Jon Grissman, Chiropractor/Owner

Jon Grissman, Chiropractor/Owner
Advantage Chiropractic 430 S Broad St Suite #130 Mankato, MN 56001
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Quite simply, perfect! My first visit was me crawling into his office. Now....fantastic results.
by patrick ryan
May 02, 2018
Dr Jon has done a great job adjusting my back and I feel so much better after the adjustments. He really pays attention to what is bothering and affecting me that day and provides great treatment accordingly. Highly recommend Dr Jon Grissman at Advantage Chiropractic!
by Mike Melvin
November 25, 2015
When I first came to Jon one year ago, I was in so much pain, mostly in my neck. I tried everything, from physical therapy to acupuncture, and nothing worked. I really didn't know what to think about a chiropractor, but finally decided to see one because of the intensity of the pain. Jon was very compassionate and helpful. Jon was very honest in telling me exactly what the problem was and what to expect as far as results. After receiving his adjustments, the pain went away completely over the course of a few months. Now I am pain free. I'm sorry I waited so long to see him!
by Isabelle
November 11, 2015
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