Boatwright Joe Acsw

Boatwright Joe Acsw
Boatwright Joe Acsw 4 Shackleford Plaza Little Rock, AR 72211
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Joe Boatwright is an amazing therapist because he is a great listener. And he can interpret the real meaning and what's going on behind the words you share with him. His experience is a benefit to the client because there is no wasted time. He quickly cuts through the fluff and gets to the heart of the matter and offers you a plan and solutions for the problems you're experiencing. He will help you find answers and guide you on the path that's best for you. He did it for me and he can do it for you.
by T.Harris
July 06, 2020
If you are LGBTQ (especially transgender) and a person of color, please do NOT go to this therapist. I messaged him before seeing him if he had experience with LGBTQ people and even though he said yes, when i saw him in person for my 1st appt, he didn't even know what that meant. He asked me if i was trans because of my trauma the first session and also pressured me into telling him what my traumatic event was in the first session before establishing trust. If you are a person of color and LGBTQ person, do not trust this man with your healing.
by Disgruntled
January 07, 2019
Joe is among the most sensitive and sharing people I've ever known. Its important in this context because MOST people in this profession continually hold their patients at bay, exposing and sharing only a small part of their gut feelings, detracting from real progress overall.
by TS Gordon
April 02, 2018
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