Inn At The Amethyst

Inn At The Amethyst
Inn At The Amethyst 18172 North 91st Avenue Ofc Peoria, AZ 85382
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I was pretty happy with my choice of Inn at the Amethyst 3 years ago when I first placed my Mom there. However, today I would avoid the place like the PLAGUE!
Lots of changes in the three years she has been there and very few of them are positive.
Occupancy When she arrived there was a waiting list to get in—we had to wait almost two weeks. Today, I would guess they are at about 2/3 occupancy and have been for the past year.
Staff As you know, staff is the most important ingredient in a good nursing home experience. When she arrived, they had a staff of people who seemed to care for her as a person. They were effective in their job and many had been doing the job of caregiver at this or other facilities for many years. Today, that ENTIRE staff has left. The staff there now is much less concerned with my mother’s care and much less experienced—weeks instead of years.
Management There have been three different management companies in three years. There have been four different heads of the “memory care” unit and they are currently looking for a fifth! The original director—very good in my opinion with 20 plus years’ experience—was there 18 months and got fired. Another lasted a year and they have had 2 in the last six months and are looking for a 3rd.
Theft When you place a relative in this facility, they require you to label everything so they can tell what belongs to whom. It doesn’t work. In three years they have lost about 60% of my mother’s clothes—but only the best and most expensive ones. They have lost all of her towels and replaced them with rags. They require you to stock the disposable items (wipes, shampoo, etc.) but steal them for either personal use of for other residents. I have discussed theft with them several times and each time they have failed to correct the problem.
Diet I guess they feed their residents about as well as most do, not really certain. However, I am certain they do not attempt to tailor a diet to any of the residents. You eat what everyone else eats or you don’t eat—no exceptions.
All of us want what is best for your relative. We want someone to care and show them respect, not view them as an item to be housed. When I placed my mother at Inn at the Amethyst, I firmly believe it was that type of facility. I still think it WAS. However, today, I would not place anyone with them. They are a mess.
by Bill
January 15, 2013
Beautiful place. Horrible care.
by anonymous
April 19, 2012
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