John J Madden Mental Hlth Ctr

John J Madden Mental Hlth Ctr
John J Madden Mental Hlth Ctr 1200 South First Avenue Hines, IL 60141
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4.5 star average for Service
2.5 star average for Environment
3.5 star average for Expertise
1 star average for Staff
1 star average for Recommended
Would you recommend this provider to others?
Absolutely Not
Are you going to visit this provider again?
Were the restrooms clean at this provider's office?
Yes, I could tell they were cleaned regularly
Does this provider remember you by name?
Sometimes, but not always
Was this provider argumentative or easily angered?
Very, they contradicted everything I said and became very angry
Is this provider willing to pursue advice from other providers when necessary?
No, and they didn't want me to seek anyone else's opinion
How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited?
The worst I have seen
Was the waiting area spacious?
No, multiple people had to stand
Did this provider ever take personal phone calls while in the appointment room with you?
Yes, they could have waited
Did this provider thoroughly explain the risks and benefits of your treatment?
Yes, they made sure I had all the information I needed to make a decision
Did this provider pressure you to purchase any unnecessary products during your visit?
Absolutely not! I was never uncomfortable
The worst situation in the world is being sentenced to this hell hole, after being shipped to it from an emergency room! (Not knowing what is going on or being informed of what type of place you are going to you just "arrive") I was diagnosed the next day after arriving in the late night the day before. Immediately upon first sight, and with not prior medical history whatsoever, I was told I had a life-long mental condition. This evaluation was made in under 10 minuets at the administration of a Question and Answer exam, but this is just where John J Madden begins... I was then moved into a proposed living situation, all the while not ever being informed of who these people are, and what, let alone where this damn place even is! I was admitted there voluntarily, and it was the worse mistake of my life! After 42 hours you are forced to sign papers, stating that you are there of your of volition, as if it were a visit, and not a abduction, no why, not at all... As I was placed in a prison style confinement with literally screaming, kicking, biting, loudly cursing, and just plain old violent individuals. There were no fore goings, as to who is there for what, and who is dangerous or not!!! I wasn't even informed of the roles nor of who the staff even was! After an hour of not being seen, I demanded to be released! Upon which I was told that I would have to wait, and then upon further demanding I was then told flat out lies, verbally disrespected and abused, including cursed at, finally leading up to me talking at two fully grown individuals who decided to turn towards each other in their chairs and carry on a separate conversation, except louder than before. The next day I quickly came to realize that patients are beaten, and your return to freedom is contingent upon, these things... If you don't participate in activities (one of which is being forced to watch a small television of preset channels, and staff selected movies in an over crowded area with some unwashed and angry patients. Of course we all know what television does to the human brain here, right?) then your freedom, and basic human rights all become somehow a vague area of no longer being rights or basic, but conditional-temporary privileges. Remember, at this point I have been held captive for 24 hours against my will! Also, if you do not accept and take psychotropic drugging after every meal, you will not see freedom again. Oh and the drugging is done under strict supervision, so you better be swallowing something pal, or no freedom for you! That is sarcasm, as they will openly take advantage of your situation to put you in your place, might not be the place that you belong, but hell at John J Madden, ANY place will do! The staff all look like they have been selected from right off of the streets! Some patients we more more caring than them, and you are disrespected verbally while participating in the group events as staff sit within range of patients and play cards, while laughing and talking rudely about patients current conditions. If anyone was brought in for suicide attempt, I know I was, then this place is the epitome of selective mental conditioning for a traumatically induced relapse! The food is terrible, and the guise of this facility being about any persons "health" is in the same sense as the idea of a zoo really being about the "health" of all those wild animals the zoo is protecting from nature. I was forced to remove clothing in front of opposite sex staff, and demeaned the entire duration, of my "voluntary" forced stay! In closing, upon my release, which is as far as I know I could have been kept there indefinitely and continued to have no access to report my treatment to ANY FORM OF PROPER AUTHORITY. I was returned my personal affects, although IT WAS MINUS THE MONEY I CAME IN WITH!!! REPEAT MY MONEY WAS REMOVED FROM MY WALLET DURING THIS "voluntary" FORCED STAY!! The staff were the only ones I knew of to have access to my things, where my money went, I do not know to this day!! John J Madden is a death trap, years later I still feel like I was the only one this happened to, and after seeing all the others faces, and not knowing how they got there either... Their entire building and human rights catastrophe should be condemned to the fuel furnace, on the deepest level, in the hottest basement of hell!! (Are there any minus or negative stars allowed here?)
I sincerely hope that no one EVER has to be admitted to Madden. This "hospital" is more like a jail than hospital, where mildly depressed patients are housed with drug addicts, people with antisocial behavior and very violent patients. The staff is unprofessional, ignorant, condescending, violent and will use brutality against patients, even young women.A young lady had her head busted by Madden staffed - punched in the face, busted lip, and head slammed against the wall - even though she was not a drug user, alcoholic, and was suffering from depression and bipolar disorder. The staff beat her badly enough that they took her to Loyola hospital next door for treatment.
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