Nancy Donenfeld, M.A.

Nancy Donenfeld, M.A.
A Better Way To Change Quickly with Nancy L. Donenfeld, M.A. 200 East 61st Street New York, NY 10065
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Well here's an update to my other review of my therapy/hypnosis with Nancy. I still haven't taken any pain meds and I'm still alive and my cancer is supposedly still in "remission". I did everything my oncologist told me to do except take the pain meds because I didn't need them (I feel because of Nancy) and the pain never returned since her either.

My father died 3 weeks ago and let me tell you, I almost had a cigarette again. Nancy stopped me from smoking in 1 session. I went over in my head what Nancy taught me and I didn't have even one cig and I still haven't.

I listened to the old recording Nancy made for me (which I hadn't done since she made it for me and it did the job). Now I'm more convinced than ever that I'm a nonsmoker. So far, so good for the cancer and the old pain too. I love my oncologist and I love Nancy. Thank you! Thank you!
by Monika K.
March 24, 2017
I'll never forget how inspired I was even from my very first session with Nancy, with her kindness, caring, professionalism and real wisdom. She's just what "the doctor ordered"??. Nancy's method is solid and truly special. It just "sticks"??. I was so stressed out when my cancer doctor told me I probably had only a few more months that I felt entirely hopeless and depressed and I all I could think about was when i could have my next cigarette. The work Nancy did with me worked so amazingly well that I had to share it with you, especially if you are going through a similar thing or I'm sure if you have most any other issues. My money seemed superfluous to her. She seems like a truly nice, genuine, concerned person. I only went to Nancy 4 times in total during the two years of my cancer battle. I'm now in remission. I personally feel I'm finished with it. My doctor's amazed. He says he's seen it before in people he's sent to Nancy. I call Nancy my angel on my shoulder, I now realize through the work that we did that positivity, hope and Nancy were wildly effective and powerful. Without Nancy's help, I certainly would never have been able to get through it. She even got me to stop smoking right at my second session with her and I haven't smoked again to this day! I also know that from my first appt. with Nancy, I never had that agonizing pain again, ever and I haven't taken any of my pain medication either! Now with Nancy's help I'm not only pain free and cancer free, but also smoke free and I'm hopeful and wildly happy. My oncologist is the one who suggested I got to her and I'm so very very thankful I did.
by Monika Klimczak
December 19, 2016
I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 17. The death of a very close friend of mine 5 years ago and stress at my job and my home accelerated my moroseness and depression. Lately I was always feeling tired and depressed. Waking up in the mornings for work was a total nightmare. My psychiatrist prescribed different drugs through the yrs. but none of them worked very well so then I went to Nancy who my psychiatrist advised. Within the first two sessions I saw considerable changes in my mental health and attitude. Her method enabled me to not only reduce the medication entirely, but to start to take control of my own life/moods and to feel good about myself and my life.... And it worked fast! What she said went really deep. She's been a blessing to me. I have experienced nothing but good with her and her methods. I recommend her to anyone who wants to be happier, much happier.
by sammee
November 09, 2012
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