinary Referral Services 1400 South Telegraph Road Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
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On Thursday August 6th my 6yr old Boxer collapsed after playing w her friend the Great Dane. I rushed to my vet who stabilized her but suspected internal bleeding and sent me to Oakland Veterinary Emergency Critical Care in Bloomfield (Detroit ). They took my dog quickly and after lest than 30mn, Sam Latra DVM called me to announce that she had internal bleeding of the spleen + cancer tumor of the Spleen + metastasis all over her liver, then he gave me 3 choices of cremation and prices ! All that in less than 12 mn on the phone! 
Eventually we got to go in the euthanasia room inside and the technician brought me my girl ,who did not look like she was dying !! I ask to see the vet and he eventually showed up showing me the results of the fast scan (did not take the time to do a proper scan ).
Despite him trying to convince me , I could not put her to sleep, so they gave me my dog back after making me pay and sign the paper stating “it was against medical advice “! He said she will die any minute or hour. 3 days past and my dog was back to normal, but I kept expecting her to collapse at any moment. By Saturday night I decided to search for a 2nd opinion from an oncologist. It was completely different... No CANCER...No more Bleeding ...Spleen has a condition but not life threatening. Since then, for 3 weeks, she has been as crazy as a Boxer can be !!! 
Oh and did I mention they made me pay for the euthanasia and cremation too. It took me several phone calls but I finally got the fast scan images and the credit !
by MFB xxx.xxx.193.187
August 28, 2020
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