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Sierra Tucson 39580 South Lago Del Oro Pkwy Tucson, AZ 85739
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This place is criminal. Guilty of profiteering. Sexual harassment of female patients by both patients and a male staff member who was dismissed. Sexual assault between patients. Violence between patients. Patient suicides. On campus drug abuse. The staff are either active addicts or if they are sober, incredibly ignorant or have blatant untreated narcissistic personality disorders. Their billing office is deceitful and guilty of misleading claims of service. It’s clear there’s a partnership between them and medical oversight boards. Shut down an investigation by the Arizona Medical Board the same day they announced their $16.5 million dollar expansion. They are published in a handbook on mental health center corruption for very good reason. The fact they have any licensing whatsoever after all this is...there are no words.
by Female Alum
November 03, 2018
They saved and changed my life. I walked in there at my own will accompanied by a lifelong friend, whose life they also saved several years ago, I was drunk and broken in many ways I didn't yet even understand. At the end I couldn't function without alcohol and the taste of it made me ill. I could barely walk, my body didn't function, I was filling up with fluid, passing out. Three different doctors gave me less than a year.

Intake was very professional, as they dealt with a very drunk idiot. I began detox; my alcoholism was severe enough that it took four days; two are included, and the additional charge was minimal and well worth it. During detox there was some group and individual counseling, preparation to go into the rehab and minor integration between the groups. This was also a time where many evaluations were done; the therapists were all kind, caring, honest, and professional; most, if not all, of them understand our disease first-hand.

Our days were full beginning at 6AM and ended at 10PM. There were many forms of therapy available including massage, acupuncture, EMDR, equine, sports, and more. Counseling sessions were delivered in various forms of small and large group sessions as well as varied one-on-one counseling. There are med checks at various times of he day. Each of three houses has a group meeting at the beginning and end of each day, lead by a house leader.

The dorms are well kept, clean, and have bathrooms in the rooms. Each house has check-in point. There are laundry facilities in the dorms. They have nice pool, gym, tennis, and outdoor facilities. All of the buildings are well kept and comfortable.

They not only dealt with my alcoholism, they taught me to understand why I drank, the triggers that made me want to drink and how to deal with them. I learned how to be in social or business functions where others drink, and not be uncomfortable being sober. They also gave me intense therapy to help me deal with loss of a child several years ago. They understand that all the systems in the body inter-relate with our dependencies and the program includes blood monitoring, daily weight, blood pressure, etc., medical consultation, wellness consultation, nutrition consultation, one-on-one and group sessions with a trainer. The discharge plan includes coordination for any prescriptions as well as transfer of records back to your local doctor.

But it doesn't end there. For the first year they include an app that checks in to ask if you stayed sober that day, and, if applicable, if you took all of your meds that day. You'll be assigned a counselor who's usually readily available, and who will also check in on you randomly. Aside from the ST-provided after-care, you'll have a whole group of new friends who you just shared the most intense and rewarding life-changing experience one could imagine. Your circle of Facebook friends will expand and you'll have each other; in the first few months I had a couple friends I talked to almost every day. Many of us are still in touch and its nice to know friends just like us are just an IM away.

Thank you to all of the staff and counselors, and fellow patients, for all of the ways you've touched and bettered my life. Actually, you helped me get it back.

by john mason
October 23, 2018
Overall a wonderful and helpful experience. I gave 4 starts because I felt that the rules put in place such as dress code to name one was not upheld for everyone. That made me uncomfortable.
by FeelingBetter
May 31, 2017
First time I ever did an evaluation of myself And who I am.It was awesome,I came back a better Man,Ready to take on the world! Therapist and staff are loving caring people WhoTake pride in There work .Hats off to the kitchen staff Food was great!I don't think anyone complained About the experience Of Sierra. Thank you Sierra.Bradley W
by bradley
April 20, 2017
I went to Sierra Tucson for their Trauma program and I highly recommend it. Being in a safe environment gave me the opportunity to intensive and hard work I was unable to do in my life at home. It was a full immersion experience which was incredibly challenging and so healing. I loved the staff, the community and the doctors. Most of all I loved the horses.
by Rachel
March 05, 2017
Best treatment for me. Helped save my life and started me on a new path to treating my PTSD
by JennieCoyote
March 04, 2017
My stay at Sierra Tucson was amazing. I was there for treatment of severe depression and ptsd; the entire staff is amazing and understanding and helpful. I was pushed just enough that i was able to make some really important breakthroughs but not so much that i felt overwhelmed. plus, the place is absolutely beautiful and the food was really good.
by LC
March 03, 2017
My experience with Sierra Tucson was great! The facility is beautiful and peaceful. The staff are incredible. They helped restore my strength, confidence and will to live. There is a sense of community, which I haven't experienced at any other treatment center. Here's hoping this was the last time, but I would trust ST with my recovery over anywhere else
by ST11/16
March 03, 2017
I had an incredible experience at Sierra Tucson! I had an incredible therapist! She was very insightful and intelligent. The staff was outstanding from security to chefs. I couldn't of asked for a better place to heal. I am forever grateful to all of them!
by Ty
February 27, 2017
Sierra Tucson help give my life back. This ia a great facility that helps treat many co-occurring diagnoses. I was on the Trauma Track (PTSD), but had co-occuring depression and anxiety. They incorporate all avenues of treatment. Therapy groups, counseling, EMDR, Bio-Neurofeedback, equine therapy, yoga, acupuncture, massage, and much much more. I would recccommend Seirra Tuscon for of trauma any day. They also treat addiction and I have kept in touch with many of the people I met there and they remain drug and alcohol free a year later, So I would say that they are also very successful at treating addiction as well. I cant thank them enough for the tools that I learned there That continue to assist me with my recovery from Trauma.
by JenWil516
February 27, 2017
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